Black Creek Group Mexico - Corporate Profile

Black Creek Group Mexico – Corporate Profile

The Black Creek Group is an investment firm specializing in property management for individuals seeking informed advice for their real estate investment portfolios. The company is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, with satellite locations in Atlanta, Georgia, Newport Beach, California, Dallas, Texas, Rutherford, New Jersey, West Hartford, Connecticut, and Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois, which is a suburb of Chicago.  In total they have 9 offices across North America (2 in Mexico).

The Black Creek Group utilizes the experience of veteran analysts and traders, all of whom bring a unique perspective when it comes to analyzing market fundamentals and commercial real estate trends to formulate their investment options. They are entrepreneurial and hands-on, which means they can act quickly in assembling high-quality portfolios for their investors.

The Black Creek Group is among the premier real estate investment managers operating within the United States, with an average of $67 Million $/SF across 29 markets and over $22 Billion properties bought or built. The firm is diverse in its investments, with a keen knowledge of regional dynamics that better leverage an investor’s ability to enter top-tier markets in the following real estate investment sectors:

Industrial – Investments in quality bulk and last-mile distribution warehouses in both high-barrier entry and secondary markets that have long-term growth potential. They firmly established relationships in their markets, which offers unique opportunities to carry out transactions at a swift pace for their investors. They primarily invest in both Class A and Class B industrial real estate.

Multifamily – Investments in suburban garden and mid-rise communities with an average of 200-600 units and located in high-growth markets that have limited new construction in the immediate area. They are dedicated to expanding their presence in supply-constrained areas with solid demographic and strong fundamentals.

Office – Investments in Class A and Class B multi-tenant buildings in highly populated suburban locations offering convenient access to amenities, public transit, and a highly-skilled workforce. They provide best in class service for tenants in supply-constrained central business districts and suburban-central areas with diversified tenants.

Retail – Investments in well-placed neighborhoods and community shopping centers focused on grocery and needs-based retail. The goal is to acquire retail investments where in-person shopping is still strongly desired by consumers and located in densely populated areas that consumer traffic still thrives and continues to grow.


The Black Creek Group has six investment solutions to choose from and ranges from diversification to an exclusive solution that was previously offered only to large institutions but can now be provided to individual investors.

Black Creek Diversified Property Fund

This fund is a perpetual-life real estate solution that offers investors access to the industrial, multifamily, office, and retail property sectors in one portfolio with a monthly income.

Black Creek Exchange

This solution is allowed under IRC Section 1031 and 721, whereby an owner of appreciated real estate may exchange an investment property for the acquisition of high-value commercial real estate property.

Black Creek Industrial REIT IV

This is a finite-life real estate investment solution where investors can access private real estate, mainly in high-value distribution warehouses.

Black Creek Industrial Fund

This is a perpetual-life, core-plus private investment solution managed on behalf of certain industrial investors and focused on investing in mass distribution and light industrial properties in key distribution markets throughout the United States.

Build-To-Core Industrial Partnerships

In this solution, investors can choose to join ventures with institutional partners seeking advantageous risk-adjusted returns through developing and/or repositioning industrial properties located in key distribution markets throughout the United States.


PREDEX invests in institutional U.S. private core real estate funds and employs a low-cost, passive strategy that now provides private investors access to this option.  Previously, only pension funds, insurance companies, endowments, and foundations were able to achieve stability and diversification-of-portfolio benefits that are challenging to find anywhere else except through the convenience of an interval fund, which is how the PREDEX solution works. An interval fund is an investment company that periodically offers to buy back a stated portion of its shares from shareholders based on a net asset value and continually offer those shares at a price based on the fund’s net asset value.


Since its founding in 1993, they have strived to do the right thing for the communities they are involved in and work closely with. They have a deep commitment to minimizing their environmental footprint and creating a positive impact on the communities they operate in. They have a history of sustainability, which includes a continuous evaluation of their environmental impact and the establishment of strategies that benefit social efforts in the community. They operate their business in a conscientious and environmentally aware manner by being energy efficient, finding ways to conserve water, protecting local wildlife habitats, and prevention and reduction of material waste when building properties.

Fostering mutually beneficial relationships within the communities within which they live and work is a simple ambition. The Black Creek Group furthers this aim by creating jobs in the markets they have offices and where they own and manage properties. This is another example of the civic-minded philosophies that drive the Black Creek Group to create a more positive impact in the day-to-day operation of their business transactions. They have cultivated a work culture that promotes employee health and well-being and even pays their employees for taking time off for community activities and volunteering at local charities and events.

Additionally, the Black Creek Group has proven its commitment to corporate social responsibility by placing great emphasis on the importance of ethics and proper business conduct by maintaining a global anti-corruption policy and through their corporate governance initiatives.

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