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McGinn On Supreme Court Ruling (2/3 Voting)

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn

Mayor McGinn’s statement on state Supreme Court ruling
Yesterday, the state Supreme Court issued a ruling stating that a state law requiring a two-thirds vote in the Legislature to increase revenue is unconstitutional.

“I applaud the state Supreme Court’s decision. This opens the door to common sense returning to Olympia’s process to fully fund education and invest in our transportation system,” said Mayor McGinn.


This really surprised me (and not much the politicians do surprise me anymore). I can’t believe he would actually put in writing that the will of the voters mean absolutely nothing to him. We all know that includes almost every elected official but to admit it in writing and be proud of it. His e mail called the reader is sent to us voters who have signed up for it. lol  I hope when he runs for re-election this gets really circulated and can be filed under, “Put a fork in it, his goose is cooked”. But then if you look at what happened in November he could get voted in again. He won last time by running on the fact that he was Keep Reading

Two-Thirds Tax Law Dumped

Capitol Building In Olympia Washington

Yesterday 2-28-13 the will of the people of the state of Washington was wiped out. Hard to believe that for 20 years the people of the state of Washington has voted over and over for a two thirds tax law. It would only be good for a couple years and we would have to go all thru the signature gathering, and have it put to a vote and it passed every time. Last November Initiative 1185 passed by a 64 percent majority in all 39 counties. I can completely understand going to court and having a ruling when an initiative is worded screwy, like “yes we don’t want that”, or something. But the 2/3 tax law has been passed every time, time after time and to have the court strike it down is a real shock.  I believe Keep Reading

Legislators Charging Us For Cellphones, Dry Cleaning And Art

The Foxes are really guarding the chickens in Olympia. Maybe what I will be writing is not something the “crooks”, can be put in jail for, but they sure should be kicked out of the front door in Olympia. The things we read in the paper are just the crap that we know about. If they could get by with what we did find out, what else are we paying for?

Each lawmaker knows when he runs for office what the salary is. He knows he will be paid a salary between about $42,000 and $50,000. He knows he has to wear clean clothes on the job. He has an office in Olympia to work from and should stay right there for the short while the legislature is in session. They get Keep Reading

Olympia Representatives – Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

The liars are on the loose again.  State lawmakers passed a plan to pay for a new Mariners stadium in 1995. It was controversial then but passed because it would end when the bonds expire this year. They promised the restaurant and rental car tax would end.  The time is almost hear and they just cant let that source of money slip away even if it means making themselves look like liars. Well if you look like a duck ………. They do not want us to really know what they will use it for or if it will ever end. We taxpayers know we have to pay some taxes to pay to run the government but this is turning into a PORK BUFFETT. I can almost picture the lawmakers like those poker playing dogs that are in an old picture, only this time they are trading votes not cards or chips. They have no qualms about not keeping their word that when we paid for the stadium the taxes would end. Remember the voters did not want the stadium built.

HB1997 wants to expand the Convention Center but to get enough votes it has to set aside money for other causes. Some are: 3 million a year for affordable housing(they don’t call it low cost anymore). A million a year would go to a Seattle-public development Authority (did you ever hear of it?) didnt think so. It is focused on Pioneer Square and the Chinatown International District.

SB 5834 would deal with the arts, without money for affordable housing or the convention. They say they would have money set aside for other purposes.(think dogs playing poker again here)

I say let the taxes expire. Keep your word Olympia representatives. We cant afford expansions and all your goodies in these hard times. If you need more money and taxpayers will vote for it I can’t argue that. But you need to put on the ballot exactly what it is funding and when whatever it is will be paid for. It cant go on forever, no questions asked. Democracy does not make everyone happy, but its the best we have. I dont feel its fair fon non property owners to vote to raise my property tax. I feel its a little like two lions and a sheep voting on what to have for lunch.  Quit telling lies. Regain some trust.

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