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Craig Sweeny Keeps CBS at Top of the Charts

CBS has been providing TV entertainment since 1927. This platform continues to provide content that fans love, from reality TV and fast-paced dramas to out-of-this-world science fiction. CBS relies on its writers and producers to provide content that fans will love. One producer that the network has relied on for almost two decades is Craig Sweeny, an American screenwriter and television producer. The bulk of his career has been dedicated to CBS studios. He started as a staff writer and has become an executive producer for many of the network’s high-ranking productions.

His Career

Craig Sweeny started his career as a staff writer for the television drama “The 4400.” This science fiction television series ran for four seasons from July 12, 2004, to September 16, 2007. This show followed a group of 4,400 individuals who appear in the Cascade Range foothills in a ball of light. These individuals had previously disappeared in a beam of light dating back to 1946. Regardless of disappearance time, none of them age. They also can’t remember what happened to them. It is soon discovered they possess different paranormal abilities, making them a focus of government attention.

Following his time on “The 4400,” he moved to another hit TV show. Craig Sweeny worked on the show “Medium” as an executive producer for six years. During the last three years on the show, he worked as a co-head writer. “Medium” is a supernatural drama television series. It aired on NBC for five seasons from January 2005 to June 2009. This show focused on the character Allison DuBois, a medium working for a law firm. She uses her abilities to help solve crimes.

Craig Sweeny also worked as an executive producer for the drama “Common Law.” This show ran for one season and was a comedy-drama featuring two dysfunctional detective partners ordered to take couple’s therapy. Sweeny moved from this project to “Elementary.” This show focused on the early casework of the famous Sherlock Holmes, and the first episode aired in 2010. It has long been praised for its creativity and quality storytelling. Sweeny spent over five years working on this British mystery-crime drama.

Sweeny is best known for his work on “Limitless.” Craig Sweeny took part in both the creation and production of this show. “Limitless” aired in 2015 as a TV adaptation of a popular movie by the same name starring Bradley Cooper. The TV series focused on the character Brian Finch. Finch discovers a drug that can increase his brainpower to almost 100%. This led him to work with the FBI to help solve complex cases.

Sweeny enjoyed the ability to be experimental with the show, pushing boundaries and adding to the procedural elements and expanding upon them. Though this show only lasted for one season, it is still enjoyed today on platforms such as Paramount Plus.

Sweeny also created and produced the show “The Code.” This was a military legal drama that premiered in 2019, but it was dropped after its first season. Sweeny has also worked as a consulting producer for the hit sci-fi show “Star Trek: Discovery.” The star trek universe is rich in exploring different people, places, and technology. This series has a devout following, and fans continued to be impressed by the latest installment. “Star Trek: Discovery” premiered in 2017 and is still going strong. It is the seventh series but begins a decade before the timeline of the original series.

Craig Sweeny has recently signed a new three-year deal with CBS Studios. He continues to prove himself as a vital creator and executive producer. He is on track to continue to develop new projects as well as work on existing series. He is currently developing a high-profile science fiction series for Paramount Plus as well as a crime series called “Know-It-All.” As a well-established producer for CBS, fans can’t wait to see what he comes out with next.

Work as a Mentor

Craig Sweeny loves to support other writers make their way into Hollywood. Since 2018, Sweeny has served as a volunteer mentor for the Veterans Writing Project through the Writers Guild Foundation. This project aims to identify individuals with a military background who have a passion for writing. This project provides tools and insight from professionals to help writers expand their skills and navigate the entertainment industry. Over a year, mentors will guide participants in developing a feature or pilot script. Mentors provide feedback, advice, and experienced guidance.

Family and Fun

Craig Sweeny dedicates much of his life to being a dad. As a ballet dad, he is always busy getting his daughters to rehearsals and performances. In his free time, he enjoys reviewing heavy metal music for under a pseudonym. He also trains in martial arts and currently holds a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

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