Sandra Fluke vs. Insurance Companies Not Covering Birth Control

Sandra Fluke is getting her 15 minutes of fame for sure. Of all the important things in this world, poverty, hunger, crime, war our president has found lots of time to talk about Sandra Fluke. She has become a real distraction for him. He hopes people think about her and not the things he should be talking about. As far as I know Sandra Fluke is a single girl who is complaining about insurance not paying for her $9.00 a month birth control pills. Rush Limbaugh did not have to call her terrible names, and I feel that was wrong but it did give Gloria Allard a chance to get her name and face out once more. I think if Sandra wants to take birth control pills,she should go buy them, or ask her lover to split the price which would only be $4.50 each a month. If she has more than one lover then the price would even be less. I have no idea and don’t care who she sleeps with or how often. But her $9.00 should not be on the presidents worry list. Really seems stupid. Why not send boat loads of birth control pills to the nations that cant feed their babies and want us to furnish food while they all starve?

I do care about the President trying to force insurance companies to pay for birth control, abortions or even maternity cases. Back when I was having my three babies insurance did not pay a thing for maternity cases. We were still paying for our first baby when I had the third. To have children is your own choice. No one forces you to start a family or tells you how big a family. That is between husband/wife and your choice of religion. Some religions do not believe in birth control and that where the President got his nose stuck where it did not belong. If you don’t want to practice birth control and you want to belong to the Catholic Church you should not have to pay for it on your insurance. ie. Car insurance, we have to carry liability but do not have to carry collision etc. On home insurance I had to pay extra for earthquake and flood. Health insurance should not make you pay for something you will never ever use. They are dealing with gay marriages at the moment but this article is not about that except for the fact why should this group of people pay a dime for birth control or abortions. There is not as much chance as a snowball in hell of them ever having to use it. Us really old people can barely pay for our puffers to help us breath. Some of these are over $100.00. They have clauses tucked into the Obamacare that makes us pay sales tax when we sell our home etc. Nothing to do with health insurance. Government should not try to take control of our health, our sex life and our birth control pills. Let insurance company’s compete with each other. We will buy where they offer what we need not what the President tells us to pay for when we don’t want it and cant afford it. They say they don’t punish people for not buying it but give us encouragement to buy it by leveling fines. Let us walk into a clinic, pay the door fee, buy our medicine where we get the best deal and they could fire hundreds of people who are doing nothing but making our lives miserable trying to force insurance down our throats that we don’t want and cant afford. But he still has time to worry about Sandra Fluke.

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  1. This could open a whole can of worms. Obviously since she is single this is for her own entertaiment. So if taxpayers have to pay for her entertainment via insurance will we have to pay for John Edwards, Elliott Spitzer, Tiger Woods entertainment. Spitzer spent around $20,000 a night. Just a thouht.

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