$50 Light Bulb Won The U.S. Governments Contest

Lets not create a stampede at the doors of Home Depot or where ever this winner is sold. The U.S. Government offered a prize of $10 million dollars to the manufacturer that could create a “green” but affordable light bulb. Speaking only for myself here even if that winning light bulb was green it sure does not sound affordable. Of course the government that offered the 10 million dollar prize took that from taxpayers who they expect to buy the $50.00 bulb. It had one string attached in that it had to be manufactured in America. Home Depot is the largest seller of light bulbs and they didn’t want to call the bulb too expensive but said their customers might jump to that conclusion. By next year we are not supposed to be using incandescent bulbs so unless you hoard up a bunch of 60’s and 75’s you are going to be paying more for your light bulb than you did for the beautiful lamp you bought to use it in. Home Depot offers LED bulbs under the EcoSmart label which is assembled in Mexico for $23.97. Another Phillips LED bulb on sale costs $24.97. It was made in China. Or you can buy the ten million dollar prize winner for $50.00. Am I the only one who thinks that 10 million was totally wasted? Comments please.

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  1. I can’t believe we are phasing out standard light bulbs for these 50 dollars ones. We are all going to be living in the dark because most people can’t afford one. Total waste of tax money!

  2. This is STUPID..I know alot of people that could have gotten food and their medicine for that money..They could have came up with a differentb prize like free advertising …

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