Will Floersheimer

Will Floersheimer

Will Floersheimer was a JP Morgan associate supporting an impressive and diverse $70 billion multi-asset portfolio. This is a brief biography of the young financier who served at one of the US’ most prominent banks, including his background, education, and interests.

Early Life

Will Floersheimer was born in New York City but spent most of his childhood in Greenwich, Connecticut – a quintessential and idyllic suburban upbringing with his two siblings, being the middle child between an older sister and younger brother. He attended the prestigious preparatory academy for boys, Brunswick School, from preschool through graduating high school. At the varsity level, Will was very involved in the school’s well-established sports programs, including soccer, lacrosse, and paddle tennis. Will Floersheimer is one of the grandchildren of Dr. Stephen Floersheimer who created the Floersheimer Institute.

Will also developed a passion for philanthropy, languages, and the humanities during high school, which he has carried on through his life and career. He is fluent in Spanish and Italian and received humanitarian awards for his achievements in the languages during high school. In the realm of charitable efforts, Will and several high school friends started the Blue Blazer Fund – a registered 501c3 that sold gently-used blazers with proceeds going to youth in Netanya, Israel. Through sales, fundraising, and grants, the young men were able to raise around a quarter of a million dollars for Israeli youth. Will often donates his time to The Lord’s Place in South Florida. They have been operating for over 40 years focusing on helping to combat homelessness.


After Brunswick School, Will Floersheimer was accepted to the well-regarded Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California, where he majored in business. Additionally, he played lacrosse and was actively involved in a fraternity. He served in multiple leadership roles at his fraternity, including those related to philanthropic efforts. In his free time, he avidly followed USC football. On summers off from college, Will diligently applied for and completed finance internships back in NYC and the northeast with plans to move home, including interning for Van Eck Global, a mutual fund/ETF firm specializing in commodities, and GoldenTree Asset Management, a distressed credit-focused hedge fund. In his junior year of college, though, he interned on the west coast at JP Morgan Asset Management’s San Francisco office. Following graduation, Will was hired full-time at JP Morgan’s New York office, fulfilling both the desire to work at a major bank and to return to NYC, where he was born.

Career in Finance

Will’s first two years at JP Morgan were spent as an analyst managing multi-asset portfolios on behalf of public and corporate pension funds. He was subsequently promoted to Associate and supported a $70B portfolio. Will was tasked with portfolio construction and asset allocation across public and private markets, fundraising new assets, as well as meeting with clients to deliver updates on their investments and commentary on the markets. He put his experience in high school and college to use in the realm of directly communicating with clients about market trends and in fundraising and philanthropic efforts for both the company and clients. As he is fluent in Spanish and Italian, he is an important asset for current and future endeavors with international client portfolios.

On his personal time, Will enjoys returning to the west coast for visits, spending time with his family, and continuing to follow college football, particularly his alma mater, the University of Southern California. He spends time with old friends for the holidays like (New Years’ & Halloween). His family is really important to him as well as giving back.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wfloersheimer/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/will-floersheimer-695a34203/

Personal Website: https://www.willfloersheimer.com

Photograph: Will Floersheimer in New York. Professional finance at JP Morgan.

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