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Joe Biden Wins! Victory Celebration Photos – Capitol Hill Seattle

We have a new president-elect and his name is Joe Biden. It was an emotional night for many to say the least. During Joe Biden’s victory speech, you could feel the inspiration in the air and a united front that could be felt among his supporters. On a night that will go down in history, many stood tall and proud. As the flag of our nation waved in all of it’s glory, you could hear the honking of horns, dancing, and the yells of victory in the streets. Families hugging in rejoice while others stood quietly with tears running down their faces excited about what is next for our great country.

For many, it was 4 years of heartbreak, wrong decisions, and a lot division. President Trump did have his supporters, however, who felt he took chances and was different from the established politicians that came before him and much more. With that being said, it was not surprising to hear that on Election Day, voters came out in volumes that have never been seen before to cast their vote with emotion and certainty for their wanted candidate. No other election in our nations history experienced such a popular and dramatic turnout. While there is controversy, 145 million people voted between the two candidates. One thing is certain, however, our next 46th President will be Joe Biden. His inauguration will be in January 2021.

When Joe Biden was officially named the president-elect and winner, Seattle residents came to the streets to rejoice.

Jack Lambert captured some amazing photos of the celebrations on Capitol Hill. Mr. Lambert really captured the energy and feeling of the people in the streets. As you can tell, it was an amazing moment in history. If you’d like to reach Jack Lambert or see more of his work visit:

Photos by: Jack Lambert/

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