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Penn State Case

After reading/hearing about these coachs, assistant coaches, and assorted officials I just have to put my spin on this horrible story. I am a Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother and thru the years I have watched these sports figures get by with even murder. Think O.J. here. For some reason the coaches get salaries that are totally over the top. The schools get famous because they have jocks that can kick a ball, or shoot a hoop or whatever the flavor of the day is at that time.

Thru my many years of watching little league baseball, junior football, soccer etc and see how these little boys aspire to be GREAT/FAMOUS like these idiots we read about. The schools offer scholarships to little boys who they think will do good in sports but instead of the little hopefuls having to really study and get good grades they get pushed ahead, helped to cheat on tests, and once they get into college and hurt their knee or something they can barely read and write and are forgotten about. The players(that score a lot) and coaches can do almost anything and not get punished. Everyone will lie for each other to protect the school from negative publicity. Now on to what my story is about.

This is about Mike McQueray. Why isn’t he fired or perhaps put in jail? Its almost aiding and abetting a rapist to just walk away and tell someone a couple days later. In my way of thinking the buck stops with him. If he were a decent human being, a real man, a person who has any conscience when he walked in a locker room 9 years ago and saw a naked Jerry Sandusky holding a naked little boy around the hips up against him he would not have thought for one second who to tell. He would have jumped right onto the back of the rapist/molestor and beat the holy crap out of him. His first concern as a normal human would have been the little boy. No one will ever know what he told or to who, but for sure he really screwed up being a good citizen. Shame, double shame on him, and I do believe in Karma whether he does or not. As for the so called trial, the only winners will be a bunch of lawyers. They will drag this sucker out as long as possible and will focus on whether McQueray said the boy was being raped or molested. What difference did it make? Now is will focus on perjury, if he does not repeat word for word what he told who 9 years ago. Probably be a big mistrial. McQueray seemed to think he told the Athletic Director Tim Curley and then Vice President Gary Schultz his concerns in the 2002 incident and said he told them there severe sexual acts going on and that was all he needed to do. Rapist/child molester Sandusky should have been arrested that day or for sure been booted from the school even for nothing more than naked horseplay(his words) with little boys. If punishment to Sandusky had been sure and swift look at the misery these little boys could have been spared? Think how good the school’s reputation would be? But lying, covering up, making excuses have really brought Pen States reputation down. A so called well loved head football coach Joe Paterno was fired. He should have been fired. They all should, but most of all Mike McQueray who did not act like a good concerned human being that day nine years ago in the locker room. How could he walk away and not challenge the HORSEPLAY between a man and a little boy?

If I were a judge and it were possible to do(which of course it isn’t) I would turn the stinking slimball Sandusky over to the Mothers of the little boys who were raped, with the order to give him the Lorina Bobbitt treatment, one slice at a time. They are still more interested in protecting the schools reputation(it has none to protect anymore). They are questioning if he saw genitals etc, just stupid stupid stuff. I am not into porn but I think during intercourse you would never see anyone’s genitals. They lost the focus completely of what this crime that the school let happen with the top guys all knowing something was very wrong for years. Why is McQueray still working there? LLL

Having lived in Seattle (Georgetown) for over 80 years, Lilly has a passion for the area. A true Seattleite, Lilly has the history & experience to discuss any topic. Being retired, she enjoys visiting with her many grand children, gardening, and writing.

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