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University of Washington Leadership Failure

A new President is about to named at the University of Washington and his name is Michael Young.  He was a busy guy today with press conferences and visiting the the University of Washington.  Today was his first time ever at the University.  He took questions from the student leadership and the general feedback was that he is “down to earth guy and honest”.   The previous President was scheduled to make a little over $900,000 per year.  When asked today about his salary he said he would be willing to take less.  Michael Young was very excited to be working at the University of Washington (I’m sure he was – I would be to if I was making 75K a month!).

You can read our previous article about the University of Washington and Seattle’s Schools bad revenue but it all comes back to a failure in leadership.  Money that could be used for the students is being used and abused with upper management.  Teachers are the first ones to get the cut in the pay and we continue to hear about schools wanting more and more money in taxes and funding.  Should we keep increasing the taxes and approving school bonds that are just being wasted by upper management.  Michael Young isn’t special we could have had a qualified University of Washington President for less than $250,000.  The rest of the money could have been used on students in need or scholarships.  This is just another example of a failure in leadership and the people in charge just don’t have a clue.  Unfortunately, it is sad to see it again at the University of Washington.


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