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Bellevue Police Drunk & Should Be Fired

When is it OK to litter? When is it OK to taunt a policeman who tells you to pick it up? When is it OK for three drunken Bellevue police officers to be circling a cop taunting and swearing at one Seattle Female  cop who has told them to pick up their trash they threw down? When is public drunkenness OK. The answer here seems to be if you are a Bellevue policeman celebrating at a Seahawks game in Seattle.

The facts are facts, and it’s either against the law or it isn’t and that includes everyone. Old, young, female, any color skin. But three policeman from Bellevue seem to be an exception. WHY?  Linda Pillo, Bellevue Police Chief says the conduct of the drunk officers are not how her office is ran, and apologized for their actions. If this is not the kind of reputation she wants Bellevue to have then FIRE THE THREE STUPID DRUNKS. Just because they were flashing their badges and bullying and taunting and using F bombs with the Seattle Police shows what their character is. The Chief is withholding their names because they have rights. What the heck does that mean if it is not shielding them? Right now the entire police department’s 219 members are suffering because the three drunks are being shielded.  If you or I or God forbid four black kids in baggy pants with their hats on backwards had did what these cops did they would have been arrested before they even got into the game to ruin it for the people who had paid a huge price to take their kids to a football game.

They are calling this hooliganism. I think it is much more than that. These three Bellevue police officers are evidently unruly drunks and it can’t be their first time. Drinking might make a guy stagger around and maybe make you think you can dance better or look smart because you are drunk. You may think you can even drive better but even a drunk knows better than to bully and taunt a policeman who is telling you to pick up litter.  Even after calling in back up cops these drunks were allowed to go on into the stands to cause more trouble. They were finally escorted out but not arrested for public drunkenness, disturbing the peace, disrespecting everyone and using F words in front of the Seattle Police, and families. One drunk supposedly told the man who complained about them in the grandstands that “he better stay out of Bellevue”. Is that really OK? Even this is like the Seattle Police saying well we will look the other way if it is a “fellow cop”, even from another city. Seattle Police say no laws were broken?  Do you wonder why people don’t trust or respect officers the way they used to? It’s incidents like this over and over that cause it. Just because they have a badge does not mean they can do something in public that the rest of us are not allowed to do.

Did the Seattle Police give them a free ride home? Did they call them a cab? Did they ask who was the designated driver? Evidently a extra woman was along that was not a cop but supposedly was drunk too. Did Seattle Police alert anyone to watch for their car once they pulled out of the parking lot? Cop’s sit behind a sign watching people leave a tavern and then nail them. These three off duty drunken Bellevue cops should not be given a PAID LEAVE for the month long investigation the Chief says it will take. They should at the very least be on unpaid leave and turn in their badges and guns until the investigation is over. Their pictures and names should be in the paper if for no other reason than to protect the other 216 Bellevue cops. Right now they are all under a cloud of suspicion because the chief is protecting the three drunks. Why were they not arrested for obstructing justice or something? In a month we will never hear about it anymore, their names and faces shielded and the cover up will be complete. LLL

Having lived in Seattle (Georgetown) for over 80 years, Lilly has a passion for the area. A true Seattleite, Lilly has the history & experience to discuss any topic. Being retired, she enjoys visiting with her many grand children, gardening, and writing.

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