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Seattle Pride Review

Seattle Washington Pride Review

The Annual Pride Parade in downtown Seattle has wrapped up for the year to support the LBGTQ community. The parade began with Dykes on Bikes revving their engines getting the crowd ready to celebrate. The four-hour parade boasted the best of Seattle and its long tradition of inclusion. This year’s theme was Pride Beyond Borders, which Seattle Pride President Kevin Toovey says is “a reminder that we can celebrate all the successes and strides of our history, but there is work to be done to keep our communities free, happy, and safe.”

All members of the LBGTQ community were represented in the parade. Local enterprises such as Starbucks, Amazon, and Microsoft were part of the parade. Candy, condoms, flags, frisbees, and other treats were passed out to those watching the parade. It was an afternoon of celebration and fun. Churches participated in the parade, Nordstrom employees, the Seattle Sounders came out to show their support, and the Seattle Police department, to name just a few who were out to support the day. It was diverse, inclusive, and just what Pride is about. Music was bumping’, bands were marching, and the celebration was colorful land lively.

As you continued towards the space needle that was proudly flying the Pride flag, people gathered outside the Pacific Science Center Water Fountain to play in the water, listen to music performers, and grab a bite from the many food vendors. The Seattle Center Pride Fest was packed. People were dressed up, dressed down, or dressed in nothing. The event was a nonjudgement celebration with no pretenses. People were there to celebrate in confidence who they are in an environment where they could be themselves fully with other people supporting them.

Those in political positions also came out to show their support. U.S. Rep. Pramila Jayapal, D-Wash., — marched in colorful costume with a legion of supporters. An engaging Sen. Maria Cantwell, along with U.S. Rep. Suzan DelBene, D-Wash., were also among the marchers Sunday shaking hands and talking to the crowd.

Seattle celebrated the very first Pride Week in 1974, five years after trans and gay rights activists Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera, among others, led the Stonewall riots in New York City and helped spark the fight for LGBTQ equality. We’ve come a long way, but there is still a long way to go. With the current political climate as tense as it is, the parade was a break from fighting and a moment to stop and celebrate. The parade was a way to fuel that who work hard for social justice in uncertain times. As we march forward into unknown and divisive times, Pride seemed more necessary than ever. Hopefully, as a country, we will strive to choose love over fear or hate. Pride helps us to remember where we have been as a country, how far we have come, and how that there is still a long road ahead for equality and justice. Seattle is a progressive corner of the country leading the way for the LGBTQ community.

Green Beret Challenges Feres Doctrine

Natalie Khawam Representing Sgt. Richard Stayskal

Time is of the essence when one is diagnosed with terminal illnesses. Healthcare providers and family quickly rally around the best plan of care for a patient. But what if your window of vital time was missed because doctors misdiagnosed an illness? Unfortunately, this was the reality for Sgt. Richard Stayskal. He is battling stage four cancer, but his future could have looked a lot different if doctors had found his tumor six months earlier. While he is fighting for life, he is also struggling to change regulations in the military that prevent active-duty members for suing for medical malpractice.

The Feres Doctrine prevents active military members from suing formal practice. The doctrine was enforced in 1950 by the Supreme Court. Doctors who were working with Stayskal did not do their job properly when they failed to find the cancerous tumor six months before another doctor did (a civilian doctor found the tumor in his body). As previously stated, with aggressive disease, time is of utmost importance. The window of time that passed allowed the tumor to double in size. And now, Stayskal is taking legal recourse because of his limited options. With the Feres Doctrine in place and Stayskal knowing his life will end sooner than later, he is trying to make a change for future active military members who have a similar experience.

Stayskal is now suing the U.S. government. Whistleblower attorney Natalie Khawam represents him at the Whistleblower Law Firm. The law firm is currently pursuing a $10 million lawsuit against the government for medical malpractice. Because of the Feres Doctrine, Stayskal will leave behind a family with little to no support for them. His life and their lives could have looked much different if the cancer was caught and aggressively addressed six months earlier. It’s unjust and a disservice to service members that poor quality health care is costing Stayskal his life. Service members should not have to worry about this on top of risking their lives to protect our country.

Stayskal was a Green Beret and awarded a Purple Heart after serving in Iraq. He is from North Carolina and is married with two small children. Hopefully, Stayskal’s fight will have a positive impact on future active military members who go through a similar experience. Doctors say Stayskal has at least a year left to live. This is a tragic event for the Stayskal family to go through.While Doctors are human and will make mistakes, there should be recourse left for patients, especially those serving our country. While some errors in healthcare are minor, some are live altering if they are missed. In Stayskal’s case, his life will be cut short, and he will leave behind a family. The ‘what if’s’ that will likely haunt this family for the rest of their lives are unimaginable and unfair. It is unjust that they are not able to take legal action.

The Veterans Affairs Administration has been in the news due to several national scandals. Between hospital wait times that were misreported, poor patient care, and those working to fix the issues being blackmailed and cornered into submission, the VA has a questionable history that needs systematic change. Stayskal’s case is just another example of how the government is failing its employees. Thankfully, some legal experts value the sacrifice the veterans in this country have made, and the Whistleblower Law Firm is ready to help defend Stayskal, and hopefully will be able to support future military members and families who run into this kind of opposition in their time of need. Stayskal is currently 36-years-old and could have had along life ahead of him. It’s a shame that the government is not taking this case more seriously. The Department of Defense has not commented on the case or been vocal about their position. It seems that silence can say a lot—perhaps they are unwilling to engage or unwilling to consider altering the doctrine.Attorney Natalie Khawam is focusing her efforts on arguing the point of medical malpractice.

Time was of the essence for Stayskal when he began experiencing medical problems. Now, time is of the essence for him to make a difference with the time he has left. Khawam and her team will fight hard for Stayskal and veterans like him who are seeking justice and a better future for soldiers. The sacrifice that veterans and active duty members give to protect their country is insurmountable. The least we could give them in return is proper and dignified healthcare.

Natalie Khawam believes that it’s her duty, and the duty of others, to give back to the soldiers who protect this country. She has encapsulated that ideal in the cases she represents, the team she works with, the organizations she gives her time to, and the aspects of law she both represents and advocates for with her colleagues.

Bair Hugger Lawsuits – The Truth Always Comes Out

3M Bair Hugger Lawsuit Victory

There is an old saying about the truth. According to Aesop, “Those who cry the loudest are not always the ones who are hurt the most.” This quote about the truth accurately represents how lawsuits against the Bair Hugger gained any traction in the first place. There was one man who cried the loudest about the Bair Hugger, and it turns out that this man had motives that were not altruistic. But like most lies, the truth always comes to light, and in the case of the Bair Hugger lawsuits, the truth is starting to surface.

It was revealed last week that in the latest news about the lawsuits that the Minnesota jurors sided with the owner of the Bair Hugger, 3M. The two-week trial has significant implications for the future of the pending 4,400 Bair Hugger lawsuits. As of May 15th, of this year there are approximately 4,467 lawsuits that blame the Bair Hugger for surgical infections but the current case, the Gareis Case, shows that these lawsuits might not have a leg to stand on. The truth about why these lawsuits are doomed to fail is because in because the claims that are being made about the device are not valid.

The Bair Hugger forced-air warming system has a long history. For decades there were no complaints about the system and doctors and their patients were happy with the Bair Hugger’s performance in the operating room. It became a significant part of an operation and had been reported to have been used in over 200 million surgeries since its inception in the 1980’s. There was never a question about its safety or its effectiveness until one man began to question its safety. However, there is more to his story than meets the eye. One individual started a misinformation campaign that ultimately led to these lawsuits.

To understand what led to the lawsuits, it is essential to go back through the history of the Bair Hugger. The forced air warming system was invented in the 1980’s by an anesthesiologist named Dr. Scott Augustine. He was the first to come up with the idea that patients should be warmed during surgery to help prevent a host of life-threatening issues. Studies conducted in the 1980’s showed that keeping a patient warm during surgery helped to promote faster recovery times and less bleeding during surgery. Based on these studies. Dr. Augustine created the Bair Hugger, and it soon became an integral part of the surgical process.

The device itself is one of the most effective yet simplistic pieces of surgical equipment available. There are three main parts to the system, the warming blanket, the hose and the warming unit. These three pieces fit together to create a forced air warming system that is used in hospitals across the nation. The Bair Hugger blanket is a unique design that is made up of a soft, sterile non-woven material that has channels that circulates air gently through the blanket. The blanket is connected to the warming unit via the hose and then laid gently on top of the patient’s body. A comfortable temperature is set on the warming unit, and then warm air is gently distributed through the blanket. The warm air circulates through the blanket, and the patient’s body temperature is kept at a healthy level.

There have numerous studies that have been conducted on the benefits of warming the body during surgery. Studies have shown that during the first 60 minutes of anesthesia, the body’s temperature will drop. Some patients can regulate their temperature, but some not are able to. For some patients, the consequence can be unintended hypothermia. Hypothermia is dangerous to patients for a multitude of reasons. Hypothermia, however, is entirely preventable during the surgical process and patient warming is the answer. Numerous studies found that when a forced air warming system is used during surgery the patients often have a shorter recovery time post-surgery, decreased ICU time, reduced rate of wound infection, and lower mortality rates.

Augustine made a significant amount of money off his invention. The Bair Hugger changed how hospitals conducted surgeries. The Bair Hugger soon was used in hospitals all over the nation, and Dr. Augustine gained a lot of money and attention for his invention. He had no issues with his beloved invention until decades later. He only started to make claims against the Bair Hugger when he had a financial stake in a competing product. Coincidently, Augustine started an aggressive smear campaign when his new product was ready to go to market.

To understand how the lawsuits began, one must look back at Dr. Augustine’s history with his original company. Dr. Augustine had a falling out with his old company that started a feud that eventually dragged the Bair Hugger through the mud. The Bair Hugger was originally owned by Augustine Medical, which later became Arizant Inc. Augustine was the Chairman and Chief Executive of the company when he had a dispute with other board members. Not much is known about the dispute except that Augustine and the company soon parted ways but not without a fight from Augustine.

There was a Medicare fraud investigation, and in 2004, Augustine pled guilty to a single misdemeanor charge and paid $2 million fine. He was barred for five years for participating in federal health care programs. He sued Arizant Inc. saying that it owed him money under an indemnification agreement. He was asking for the 2 million dollar fine plus millions more in salary. The company and Augustine settled, and he got his money, but the grudge never died. 3M Inc. later acquired Arizant and Augustine started another business. Not one to reinvent the wheel, Augustine created almost the exact same product as the Bair Hugger. Because he now saw the Bair Hugger as his competition, he began to spread claims that the Bair Hugger caused surgical site wound infections.

Specialists in the field of patient warming were baffled by Augustine’s claims that the Bair Hugger was responsible for spreading bacteria to the body during surgery. Augustine couldn’t provide any evidence for these claims and independent studies conducted also concluded that there was no evidence. The only studies that stated that there are potential issues are the studies that were commissioned or underwritten by Augustine. He has spoken out against the device at medical meetings and has videos on his new website that highly suggest that the Bair Hugger brings airborne contaminants in contact with patients.

These claims started to make their way to the medical community, and they whipped up a frenzy of activity. Attorneys began to advertise looking for people who may have suffered complications from surgery. People who have suffered from post-surgical complications assumed that their issues stem the use of the Bair Hugger. There was an influx of lawsuits filed against 3M that surprised the medical community since the evidence to back up the claims seemed scant at best, but people can file lawsuits for any reason, so the lawsuits went forward. The media picked up the story and soon the news spread.

There is always risk associated with surgery; it comes with the territory. To blame a complication on the Bair Hugger warming system based on unreliable and biased data is unjust. The information is leaking from a disgruntled investor who is trying to smear a company name. Unfortunately, court records showed 4,467 lawsuits blaming Bair Huggers for infections. The cases are part of multidistrict litigation (MDL) in Minnesota. MDLs allow courts to combine several, similar lawsuits which save time and resources. The Gareis case was the first bellwether trial in the MDL. Bellwethers are test cases. They represent a sample of all the lawsuits in the MDL. The outcome of bellwether trials can help gauge arguments on both sides. This can sometimes cause people to drop their lawsuits. But they can also help shape settlements. The judge in the Bair Hugger MDL ordered a second bellwether ready for trial by December 2018.

3M stands behinds the Bair Hugger warming system and denies that Bair Hugger spread infections. The company says more than 200 million surgeries have relied on Bair Huggers since 1987. Surgery is a complicated process, and unintended hypothermia adds one more factor to the equation. Unintended hyperthermia is a common but preventable aspect of surgery and occurs in 50% of all surgical patients. Even mild hypothermia can cause a post-surgical crisis. Patient temperature management often is a secondary thought instead of a required standard. It is also a significant financial benefit of reducing hypothermia rates in surgical patients. Studies have demonstrated that maintaining normothermia can result in savings of $2,500 to $7,000 per patient by eliminating the costs of hypothermia-related complications, including surgical site infections.

The 3M Bair Hugger Patient Warming System is safe to use in orthopedic and other procedures. The FDA cleared this technology to treat and prevent hypothermia more than 25 years ago. Patient care has become increasingly monitored over the years, and patients are more and more critical about the treatment they receive. It’s not surprising that doctors and healthcare providers continue to use Bair hugger even with these bogus claims being made. Regulating patient body temperature in the life of a surgical process is of utmost importance, and this is what Bair Hugger technology allows healthcare providers to oversee and monitor for the best patient outcome.

Regarding the Bair Hugger lawsuits, it’s understandable that patients are seeking answers to why post-surgical complications arise. And often various factors influence how a patient recovers from surgery. However, looking at the circumstances surrounding the history of how Bair Hugger got the reputation it did, these claims are rooted in greed and revenge and promoted by the original creator of the warming system. The post-surgical complications are not due to an actual problem with the warming systems that have helped millions of patients. This first bellwether Trial set the tone for the future of the Bair Hugger cases. The road ahead is long for both patients and 3m Bair Hugger. With any case, it is important to understand the full context of how information comes to surface and why. In the Bair Hugger Lawsuits, it’s critical to see that this is a smear driven by bad business dealings.

Top 5 Seattle Restaurants Not to Miss This Summer

1. Little Water Cantina

Little Water Cantina

This family-owned Mexican restaurant’s values make it a perfect spot for any guest. Little Water Cantina utilizes Mexican produce, organic food when accessible, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), composting, and much more. Features include, free parking below restaurant, HUGE outside patio and bar, cozy lounge for rainy days, and a wall of almost 800 recycled tequila bottles.

Kid Friendly – Happy Hour – Accepts Reservations for Inside Seating – Outdoor Seating Available – Moderate $$

2. Italian Family Pizza

Italian Family Pizza

For anyone looking for that classic Italian pizza, with rich sauce, gooey cheese, and the perfect crust, Italian Family Pizza has got you covered. This family-run pizza joint serves pizzas, pasta, and desserts—including homemade cannoli. For simple good pizza, without the extra junk foodies try to add to an already perfect vessel, Italian Family Pizza wins every time.

Kid Friendly – Wine/Beer – Accepts Reservations – Cheap $

3. Maggie Bluffs Marina Grill

Maggie Bluffs Marina Grill

Fish n’ Chips, Crab melts, burgers, pasta, and many other house favorites, make Maggie’s the best place for making your tummy happy. Located alongside the sailboats and ship of a marina, enjoy the stunning view while munching on some good food with good company. Enjoy Maggie’s brunch menu as well! From banana fosters French toast, to breakfast tacos, your brunch will not disappoint.

Kid Friendly – Happy Hour – Accepts Reservations – Outdoor Seating Available – Cheap $ to Moderate $$

4. NUE

NUE Seattle Restaurant

No money to travel?—here’s the spot to eat. NUE takes flavors from all over the world, no exaggeration, and brings them to life on Capitol Hill. With diverse types of food comes diverse diets, and NUE offers vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options. Menu favorites include Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Brazilian Acarajé, and Chengdu Spicy Jumbo Chicken Wings (pictures above). Desserts include Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream—for dessert and a show. Having friends over during the summer? Bring them here to be impressed.

Kid Friendly – Happy Hour – Accepts Reservations – Moderate $$ to Spendy $$$

5. Zig Zag Café

Zig Zag Café

This hole in the wall establishment brings only the finest flavors to any guest who enters. With service unlike any other, your meal—or just a few drinks—at Zig Zag Café will leave you nothing but satisfied—fans even say they have the best bar tenders in Seattle. Tucked away in the heart of Pike’s Place, guests enjoy deviled eggs, hummus and pita, and heartier foods like burgers and delicious cuts of meat, and only the finest handcrafted classic cocktails. If you’re only going to make one stop on your trip to Seattle, make it Zig Zag Café.

21+ Only – Happy Hour – Accepts Reservations – Outdoor Seating Available – Moderate $$

Top 5 Pacific Northwest Summer Destinations

Pacific Northwest Summer Places To Visit

Ah, Seattle summer. The season we’ve all been waiting for after an it’s-raining-sideways fall, bone-chilling winter, and indecisive spring, is soon to arrive. Travelers from all over the map will be heading toward the west coast for adventures all summer long. Whether you’ll be exploring with kids, family, friends, your partner, or just yourself and adventurous dog, the Pacific Northwest has your summer plans in the bag.

1. Sunriver, Oregon

Sunriver Oregon Photo

This location, about a 20 minute drive south of Bend, is your “basecamp for adventure”. The whole family will enjoy their stay, as there are activities for everyone’s enjoyment. From rock climbing, paddle boarding, golfing, spa treatments, or laying out soaking up the sun, you will not run out of things to do. The Sunriver Resort is a great option for lodging, indoor and outdoor entertainment, and dining. For budgeting adventurers, campground and RV parks are plentiful in the area. Use this website to find a campground that works for you:

2. Walla Walla Wine Country

Walla Walla Wine Country Photo

Sitting in the southeast corner of Washington State, lays miles of vibrant, rich green vineyards. Of course, with miles of vineyards comes an abundance of wine tastings and tours. There are more than 100 wineries with tasting rooms, tours, and more—a tasting fee of about $5-$10 is generally required. The most popular wineries include Walla Walla Vintners, Bella Fortuna, Basel Cellars Estate, and Waterbrook Winery. A directory of all wineries is available here. Obviously, unless a party has a designated driver, they will use nearby car services. Tesla Winery Tours, is a Walla Walla based luxury wine touring car service offering the most luxurious and eco-friendly wine tasting weekend.

3. Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia

Harrison Hot Springs British Columbia Photo

Tucked between the mountains of beautiful British Columbia and Lake Harrison, Harrison Hot Springs provides travelers a “healing place”. With two mineral hot springs to enjoy, one 120 degrees F and the other 145 degrees F, visitors have the opportunity to de-stress and relax, with even a view of breathtaking BC. For a luxurious travel, Harrison Hot Springs Resort provides spa treatments, a marina, lake front restaurants, golf, and hot spring pools. If visitors are wanting to travel low budget, there are plenty of housing options for them as well, including camp grounds and RV parks, motels, and vacation rentals. For more information on the adventures awaiting you at Harrison Hot Springs, click here.

4. Seabrook, Washington

Seabrook Washington Photo

This small beach town located alongside the Washington coast, could make for possibly the most laid back vacation one has ever experienced. Seabrook is a new beach town, only about 12 years old, based off of Cannon Beach in Oregon, a widely popular summer getaway destination. For low budget travelers, this town is perfect. Seabrook is so small it’s just a mere 5-10 minute walk to the center of town from just about anywhere—gas savings for you! Cruiser bikes are also available for rent to help get around town. This small beach town offers a retail area including a candy and ice cream shop, gift shop, coffee and bakery shop, and a pizza place. This pedestrian friendly destination makes way for a kid-friendly and safe family trip. Learn more about this classic beach town, here.

5. Leavenworth, Washington

Leavenwort, Washington Photo

Alongside the Cascade Mountains, travelers can stumble upon this Bavarian style town. Fire roasted bratwursts, sauerkraut, lots of beers, handmade soft pretzels, crazy hat shops, a taffy and candy shop, are many of the sites to see. Make it a fun-filled vacation with swimming, golfing, birding, horse rides, river rafting and tubing, and lots of hiking. Camping and RV space is available to guests, as well as many hotels, lodges, and bed & breakfasts. Get more info here!

Mia Farrow and Motherhood

Mia Farrow

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were known as the high-profile couple who adopted children out of poverty from across the globe. Before Brangelina existed, actress and humanitarian Mia Farrow had modeled adopting children from dire circumstances. Over the course of her life, Mia Farrow has been a mother to 14 children, both adopted and biological. Her children have taken different paths through life, some finding ultimate success, while others have gone through extreme hardships.  We spoke about The Farrow Family Feud before on the Emerald City Journal.

The Farrow family tree has roots deep in the Hollywood realm. While Mia Farrow has spent a majority of her life in the public eye, most of her children have not. However, three of Mia’s children have been in the spotlight because of the Time’s Up Movement. Ronan Farrow is an investigative reporter who did much of the research behind bringing down Harvey Weinstein. He has traveled extensively with his mother around the world focusing on humanitarian work. He attended college and law school at a young age and just finished authoring a book. His sister, Dylan O’Sullivan Farrow has also found her voice amidst the Time’s Up movement. Dylan O’Sullivan Farrow alleged that her mother’s ex-partner, Woody Allen, molested her when she was a child. The case investigation found that Woody Allen was not guilty, but he lost custody and visitation rights to his children. Dylan O’Sullivan Farrow has been in the news backed by her brother Ronan and Mother, as she reclaims her version on the truth as an adult. Mia’s adopted son Moses Farrow has recently also been in the news regarding the allegations. He has discounted his sister’s claims several times over the years.  He also wrote an open letter describing the day of the alleged events. Moses Farrow works as a family therapist. These three children have found themselves overlapped in the public eye in the past year over the allegations. Mia’s daughter, Soon Yi-Previn, who she adopted with composer Andre Previn, is now estranged from a majority of her family. She was found to have had an affair with her mother’s boyfriend, Woody Allen. Allen and Soon-Yi have been married for over twenty years and have two adopted daughters of their own. Soon-Yi and Mia Farrow do not keep in contact. Mia Farrow had three biological children with her ex-husband Andre Previn. Matthew Previn and Sascha Previn were twin brothers born in 1970. In 1974, Mia gave birth to her third biological son with Previn, and his name is Fletcher Previn.

Mia Farrow has unfortunately lost several of her children over the years. The first was Tam, a blind girl from Vietnam. She became the first Farrow child to pass away when she died aged 19 of heart failure. In 1973, Farrow and Andre Previn brought home a girl from Vietnam named Lark. She died in 2008 at age 35, and the cause of death was not released. Thaddeus, who was adopted from India, died at age 27 from suicide. The loss of a child is a heavy sadness to carry through life, and Mia Farrow has experienced this numerous time.

Isaiah Farrow was born in 1992 and adopted the same year.  He was a crack-addicted infant adopted by Mia the same week that she adopted Tam. Kaeli-Shea Farrow was born in 1993 and adopted in 1994. She has since changed her name to Quincy. The youngest of Farrow’s children, she initially couldn’t use her arms. Frankie-Minh was adopted in 1995 from Vietnam. She is blind and named after Frank Sinatra. Sinatra and Mia were married for a short period when Mia was in her twenties.

In the past, Mia Farrow she has worked as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and traveled extensively around the world bringing attention to various humanitarian issues. She has gone on hunger strikes, traveled to forgotten parts of the world, and has been critical of U.S. policy. Mia Farrow has lived a full life, and through it has endured hardships and tragedy. One might wonder why someone would adopt so many children. There might be a couple of reasons to explain this. She experienced polio as a child and understands what it’s like to be isolated and in an unfortunate situation that is beyond your control. She also lost her brother as a child, so she was no stranger to tragedy and the grief that it brings. Motherhood takes endurance, and Mia Farrow has had a long and hard road of raising her children.

Festivals in Seattle (May & June 2018)

Seattle Events May and June 2018

With summer quickly approaching, get in the know of Seattle’s upcoming festivals to make sure you don’t miss out.

May Festivals:

Seattle Maritime Festival
The festival that puts the “sea” in “Seattle” is happening this May 10-12. Each day holds activities different than the next at the Seattle Maritime Festival. Thursday, May 11, at the Highliner Public House from 7-10pm, Stories of the Sea will accompanied by Maritime poetry and music. Friday, May 11, there will be FREE Fishermen’s Terminal Walking tours taking place from 10:30am-noon. RSVP at Saturday, May 12, is Family Fun Day with loads of free events. From building your own wooden boat, learning survival at sea skills, how to use flares, and knot tying, you – and especially young kiddos—will be both educationally stimulated and have a blast.

Seattle International Film Festival
This upcoming May 17-June 10, the 44th Annual Seattle International Film Festival will be showing upwards of 400 films from 80 different countries, with 145,000 film junkie attendees. Showings will kick off with The Bookshop during the opening night gala. Tickets go on sale May 2 for members and May 3 for the general public—tickets available online.

University District Street Fair
For a food and music filled weekend, visit the 49th annual U District Street Fair on May 19 and 20. Enjoy the performances and vendors of the Pacific Northwest. Stay up to date on this Street Fair online.

Sasquatch! Music Festival
This year’s lineup is nothing less than extraordinary for the 17th annual Sasquatch! Musical Festival. Taking place at the Gorge Amphitheater by the Columbia River in George, Washington, from May 25th-27th, featured artists include Bon Iver, Vince Staples, Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals, and Modest Mouse. Single day and package deal tickets are available online.

June Festivals:

Paradiso Festival
“Where Digital Meets Nature”, Paradiso festival is this upcoming June 15 and 16 at the Gorge Amphitheater. Lineup headliners include Louis The Child, Deadmaus, and DJ Snake. You can get your tickets for the event online. For more information, visit the festival website here.

Washington Brewers Festival
Enjoy the tastes of Pacific Northwest craft brews June 15-17. Friday is 21+, but the rest of the weekend is family friendly! Join thousands of other in Marymoor Park for over 500 beer samples, food trucks, and music. Buy tickets or get more information about the Washington Brewers Festival here.

Fremont Fair
With over 300 vendors, musicians, craft booths, and more, the Fremont Fair is Seattle’s “annual kickoff to summer”. This family friendly weekend runs June 16 and 17 with market hours of 10am-8pm on Saturday, and 11am-6pm on Sunday. Beer garden hours are Saturday 11am-8pm and Sunday 11am-5:30pm. Don’t miss the Solstice Parade on the 16 at 1pm, ending at Gasworks Park.

Pride Festival
Sunday, June 24 at 11am, come be a part of this free all-inclusive celebration, starting at 4th and Union in Downtown Seattle. Dress up, dress down, paint your face, decorate your body, coordinate outfits with friends, and have a good time at this feel-good event. The parade ends at 2nd Avenue and Denny Way, right by Seattle Center. Following the parade, head to PrideFest Seattle Center for vendors, musical performances, dancing, beer gardens, and lots of free goodies. More information about the Pride Festival here.

Shop Locally in Seattle for Mother’s Day

Mothers Day in Seattle

Whether you’re shopping for your mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, or mother-figure, Mother’s Day is the perfect time to show your strong woman figures in your life how much you value them. From boho-chic, old-fashioned, DIY fanatic, style icon, to woman in need of a spa day, local shops will have u covered for all your Mother’s Day gift-needs.

For the Eco-Friendly Woman:

Sell Your Sole Consignment Boutique: This high-end designer consignment shop carries everything you’ll need for a night out or weekend getaway, and much more. Chic clothing and accessories—from boots, belts, clutches, purses, and jewelry. For a gal who likes to dress sustainably, get her a “shopping day with me” coupon, or pick up a fun new piece to add to her wardrobe.

One Earth One Design: This Seattle shop retails only sustainable home décor. It is also an interior design design studio and wholesale showroom. Whether the woman you’re celebrating is wanting some décor inspiration, or a full on remodel, a walk through their showroom or trip to the décor section is a great way to treat her.

Alexandra’s: Shopping for a woman who loves choices? This 2400 square foot store has over 600 designers available— and pricing starts at 70% off retail value. For consigned shoes, accessories, clothing, and handbags, make your way over to Alexandra’s.

For the Woman who needs to Treat Herself:

Banya 5: This spa was voted, “Seattle Times- Best Seattle-Area Day Spas: Feel Pampered without Breaking the Bank.” Know a lady who needs a quick escape from day-to-day stresses?—a gift certificate to Banya 5 will treat her well. Services include massage, scrubs & wraps, facials, and package deals.

Elaia Spa: Located in Hyatt at Olive 8, this luxury spa offers organic services from hot stones massages, holistic massages using aromatherapy, couples massages, cuppings, to facials and body services, and even eyelash extensions. Gift certificates are available here, and in store.

Penelope and the Beauty Bar: Located in Downtown Seattle inside the Fairmont Olympic Hotel, Penelope and the Beauty Bar offer some of the most luxurious services. They service the usual spa amenities, such as massages, facial, and body scrubs, but perform services with the highest end products available in the practice. Additionally, sugaring and waxing, lash extensions and microblading, water less manicures, hair care, makeup, and detoxifying solutions are also available. Gift certificates available in store and or online, here.

For Active Ladies:

Mother’s Day Half Marathon & 5k: For a fun-filled day with family and friends, this event is the perfect way to prepare for an even larger than anticipated Mother’s day brunch. Sponsored by Virginia Mason of Kirkland, the races are held Sunday, May 13th, at Juanita Beach Park, Kirkland—register here. The earlier you register, the better deal you’ll get. Don’t miss out on this family-fun event!

Mother’s Day at the Seattle Aquarium: Come celebrate with moms!—human moms, otter moms, seal moms, fish moms, and more! Members can enter early at 9am and get a special present for the important women in their life. Even better, free parking when you pick up a free parking voucher! Purchase aquarium tickets here.

Seattle Bouldering Project: Know a mom who likes adventure? Seattle Bouldering Project offers both instructed bouldering classes, and free climbing. Adult day passes are $16 and Student/Youth Day Passes are $12. Get directions here.

For a Mom looking to take the Edge Off:

Letterpress Distilling: This distillery is all about quality. Using locally sources ingredients, these liqueurs are a unique gift to any Seattleite. Specializing in Amaro Amorino, Limoncello, and Arancello Rosso, these spirits make way for enticing cocktails, or just to sip on the rocks. Purchase online here. Cocktail Recipes available here.

OOLA: Wanting a more interactive day with mom? Located in Capitol Hill, OOLA offers not only the retail of their products (gins, vodkas, &, whiskeys), but a tasting room and distillery tour as well. Tours are held every Saturday at 3pm for just $10/person. Find a retail location near you here.

No matter which special lady you’re shopping for this Mother’s Day, Seattle’s ensured to offer a gift to make any woman on your shopping list feel adored.

Mother’s Day Events and Ideas in Seattle

Mothers Day Events and Ideas Seattle

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and many families are in planning mode thinking about how to treat the special lady or mother figure in their life. Don’t get caught a day or two before trying to think of something special to do. Below is a list of events around the Puget Sound where you can take your Mom. Or, if you want a low key at home family day, there are a few ideas for you as well.


The 10th Annual Pike Place Market Flower Festival
Celebrate Mother’s Day Weekend with a trip to Pike Place Market to buy flowers for your moms, in-laws, sisters, and grandmas. With nearly 40 tents filled with beautiful bouquets, you’re bound to find the perfect arrangement to brighten any mom’s weekend. In addition to flowers, shop for floral-themed handcrafted gifts—from glass art to yard art—made by local artists. The tents will be up on Sat. & Sun. Along the west side of the cobblestone street. The market is a fun place to enjoy Seattle Views, food, and street entertainment.

Woodinville Yoga
Yoga and wine sound like a winning combination. Our Mother’s Day yoga class is open to all! This will be a special class as we will begin our morning with champagne toasts to all the Wonderful Mother’s out there! We will then settle down for our one hour all levels yoga practice! Our yoga practice will be the perfect mix of a little bit of challenge & a lot of relaxation. After all, our Mother’s do deserve it all! After our yoga practice, we will belly up to the tasting bar where you can choose to taste a flight of Gard Vintners Award winning wines, or you can relax with a glass of wine of your choice!

Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium
The always-awesome Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium will be celebrating Mother’s Day with half-price admission for all mamas and come to think of it… grandmas, too! In addition to saving money at the gate, you can meet the Zoo’s animals, feed colorful birds in the open-air Budgie Buddies exhibit, touch underwater creatures, enjoy keeper talks, get an up-close encounter with a cool camel, climb and explore in the Kids Zone playground and catch a Wild Wonders Outdoor Theater show. May 12, 2018 from 9:30 a.m.–5 p.m. $7.95 to $17.95 (under 2 Free).

Mother’s Day Wreath Making Workshop at Studio Bloom in Seattle.
Join Studio Bloom for a Mother’s Day Wreath Making Workshop! The founder of Studio Bloom will guide you on making the perfect wreath just in time for Mother’s Day with the freshest flora in Pacific Northwest. While you’re making wreaths, sip on delicious drinking chocolate and spend some quality time with the maternal figure in your life.

At Home Celebrations

Breakfast/Photo Album
Can you think about how many lunches, dinners, and breakfasts your mom has made you? This day is your opportunity to return the favor. Treat her to a delicious meal with eggs, toast, bacon, pancakes, waffles, fruit, mimosas, coffee, and whatever else she likes. She will appreciate your effort.

Nothing is more sincere and heartfelt than a homemade gift. While taking your mom out for a fun event is a memorable bonding experience, going through old pictures of family memories is another fun way to take a trip through memory lane. If you can make a scrapbook and give it to your mom, it will make for some fun and nostalgic breakfast conversation. If scrapbooking isn’t your thing, you could create a Mother’s Day slideshow of your favorite things about her and include some pictures, videos, or anything that elevates her on this special day. Or make her a digital photo book, they make lovely gifts.

Pot Some Flowers/Picnic
Bring over some pots, flowers, and soil and spend an afternoon plotting some flower with your mom. If it’s a beautiful day outside, you can enjoy an outdoor picnic and make an afternoon outside enjoying food, flowers, and fun. Make sure you prep some food to eat!

Movie Night/ Dinner
If your mom is a lover of movies or entertainment, you could make some dinner and then watch one of her favorite films. Makes sure it’s a full-on movie night with popcorn, soda, candy, and all the fixings you could want! Make a movie bar with all the goodies she could want!

You can always gift your mom with a spa or massage gift card that she can use later down the road. In most cases, moms are happy to spend time with their families on Mother’s Day. Some quality time, food, and conversation are a great way to show your Mom you love her and appreciate her.

Cinco De Mayo in Seattle

Cinco De Mayo 2018 Seattle

It’s the first week of May, which means Cinco De Mayo is just around the corner. Cinco De Mayo is celebrated to commemorate the Mexican Army’s unlikely victory at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. Whatever your reason for celebrating, there is a lot to do in the area on May 5th for a variety of ages and interests.

8th Annual Taco Truck Challenge
Join us for our 8th annual Taco Truck Challenge at our NEW LOCATION – the International Fountain at Seattle Center! The day kicks off with a team run/walk/scavenger hunt with Seattle Urban X, starting at Safeco Field (if you want to have some fun before you eat the tacos). About 20 local food trucks will be at the finish line and they’ll be serving their most mouthwatering treats and unique taco-themed confections. While all of the trucks will be decidedly delicious, only one will have the honor of being crowned the Taco Truck Champion! FREE admission, all ages except for the Seafair Beer and Margarita Garden which is 21+ and $5 at the gate. Come eat tacos, enjoy live music and hang with us on May 5th!

Little Water Cantina
Join Little Water for Cinco de Mayo and our 7-Year Anniversary party! We’re partnering with Siete (7!) Leguas and Exotico tequilas for drink specials that will run all day! KEXP’s DJ Chilly will be here spinning some awesome Latin sounds! Chilly is the host of “El Sonido,” KEXP’s modern Latin music show that airs every Monday evening from 6pm-9pm.

Seattle Boat Parties
This party will feature 2 dance floors of Latin Music while cruising along Lake Union & Lake Washington! Enjoy a great mix of sounds from Colombia to Central America, Mexico, Vegas & Miami! Floor #1 with DJ Leo playing the best in Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Reggaetón, Latin Dance, Latin Trap & more! Floor #2 with DJ Lady Jane playing the best of Top 40, Hip Hop, Old School and more! An amazing night full of Latin Music and much more, a great atmosphere, plenty of drinks & mesmerizing views of Seattle/Bellevue!

Fiesta 5K Ole & Food Truck Festival
Are you looking to get your sweat on before a night on the town? Sign up for the Fiesta 5k Ole and Food Truck Festival. Treat yourself to a variety of yummy foods (over 25 food trucks to explore), live music, and a really fun and festive post-race environment!

Voices Latinas (Latin American Voices)
You’re in for a night of beautiful music with a collaboration between Bellevue Chamber Chorus and City Cantabile Choir! Fredrick Lokken and Frederick N. West co-conduct the stirring Mass for Peace and Justice (Misa por la Paz y la Justicia) by legendary Argentine composer Ariel Ramirez, featuring the traditional 6-piece Andean ensemble Surllajta and tenor soloist Justin Ferris. Each chorus will also present individual sets of dynamic music from the region in the first half of the concert. Don’t miss this excursion into the music and spirit of Latino América! The concert will we held at Phinney Ridge Lutheran Church. Tickets are $18 pre-sale; $22 at the door. Free admission for children under 12.

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