Seattle New Years Eve Parties

I must admit one of the my favorite nights in Seattle is New Years Eve.  My other favorites include Halloween and now Santanarcy ( you must go to this if you haven’t before).  There is something about these nights that people just love.  Everyone is friendly and in a talkative mood.  The environment is much different than your typical Friday or Saturday night.

New Years Eve falls on a Saturday this year so it should be a really exciting night.  I have done some research and came up with what I believe are your best options for ringing in 2012.

Seattle Indulgence Party

I have been to this party the last two years.  It was fun but expensive at $60 + $6.23 service fee per ticket.  The event is held at one of Paul Allen’s Palaces (Called the Seattle EMP).  It’s a big event with 3 levels and different music.  For the last 3 years its been the same format.  Usually 80’s (at the small side bar), some cover band (big stage), and hip hop (upstairs).  The last two times I was there the small 80’s band outshined the main band playing on the big stage.  The big stage dance floor is busy but never full.  I just checked and I looks like it’s the same this year.    There will be line outside to get in.  They are pretty slow checking in the tickets.  They do provide a lot of free hats and party favors.  The most disappointing thing about this location (beside the ticket price, drink prices, main band) is that you can’t step outside to see the space needle fireworks when the big moment arrives.  You are stuck inside the location and are not allowed to leave.  Well… you can leave but you just won’t be let back in.  There is no balcony or any big windows to watch it.  That is a big disappointment because you literally are right next door to the space needle.  Being so close to it (hearing the fireworks outside) and having to watch it on TV just sucks.  That is very disappointing.

Bonza Bash

This will be held at the Hyatt Olive 8 Hotel in Seattle.  I haven’t been to it personally.  Tickets cost even more than the Indulgence Party.  They are $70 +$7.23 service fee per ticket.  I would say this is one of more luxurious events of the night.  It’s black tie which means lots of tuxes and black dresses.  I like more casual locations when It comes to the dress code (Indulgence is casual) so I won’t be visiting this one.  If you have a date planned and you want to wine and dine – then this place maybe for you.

Euphoria Masquerade Party

This looked interesting.  It’s a masquerade party so people will be all dressed up (high fashion) with masks.  I think this would be another good location if you have a date or wife and will be partying with the special person.  As a single guy always ready to mingle, this one is off my list.  One, there will be lots of couples there. Two, if everyone is wearing masks how you going to talk with people and get that special kiss at night?  Sounds like a lot of work for the single people.  This event is held at Seattle’s Republiq and ticket prices are about $17 dollars.

Masquerade Party At Pink

Another Masquerade party.  This one is located at the Pink Ultra Lounge.  Cost is $15 for ladies and $25 for gents.  I have been the Pink Ultra Lounge before, however, not for any NYE parties.  The location is better than the Republiq event.  I won’t be visiting due to the masks and ultra classy dress code (like republiq) but if I had to choose I would pick Pink.

Roaring 20’s Party

Located on Pier 56 aboard the ship The Royal, this event will be a dress up event.  You can expect to see gangsters, molls, politicians, hit men, jazz singers and Hollywood starlets.  The ticket price is $245.  per ticket.  I won’t be going due to the ticket price and there are just so many cheaper options available.

Sparkle Party

This is held at the See Sound Lounge in Belltown.  That location is great.  Ticket prices at the door are $40 ($30 advance).  I have this on my favorites to check out and probably will show up.  The music is electronic which can get annoying after about the first hour.  One positive is that they say they are staying open until 3am.  Unlike all the others closing at 2am.  Noc Noc is the only other club that stays open late that I know of (5am).  Belltown is probably one of the best locations in Seattle for nightlife.  If you don’t like this location, you could easily walk around the block and find something else happening.


This looks pretty good.  Ticket prices are $40 per ticket.  I saw last years video of the event and looks good.  The only problem I see is if the party is lame I’M STUCK ON A FREAKING BOAT!  I am also nervous of the gender ratio like how many women to men.  Nothing worse then getting stuck on a boat with a bunch of dudes on New Years Eve (unless that is your thing).  Last year it was named the booze cruise and I once experienced a booze cruise in Hawaii – it was awesome!  I’m considering this one.


In Belltown this is one of my favorite locations.  If all else fails I will be visiting here because you just can’t go wrong with it.  Cover has always been free, however, it is NYE so I am unsure if they will charge.

Tia Lou’s

Located next to Ambers this is a good dance club.  Again you can’t fail going here if you need a solid location.  $20 at the door if you decide to visit.

So there you have it folks my top picks for Seattle New Year Eve parties.  If you’re going out or staying home just have fun and take a second to set some goals next year.  What can you do better or what do you want to accomplish in the new year?  It’s a new year and an opportunity to start something new in your life.

In fact, do yourself a favor.  When the clock strikes 12:05 am, take a few seconds to look at the bright moon above and think how blessed you are.  At the end of the day, we are all humans made of flesh and bones and really blessed to just be living life on this big green planet traveling 66,000 mph.  From the big blue sky, the fresh air we breath, to the shining seas full of life, we’re just small pieces in this big universe.  Our time on this planet is short and one day our flesh and bones will be returned to this big planet.  Breath in and breath out – before you know it…. that is life……you have to make the most of it.

This night is a fresh start and one of those rare opportunities every year you can experience that feeling.

OK now back to the party!!






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