Lawmakers Push to Overhaul Initiative System

A group of lawmakers are going to tackle the states popular initiative system. They never have liked the idea that we the people could gather signatures and actually make something happen. They have tried every road block they can come up with to make it hard for us to make our wishes known. They can’t stand Tim Eyman because he has helped make the initiative system so public. They find every thing wrong with an initative we the people get enough signatures for that they want to start a proposed constitutional amendment to require the voters to state where the money will come from to fund what the initiative requires the state to do.

I can’t believe that for once I have to agree with the lawmakers to that extent, but not have them tinker with the system with a constitutional amendment. The voters approved training for long-term-care workers and it will cost money. Everyone including the lawmakers are going to get old or ill eventually and might need someone to care for them and since it’s a life or death situation lots of times, some training certainly is needed and should be paid for by the state. If it were some unnecessary thing we got enough signatures for like a sports stadium, a tunnel, the schools glass palace, a monstrosity of a glass library or more fancy buildings then we should state how we intended to fund them, but its not we the people doing those things it’s our lawmakers. We the taxpayers did not want those things but the lawmakers can dream up expensive crap, and they have a way to fund it. Just add a fee, a tax or whatever they feel like. So far no initiative has done anything like that so leave our process alone., but if we ever did get enough signatures for something stupid like the lawmakers have done we should say how it will be funded.

Just as the other Washington and this Washington are saying they are dead broke. cutting, slashing, cutting school years, laying off Fireman and Police etc today’s Times NWSATURDAY Dec. 17,2011 has this article stating $60M State windfall to boost preschool education. They say it’s a Federal Grant. Without getting into the preschool education needs I am pointing out if the Federal Government is broke how at this point in time can they hand out a Federal Grant of sixty million. There is no Santa Clause working there. They had to take it away from workers in some way and skim off a lot to process the amount they took from us to come up with this huge grant. Makes no sense at all. They have so many pots of money to dip into but still say they are broke. Where is the pot of gold to pay for training long care heath workers? They could find it if they wanted to but will try to screw up signature gathering to challenge the lawmakers.

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