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Ex-Seattle Seahawks Linebacker Shaquem Griffin Has Decided to Retire from the NFL

Seattle Seahawks Football

The NFL’s “real inspiration,” veteran Seattle Seahawks linebacker Shaquem Griffin, said he is retiring from the league on Wednesday 25th August 2020.

Griffin is notably remembered as a player who lost his left hand just at age of four as a result of a congenital ailment and later rose through the ranks to become the first one-handed player in NFL history. He was an inspiration to many and a good example of fighting despite the odds life hands you.

Griffin announced this in a message posted to The Players’ Tribune. “It still seems a bit unbelievable, to be honest.

It’s almost unfathomable that, after everything I’ve gone through, after all the hard work and all the naysayers, I’m hanging it up and moving on from football”, Griffin said.

The Rise of Griffin

The league initially took notice of Griffin when he ran the 40-yard dash in 4.38 seconds at the 2018 NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis, which was the fastest time for any linebacker at the event.

The Seattle Seahawks took the University of Central Florida to commit in the fifth round a year after selecting his brother Shaquill in the third round. After three years and 46 games in the NFL, free agent Griffin was released by the Miami Dolphins.

He went through multiple futile tryouts before telling his agent he was not interested in playing in the NFL unless he could join his brother on the Jacksonville Jaguars.

“Quite a few individuals won’t like that strategy, I know. So many men are out there putting up long hours and making sacrifices in the hopes of landing some kind of break, and I’m holding them back. In other words, I completely understand. But there’s something you have to know about me,” says Griffin.

So, What’s Next for Griffin?

The free agent, who is 27 years old, has said that he is ending his playing career but staying in the league. In fact, he has joined the NFL Legends Community, a league-run initiative where former players assist current and past players adjust to life after football.

Griffin described it as a place where athletes may get advice and assistance in anything they could be going through or attempting to accomplish, including help with community service projects.

“It’s go time for my backup plan. I am aware of the good I am doing for other people. I give talks on believing in oneself and following your passion wherever I go, from high schools and universities to football clubs and businesses around the country.

Many in the business world are eager to hear my insights, but I have much more to learn from them,” he said.

Many well-known names in football history paid tribute to Griffin. In a tweet, the Seattle Seahawks called Griffin: “A genuine motivation for his teammates” while his brother Shaquill proclaimed him a “true legend” online.

And the NFL said, “Shaquem Griffin proved at the 2018 NFL Combine that there are no limits to human potential. Definitely, someone to look up to. Best wishes for your retirement.”

Photo by “Seattle Seahawk signatures” by samantha.levang is licensed under CC BY 2.0

New Seattle Stadium Expected Approval Tuesday

On Tuesday, the City Of Seattle is expected to sign the documents to approve the new stadium.  The exact area is not determined yet and not specified in the documents.  Many expect the new stadium to be placed near Safeco Field in the SODO area.  The red tape has already begun, however.  By state law, a 1 year environment review is required.  They are going also review others areas not just the SODO area.  $200 million of the expected $490 million dollar stadium is to come from public funds.  It is expected to be paid back by admission taxes and rent money.  In the event, the payback falls short, Mr. Hansen will cover the rest.  For sports fans, this is a major deal and many are excited to have a new NBA team (and possible NHL team).  History says it’s not going to work out but good luck to them.

I am not as excited as them, however.  I know Seattle residents will support our Seahawks more than they would ever support our new NBA or NHL team.  Just like any other sport and as we saw with the SuperSonics less support is given to teams who constantly lose.  In my opinion, Seattle stadium owners have a way of not supporting any of the really good players.  We always trade them or not renew them because of financial reasons.  It’s all about selling out the local stadium and not the long term value (or away games).  We could care less about them. That trend is pretty constant and it sure doesn’t want me to support any teams here.  Visits are drawn to teams by player branding.  It’s the exact reason why boxing is so poor today – they don’t support player branding.  Fans want to support their favorite player, visit, dress like them, read about them, etc… without that the support will always be low for new players with no branding.  Seattle was constantly built good players and just when the public falls in the love with them (their brand) they are gone to a new team or not supported by their owners anymore.  I hate that aspect it’s just bad business.

I would expect this to fully pass and be signed on Tuesday.  It will take many years before we actually have something new to visit, however.  Just to complicate this process more it doesn’t appear the International Longshore and Warehouse Union locals are going to support it at all.  They are already complaining about the traffic chocking their working area.  Unfortunately, the Seattle City Council will make this decision with or without them.  It’s a done deal.

Bellevue Police Drunk & Should Be Fired

When is it OK to litter? When is it OK to taunt a policeman who tells you to pick it up? When is it OK for three drunken Bellevue police officers to be circling a cop taunting and swearing at one Seattle Female  cop who has told them to pick up their trash they threw down? When is public drunkenness OK. The answer here seems to be if you are a Bellevue policeman celebrating at a Seahawks game in Seattle.

The facts are facts, and it’s either against the law or it isn’t and that includes everyone. Old, young, female, any color skin. But three policeman from Bellevue seem to be an exception. WHY?  Linda Pillo, Bellevue Police Chief says the conduct of the drunk officers are not how her office is ran, and apologized for their actions. If this is not the kind of reputation she wants Bellevue to have then FIRE THE THREE STUPID DRUNKS. Just because they were flashing their badges and bullying and taunting and using F bombs with the Seattle Police shows what their character is. The Chief is withholding their names because they have rights. What the heck does that mean if it is not shielding them? Right now the entire police department’s 219 members are suffering because the three drunks are being shielded.  If you or I or God forbid four black kids in baggy pants with their hats on backwards had did what these cops did they would have been arrested before they even got into the game to ruin it for the people who had paid a huge price to take their kids to a football game.

They are calling this hooliganism. I think it is much more than that. These three Bellevue police officers are evidently unruly drunks and it can’t be their first time. Drinking might make a guy stagger around and maybe make you think you can dance better or look smart because you are drunk. You may think you can even drive better but even a drunk knows better than to bully and taunt a policeman who is telling you to pick up litter.  Even after calling in back up cops these drunks were allowed to go on into the stands to cause more trouble. They were finally escorted out but not arrested for public drunkenness, disturbing the peace, disrespecting everyone and using F words in front of the Seattle Police, and families. One drunk supposedly told the man who complained about them in the grandstands that “he better stay out of Bellevue”. Is that really OK? Even this is like the Seattle Police saying well we will look the other way if it is a “fellow cop”, even from another city. Seattle Police say no laws were broken?  Do you wonder why people don’t trust or respect officers the way they used to? It’s incidents like this over and over that cause it. Just because they have a badge does not mean they can do something in public that the rest of us are not allowed to do.

Did the Seattle Police give them a free ride home? Did they call them a cab? Did they ask who was the designated driver? Evidently a extra woman was along that was not a cop but supposedly was drunk too. Did Seattle Police alert anyone to watch for their car once they pulled out of the parking lot? Cop’s sit behind a sign watching people leave a tavern and then nail them. These three off duty drunken Bellevue cops should not be given a PAID LEAVE for the month long investigation the Chief says it will take. They should at the very least be on unpaid leave and turn in their badges and guns until the investigation is over. Their pictures and names should be in the paper if for no other reason than to protect the other 216 Bellevue cops. Right now they are all under a cloud of suspicion because the chief is protecting the three drunks. Why were they not arrested for obstructing justice or something? In a month we will never hear about it anymore, their names and faces shielded and the cover up will be complete. LLL

Seattle Seahawks Monday Night Football

Tonight is the night and it’s going to be a big one.  The Seattle Seahawks vs the Packers at Century Link Field (downtown Seattle).  The Seahawks finally are back in the spotlight on prime time TV (kinda see below) Yes, its a home game and the city is sprawling with Packer fans.  I was driving downtown Saturday and they were pouring in all dressed up in Packer gear.  Tailgating parties started early this morning.  The game starts at 5:30pm so if you get out of work at 5pm you may have some trouble getting home.  Ticket prices at a minimum are $200 bucks and I would expect a full stadium of 70,000 screaming fans.

In the 43 years Monday night football has been running, the Seahawks have only been featured 25 times.  There record for Monday night games is 17-8 which isn’t that bad in my opinion.  Both teams have 1-1 records coming into tonight’s game.  Packers are favored in Vegas by 3.5 points.  However, the Hawks at home and the 12th man can change how a game is going.

You should know that you probably won’t be able to see the game at home though.  Unless of course you pay the big bucks to upgrade your TV package (with ESPN).  It’s a sleavy move by the people in charge to have you buy the tickets, go the bars and buy dinner or $8 drinks, or make you pay more for cable each month.  With that attitude, it sure makes me want to support another stadium (not!). If you want to stay home, you’ll have to settle for the radio stations 710 AM and 97.3 FM.

My Prediction:

Sorry Seattle fans, I’m all about the numbers/odds so I’m taking the Packers on this one.  However, being a Seattle resident I do hope the Hawks can pull it off.

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