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The Life and Career of Will Floersheimer, Finance Associate

As the grandson of renowned Swiss investment banker Stephen Floersheimer, Will Floersheimer has proven himself to be more than capable of following in his family’s footsteps. Also like his grandfather, Stephen Floersheimer, Will has developed into a dedicated philanthropist, breaking negative stereotypes about those working in finance. In truth, the world of finance isn’t an innately self-centered industry — all it takes is finance professionals willing to break the mold.

Born in New York City, Will spent the bulk of his childhood in suburban Greenwich, Connecticut. Overall, Will Floersheimer had an enjoyable childhood, growing up alongside his two siblings — an older sister and a younger brother. From an early age, Will received a high-quality education from the Brunswick School, something he is now deeply grateful for. The Brunswick School is a respected preparatory academy for boys, and Will Floersheimer attended the institution from preschool until his college graduation.

As a child and teenager, Will developed a passion for a number of sports. In particular, he was heavily involved in several of the Brunswick School’s varsity sports programs. Will played varsity lacrosse, soccer, and paddle tennis, all while in high school.

Sports: Will Floersheimer is very active playing lacrosse and golf.

Also during his high school years, Will first found his passion for philanthropy and volunteer work. This is an interest that has persisted from that point forward, as Will became involved in a number of charitable organizations over the years. This passion ended up having a substantial impact on Will’s professional career, moving forward.

As a student at the Brunswick School, Will discovered his interests in languages and humanities as well. Currently, he is fluent in both Spanish and Italian. Due to his high achievements regarding languages, Will received several humanitarian awards during his time in high school. Despite how busy his high school workload often became, Will Floersheimer never allowed his grades to drop, or his motivation to wane. Plus, he held a consistently positive reputation with both his teachers and peers.

Alongside a few of his high school friends, Will Floersheimer founded the Blue Blazer Fund. The Blue Blazer Fund is a registered 501c3, based around selling gently used blazers. All proceeds from the project went directly to Israeli youth. Through this campaign, Will and his friends were able to raise an impressive quarter of a million dollars, through a mixture of sales, fundraising efforts, and grants.

Will Floersheimer’s ambition and achievements certainly didn’t end once he began college — he further proved himself to be a driven and motivated individual. Will was accepted into the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California. As a college student, Will majored in business, having already acquired a firm sense of where his career was headed. He also kept up with sports, playing on his school’s lacrosse team. Preferring to keep busy, Will participated in a fraternity, where he took on a number of leadership roles. These included roles relating to philanthropy and charity efforts.

Will Floersheimer chose not to slow down during the summer, either. During the summers he had off from school, he began to apply for and complete esteemed finance internships in both New York City and the northeast. This included Will’s internship with Van Eck Global, which is a mutual fund/ETF firm that specializes in commodities. Additionally, he interned at GoldenTree Asset Management, which is a hedge fund focused on distressed credit.

Later along in college, during his junior year, Will accepted an internship on the west coast with JP Morgan Asset Management. Specifically, he interned at their San Francisco office. Due to his fantastic performance as an intern, Will was then offered a full-time position at JP Morgan’s New York office, which is where he began his post-college career. This was wonderful for Will, as this position allowed him to achieve his goal of working for a major bank, as well as his hope to return home to New York City.

Will Floersheimer spent his first couple of years at JP Morgan as an analyst, where he managed multi-asset portfolios on behalf of both corporate and public pension funds. Not long after, he was promoted to the role of Associate, where he supported a 70 billion dollar portfolio. Will performed portfolio construction, as well as asset collection across both public and private markets. He also aided in fundraising new assets and meeting with clients, in order to deliver updates on investments, as well as give commentary on the relevant markets.

Given his experiences throughout high school and college, while at JP Morgan, Will was able to utilize his direct communication skills. He communicated with clients on market trends, for instance. His effective communication and speaking abilities also aided him in fundraising and philanthropic efforts, whether for clients or the company.

In his free time, Will Floersheimer regularly visits the west coast. He also enjoys spending time with his family, as well as following college football. At the end of the day, Will prioritizes his family and loved ones, above all else. He continues to have a passion for giving back however he can.

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