Seattle brutality:  Are they on your side?

In the heart of Seattle we have witnessed several Seattle brutality cases.  From the brutality cases that involved officers punching girls in the face, killing and deaf man (who didn’t respond), and kicking arrested individuals who could not defend themselves on the ground.

Many debate the facts of Seattle brutality and the Seattle police department have investigated themselves several occassions only to find they didn’t do anything that violated any laws.  As mentioned, Seattle brutality is very much debated here and the incedents are discussed often.

Recently in 2011, the department of justice has been getting more involved to review the Seattle police department to ensure they are representing their duties as offices.  There is no other information that has been discovered with the department of justice looking over the shoulder of the police department at this time.

We have included several of the youtube videos below that have happened in regards to the City Of Seattle brutality.

Seattle brutality punches girl in face video: