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Questions About President Obama’s Visit To OSO

Obama OSO Landslide Visit

I felt the need to do a follow up about the multi million dollar waste of money for President Obama to come visit the people of OSO. It was just photo shoot with Susan, Patty and Maria. But now that all that money has been squandered I want to ask if he noticed any thing different here than at the New Orleans flood. I know he was not president then, but should certainly know what I am talking about. Here are some questions he should be asking himself, and thinking very hard about answers he comes up with. He could learn quite a lesson here if he wanted to.

Where are the rows of brand new mobile homes that were furnished almost immediately for the flood victims in New Orleans?? These were totally trashed within a matter of months. Did OSO get any?

Where were the mobs demanding fast food instead of the free food that the people in OSO were cooking for the victims and workers. In New Orleans food that was good enough for the soldiers was not good enough for the victims.

Why isn’t the military in OSO to prevent looting, violence and raping that occurred in New Orleans?

Why aren’t the victims in OSO gathering in places like stadiums demanding more free stuff instead of helping one another? Old white woman in their 80’s are busy cooking funeral meals for the victims.

We will never get to compare answers if you even give this a second thought but I think it’s the mindset of the people. The people of OSO are working people. They were there to get away from the crime in the big cities. They wanted a home, that they paid for themselves. They wanted to earn their own way, and most of all did not want the government’s handouts that would keep them from doing what they wanted to do. In New Orleans most of the houses were free to the tenants to begin with. If something falls apart(tenants trash it) it just gets replaced. They have no respect for each others property and steal from each other, so it only makes sense if their house gets flooded, no problem, Uncle Sam will give them a new better house. Give them all the food they need. Meet all their demands to keep them from killing each other.(and of course voting you back in office) In OSO the people bought their homes, and were making payments. They bought their food. They always helped each other and probably did not even lock their doors. Perfect example how you can drag down whole cities by making them dependent on the government handouts. You are not helping them plan for a good future. It is more or less, one meal at a time. If that quit they don’t have a clue how to help each other. Nothing is of any value to them they way it is for people who have had to go to work each day to put food on the table and buy a house.

Did you notice any of that President Obama? If you did I am sure you would never admit it, and call me a racist on top of it.

Obama Keeps Blowing Money

Obama OSO Mudslide Visit

As reported previously by Lilly, it is now official President Obama will be making a visit to the devastated OSO mudslide site. It’s obviously a way for him to build his popularity, show remorse, and shake a few hands. If he really cared, he would stay home and send/write a check for 2 million plus dollars as that’s about what it takes in fuel/staff just to get here. The money would be 100x more beneficial to the people then him standing around taking photographs and getting publicity out of it. For Obama, however, it’s all about him and making the people love him. He continues to say one thing and then goes and does another. This is just another example of wasted time and money provided by President Obama. The reality is we all feel bad about the situation (it’s horrible) but these people need money to buy food and get back on there feet. A hand shake, photographs, and positive news coverage doesn’t solve a thing. Plus, the time and resources to get the President here is a huge waste of taxpayers money. It costs millions to fly him around.

It’s never been about the wasted money for Obama, however. Just look at Obamacare this guy will spend billions maybe even trillions of dollars just to make the program work. I hear about it on the TV and radio every day! Even if it’s failing horribly, he will dump every last penny to make the program work so he doesn’t look bad over it. There is a point and we probably have already past it where just giving all the uninsured people a check for 100K would have been a better option and it would cost much less.

The OSO mugslide is horrible but let’s be honest here how is Obama going to help with the efforts except making himself look good by being there. This publicity is going to be on every news channel across the country and it’s just one be positive PR stunt.

To date, 41 lives have been lost due to the disaster. A few individuals in the area still remain missing and have not been accounted. Each day approx. 625 workers continue the search and clean up efforts.

Statewide Fundraiser For OSO Mudslide Victims

President Obama Air Force One OSO Fundraiser

To my followers on the Emerald City Journal. I am asking a small favor. We could raise a huge amount of money for the victims of OSO by requesting that President Obama JUST STAY HOME.

Whether you like him or not it costs the taxpayers millions for him to make a trip to our state. It costs between $179,500 or $288.00 per hour to fly Air Force One. That is our millions each time he gets on that plane. Remember they fly an extra decoy and there are loads of expenses that we can’t possibly know about. My idea is to ask all of you who read this to phone or email your Senator and request they tell Obama to stay home. Do not come to Washington State for nothing more than a photo shoot. Our Governor and my two senators have already had their photo op and can inform the president on what they saw. They saw the devastation when it was at its worst and promised to help anyway they can. THE WAY ANY OF YOUR SENATORS AND REPRESENTATIVES can help is to have them tell The President not to squander a minimum of 8 million to come to Washington State.

Safeways, Home Depot, all the cash jars for donations and any others that have sent checks, or food or whatever are wonderful but one trip cancelled by the president would dwarf them all. I have emailed Senator Murray and Senator Cantwell and told them my feelings. I do not expect them to even see the email and some intern will punch in a form type email to me eventually.

When the President comes for his fundraisers, he will spend millions to have lunch with a rich crony on Mercer Island and raise $100,000. His idea of spending money is not like a common man’s idea of spending money. Just remember YOU are paying for it whether you admit it or not. So, if we could go viral and have everyone in the state request the president not visit our state. Just SENT A CHECK FOR THAT AMOUNT it would be so much better. Those people don’t need a cheesy cat smile and a hug, they need money. We cant afford to shut down our freeways, and downtown to protect him. So whether you like him or not, or agree with him or not I think you will all agree that 8 million in cash would do a lot more good in OSO that a smile and a handshake by him would do. If you don’t agree, nothing I can say will change your mind, if you do agree get the ball rolling. They need money for funerals, they have lost everything besides, wives, husbands, babies, neighbors and friends right now.

Our representatives were elected to represent WE THE PEOPLE not cozy up to the President to get votes. Remember when you write your check to the IRS on the 15th 90% of it will be totally squandered. Lets let the President play golf 7 days a week close to his home, just don’t spent 8 to 10 MILLION to fly here.

Michelle Obama’s Trip To Ireland

Michelle Obama Vacations Wasting Tax Money

If you are a regular reader of this Website you read what I wrote about Joe Biden’s expensive hotel stay. I do not want to be accused of picking on MEN so I want to follow up with Michelle Obama’s trip to Ireland. For sure she did not have to check her bank balance or look in her pockets for some change or do any price shopping for a place to stay. Nope since it was on the taxpayers dime she went for the best. According to reports she stayed in the Princess Grace Suite which charges $3,300 a night. Her entourage booked 30 rooms.  The cost of the two day trip has been reported to be around $5 Million dollars. Taxpayers pay for first family’s travel. But shouldn’t there be a limit? The Obama’s have thumbed their noses at us lowly working Americans time after time. Even if it is legal to do it, how can the Obama family blow through millions while at the same time preaching about the cuts the sequester is causing. Obviously it does not affect them.

His trip was a real money waster too. He can,t seem to stay home. It cost Ireland a lot for his security. They take Air Force One and Air Force Two. His speeches were terrible but there was a good reason. It was the SUN. They say the sun was in his eyes and he could not see his teleprompters. Guess he has never given a speech in the sun before. When he spoke in Germany it was before 5,000 invited guests (and it has been said that a lot of those did a no show). When Kennedy spoke there it was to a crowd of 450,000. Even Republican Ronald Regan spoke to 45,000.

If anyone is against anything the Obama’s are for they can be audited by the IRS. Obama will act like he is shocked that the IRS would single out Patriots, or Tea Party groups and he will pretend to do something about it but he needs the IRS. They are the source of the money for the government to waste. Once the IRS starts on you even if you did not do a thing wrong, you’re done. They can trump up something in an audit and you can fight them for years and never win. They can take your home, you can lose your job and never really be sure what the heck happened. All you end up with is a huge attorney bill.

This got a little off track from Michelle’s trip but the Presidents lies are slowly catching up. He says this is a transparent government but it’s anything but. With all the surveillance of private citizens he is trying to say he did not have any warning about Benghazi. Help was an hour away. He hasn’t even said where he was that night, but he has lied about everything else what could he say that anyone would believe. Until the IRS is dismantled not much will change. They are not making up the rules, they are coming from the White House. The only thing positive the IRS workers have done this year is “learn to boogie”. They should boogie right off the stage and lose their jobs. If they do something really bad they get put on paid leave. I read that the IRS got a bonus of $70 million. Not sure for what. Was it for throwing the election? But hey Obama is cutting expenses by closing the White House to the public at a savings of $17,000 a week. Maybe it was that savings that made it possible for Michelle to take a hairdresser to put glitter in her bangs.  Need to go throw up yet?

Obamacare Information

Starting in 2014, Obamacare is a requirement of every American citizen.  Some individuals will get Obamacare through their jobs and others will need to research and find the best health care program for them.  Below you’ll find all the Emerald City Journal news topics related to Obamacare and we hope the information we provided is useful.  If you’d like to post your own news, articles, or information related to the Affordable Health Care Act (also known as Obamacare) right here on our Seattle news website, please let us know.

President Obama Agenda & Laws article covers the lead up to Obamacare.  Not much is known except the American people are standing by President Obama and his Affordable Health Care Act which starts in 2014.  Many have argued whether he should have even been elected over the Benghazi attack but the voters do continue to support the President and his agenda & laws.  You would think these issues would ruin his reputation but he was re-elected.

Obama Taking More Of Your Rights!  New Gun Laws news article was written to inform you about your rights about gun ownership and does cover some information about Obamacare.  It goes into a conversation about all your rights and how they are slowly being stripped away from you.  Whether it’s Obamacare or other laws, Obama has a way of saying one thing then doing another behind closed doors.

How will Obamacare impact your job? A great article showing the connection between your job and the new Obamacare health program connection.  Business owners are now being forced into providing health care to their employees, however, business owners are simply going to limit the employees hours (under 40hrs per week) to bypass that requirement.  Since Obamacare is also a requirement of new hires working 40+ hrs per week, we are going to find that business owners are going to adjust that in their employment job offer (secretly lowing he offer) when starting a job to cover those extra health care expenses.  Read how the Obamcare program may impact your employment with this news article on the Emerald City Journal.

How you could lose our job over the new Obamacare healthcare program and other information about the Affordable Health Care Act.  This article is for those who voted for Obamacare and are currently employed and working full-time.  With the passing of the Obama’s Health Care program you could be getting yourself fired from your job.  Not a smart move voting for this in my opinion.  Not to mention that if you’re every let go from you job, that would mean you’d need by by and keep medical and you’ll need to pay for it out of your pocket.

What does Dr. Kevorkian and Obamacare have in common?  An interesting article about how Obamacare could be similar to the activities of Dr. Kevorkian.  More of fun article regarding the topics but an interesting read for sure.  Recently Dr. Kevorkian died so who will replace his efforts maybe it’s Obamacare.

Photo Of The Obamacare Law.  That is a lot of pages!
Photo Of The Obamacare Law


Michelle Obama Working Hard At Oscars

As I was flipping channels last night between CBS (Osama Bin Ladin raid recap) and the Oscars, I couldn’t help but watch Michelle Obama kiss more ass to the public. I have said it a hundreds times on the Emerald City Journal. Michelle and Barack Obama are all about making the American people love them, building their popularity, and brand. They want popularity so they can get the continued support to pitch their crap in the White House.  A President (or anyone) will always be voted for or supported due to popularity.  A sense of connection with us, always seeing them, being inspired by them – this person will always take the Keep Reading

Government Approved Gun Ownership By Obama

There is an old saying that goes something like this. “If you always do the same thing over and over you will always get the same results.” That’s exactly what the politicians are doing about gun violence. What I am going to write will be a little bit extreme but the point I want to get across is that not one thing they have suggested doing is going to make us safer or cut down crime. In my opinion it will Keep Reading

Presidents Visit To Seattle, A/K/A Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town

President Obama will be in Seattle Sunday Sept 25th to attend fundraisers. No public events have been announced so why should this be funded by taxpayers? I think it should be paid for by the democratic party completely.

Former Microsoft Executive Jon Shirley is hosting a brunch at his Medina home. This event will cost $35,000 per couple. They are expecting 400 people. A larger fundraiser will be held at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle. Tickets range from $100 to $7500. The more expensive the ticket the closer you get to the president. The VIP seating gets you a photo with the President.

I had suggested to Mayor McGinn and each City Council Member to decline his visit. We simply cannot afford him. He is not coming for the good of Seattle in any way. At a meeting of ask the Mayor, McGinn said it would cost between $100,000 and $150,000 for police protection for the president. That is just a drop in the bucket as to the cost. Think of the skies having to be cleared, streets where he travels closed down, all sorts of disruption to the entire city who will gain absolutely NOTHING. The Mayor and Council members say we are completely broke. Why didn’t they tell him we cannot afford to have him come? He has no official business to attend to here at all.

Not only can cities not afford to have him visit but the Federal Government is about to shut down AGAIN because it is trillions in debt. The president is telling everyone we are in this together, we have to cut down the Federal debt but every time Air Force one takes off it costs $214,768, and the cargo plane that flies with it costs $32,140. Then you have the per hour cost to come clear across the United States to ATTEND A FUNDRAISER. How much sense does that make? Every time Air Force One takes off it costs what a family could buy a nice house for, to say nothing of all the fuel he uses. It should be used only as official duties and then very limited. On valentines day he made two trips to Chicago. He attended a train opening 150 miles away but flew there on Air Force one. He could have taken a helicopter or better still bought a train ticket for $90.00. It would have made a better photo shoot. He has blown thru millions on his little private trips and we pick up the tab to hear him tell us times are tough. Time for him to stay home. He said he had visited 57 states(yes fifty seven). Wish the seven states that I cant seem to think of would host and pay for his visits and he stay out of Seattle. This time he is not even going to have time to tell us to tighten our belt. He is too busy attending fundraisers.

For sure we don’t need him to tell us to build more roads and bridges. Have you tried driving around Seattle and not having to detour or seeing something torn up. They have had Corson Ave shut down for over two months “repairing” it. To the naked eye no one could see a thing wrong with it. The street is 4 blocks long and still shut down. Its just like digging a hole and filling it with tax dollars, then wanting another levy passed so they can screw away more money all the while nothing is getting done that is worthwhile at all.

Obama 2012 Election

Does Barack Obama still have what it takes to run this country and how will you vote in 2012?  The Obama 2012 Presidential election is coming soon.

Obama 2012 Election Seattle
Obama 2012 Election Seattle

Obama says being American is ‘not a matter of blood or birth’ – (Political Discussion)

Barack Obama and Michelle

This is rich. This is from the man that was born in Kenya (per Micelle Obama) and is now our President allegedly.

This is nuts and going against all our laws as well as every country in the world’s laws on immigration. What is his problem? What doesn’t he understand? I thought he was the “all knowing” that will tell us what we had for breakfast today, tomorrow, and next month.

Excuse me? Being AMERICAN is MOST CERTAINLY a matter of blood, birth and YO, Culture! I guess he can make this statement because since we are getting so divided and segregated by the left and each other, we as a culture have forgotten what it MEANS to be American! Someone leaves their country, for whatever reason, to come here, to OUR country; the USA, then they need to learn to be Americans. I don’t need to learn to be Chinese, French, German, Mexican, Spanish, Brazilian, Portuguese, Fijian, Philipino, Indian, Morrocan, etc. You come here, learn English (first thing – or better yet learn it before you come here), learn our culture/history (if they even teach that in school), and how OUR government works.

Don’t come here to use OUR laws against us so that you can have it the way it was where you are from, that you are/were currently running away from. You break the law, you go to jail, or go home. Just STOP IT!



ObamaFan: His solution is to give the illegals  “a pathway to legal status”.  Sooooo, it’s not illegal if we change our minds and make it legal.  

I trust there are many who see through this double-speaking mindless and clueless POS/Monkey POTUS

Gene: Turn that teleprompter back on.

AgainstTrump: For once Obama get’s it right. Being an America has always been about choice. We are a nation of immigrants after all. Those who are born here also have the choice — to leave, and by far, to many of them that should, don’t. We need to get back to that view of what it means to be an American, one of choice, versus one of entitlement by birth (the equivalent of the aristocracy). Those who don’t believe in the values of the Founders shouldn’t be granted citizenship, and those who don’t uphold them should be encouraged to leave.

James: If we are not Americans by birth, culture, blood, etc., what DOES make us Americans?  Our tv viewing habits?  Sports preferences?  Menu choices? Well, what?

Slowmoguy: Once again President Obama has planted his fat ass on the fence. Talk about hot air and no direction!!

“And no matter how decent they are, no matter their reasons, the 11 million who broke these laws should be held accountable.”

Yeah right, but what are you actually doing about it Mr. President?

“I’m ready to move forward. The majority of Democrats are ready to move forward, and I believe the majority of Americans are ready to move forward…”

That so? Ready to move forward and do WHAT, ace?

“But the fact is, without bipartisan support, as we had just a few years ago, we cannot solve this problem. Reform that brings accountability to our immigration system cannot pass without Republican votes.”

Which translates as POTUS saying,”Hey, Lord knows I tried folks but…really…it’s all the Republicans fault…My ass is just all tied up.”

I swear this guy’s got enough hot air to reflate The Zeppelin ten times over and then some !!… Unbelievable!!

Unfortunately, this discussion is really old and we’ve closed it.

Photo Credit: “Barack and Michelle Obama on election night” by John Althouse Cohen is marked with CC BY-SA 2.0

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