Online Real Estate Brokerage

There is a discussion about looking for properties online. For me my first experience was in about 2000. That seems like a long time ago.

The Multiple Listing Service stored data in a central location. The company that handled the data for the Northwest Multiple Listing Service was called Moore Data. I bought a software program from them to do Comparative Market Analysis. It worked great. It made a nice presentation at a time before it became a common tool.

With the program I was also able to share information with other people on line, through e-mails. The e-mail system quickly became a common Real Estate practice. The Real Estate agent would e-mail clients a list of properties. Soon after our Multiple Listing Service began offering an online version of the data base Real Estate agents use.

John L Scott was the first Brokerage that I recall who invested in the technology of online searches in conjunction with Microsoft. Windermere seemed to be dragging their feet. Coldwell banker made the most significant strides nationally.

Then a company called Zillow began the ambitious project of a national data base for Real Estate. Governments had converted sales data to an online system from microfiche. It opened up a whole new world of analysis of tax data.

The next question is, if all of this information was available how did Real Estate prices get so high?

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