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Seattle Snow Storm On The Way

If you watch the news, you obviously know a big snow storm is on the way.  It is predicted to slam Seattle late tonight and tomorrow.  In the event this storm drops more than 7 inches in a 24hr period it could be one of the top 10 storms of all time for the city of Seattle.  Forecasters are predicting 5-10 inches approximately. In Puyallup, Washington (south of Seattle) I know they are sitting on about 1.5 inches currently.  In the event of 9 inches of snow it would be the most in dropped in 27 years.


  • The most snow fall in a 24hr period for Seattle was Jan 31st 1916.  Amazingly 21.5 inches fell.
  • In 1985 – 8 inches of snow fell on Seattle Washington.
  • A snow and ice storm in 1996 shut down the city’s Metro for the first time in its history.

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