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Finally Gloria Allred Appears on TV Representing Natalie Khawam

The minute the Petraeus/Broadwell/Allen/Kelly/Khawam soap opera began I began to wonder when Gloria Allred would appear holding some woman’s hand and be almost in tears. She is like an ambulance chaser. Any gossip, sleaze ball thing like who was the father of Nicole Smiths baby, she is right there. I have never heard of her actually winning a case in court, and I am not saying it doesn’t happen, but its usually a photo shoot with some crying female celebrity and then she waits for the next opportunity. It usually follows with Jessie Jackson Sr giving spiritual guidance to some man who messes up. Remember him standing advising Slick Willie.  Jackson had his pregnant mistress with him at the time. You watch he will be in a photo shoot before this web of lies get sorted out.

Paula Broadwell has hired Robert F. Muse. He represented Monica Lewinski.

Jill Kelly and her husband Dr Kelly have hired Abbe Lowell. He represented John Edwards.

Natalie Khawam has hired Gloria Allred.

Employment for Attorney’s are picking up.

I am not writing about Allen and Petraeus. They definitely have lawyers and have probably ruined their careers.

How on earth could such important men have time to bother with the twin sisters? I can see that Paula Broadwell could be sucked into the mire because she was writing the book about Petraeus. She did have a top secret clearance, she had been in the military. She has a background but got jealous and that usually brings a lot of people down when the illicit romance ends.

Now to Natalie Khawam the Tampa Florida Attorney. Of all the people that should have had the good sense to just SHUT UP she just could not do that. When she appeared on TV with Gloria Allred she said, “I look forward to the day when I am able to answer everyone’s question and explain what really happened in this matter.”  I doubt anyone in the real world ever heard of her or her sister Jill Kelly. But she went through a custody battle and lost custody of her son. She got the top brass including Petraeus, Allen and Holly Petraeus to write letters to the judge for her. Now that’s knowing people in high places. But the judge went by the facts that she was unstable, lied about domestic violence, credibility as a witness and lack of integrity. Why would she want to drag all that out again and now its coming to light that she filed for Bankruptcy in April claiming debts totaling $3.6 million. How could she rack up debts like that? One debt she was unable to pay back was $300,000 from Gerald “Jerry” Harrington, who is a Rhode Island lobbyist and Democratic fundraiser. How could she get an unsecured loan like that. Well for starters she dated him. It just goes on and on. Why isn’t Harrington in trouble for misuse of campaign funds like Jessie Jackson Jr.?

Jill Kelly and Paula Broadwell have both been to the Presidents home. (Khawam and her sister were invited to courtesy meals at the White House. Some of the parties will end because Khawam is living with her sister in a mansion that is being foreclosed on. This is where to top brass were being entertained. Jill Kelly and her husband who is a doctor had a charity called Kelly’s Cancer Foundation. BUT in papers filed with the IRS it reported donations of $157,284 but the charities expenses were exactly that amount. $43,317 for meals, $38610 travel and misc. $$25,013. It was ran from their home, and they were the only officers in the foundation.

Now this was an absolute dream come true for Gloria Allred. I doubt we will hear that she does anyone any good but herself and I imagine she gets paid to pose to TV photo shoots.

Add your comments, this is gonna get lots worse before it gets better.


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