To help Seattle residents in non-emergency situations, we are listing the Seattle police non-emergency number.  We all have been in those situations or have at least thought about it and just in case you ever need the Seattle police non-emergency number, here it is:  (206) 625-5011

Remember, if you or another person is in danger, you should immediately dial the standard 911 number.

You can use the (206) 625-5011 anytime during or after a situation occurs and you need Seattle police services.

Previous Incidents: For reporting past offenses (situations that have already occurred) such as theft, burglary, fraud, property damage, drug-related activities, disturbances, or misplaced items, reach out to the Seattle Police Department at (206) 625-5011 or submit your report online. Vehicle Theft: In case your car gets stolen, dial (206) 625-5011 for assistance.

Remember to take this moment and educate children about the importance of 911 and the non-emergency number. Inform them that misusing 911 is detrimental, as it could delay urgent assistance to someone genuinely in distress.