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Residents in Seattle and Spokane Are in Favor of Developing Additional Apartments

Seattle Housing and Apartments

With growing housing prices, most residents of Washington’s main metro regions approve the construction of new apartments near their homes, according to a Zillow study.

Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue and Spokane-Spokane Valley, Washington’s two most populous metropolitan regions, participated in the study. Between January and February of 2022, a total of more than 850 people were interviewed in both metro areas.

The housing market in both Spokane and Seattle seems to be overcrowded and overpriced, according to a recent survey. Residents of Seattle and Spokane are equally concerned about home costs, according to Zillow, at 73% and 74%, respectively.

  • Accessory dwelling units, which Seattle residents favor 72% of the time and Spokane residents support 81% of the time, are largely supported by both cities’ residents.
  • Duplexes and triplexes; 66% approval in Seattle and 70% in Spokane.
  • Apartment structures; 53% of Seattle residents and 50% of Spokane residents approve them.

Zillow points out that people’s views on this specific topic are polarized. More than half of those who oppose the construction of new apartment complexes in Seattle say they strongly disagree with them, while the other half say they strongly agree.

More than half of people in Seattle and Spokane supported the construction of apartment complexes, while the majority of people in the suburbs were less enthusiastic. People in the suburbs preferred more moderate densification measures like duplexes, triplexes, and auxiliary living units.

As a result, suburbanites in Seattle (71 percent) and Spokane (70 percent) said that they would be in favor of small or medium-sized apartments.

In both Seattle and Spokane, the majority of respondents (62 percent in Seattle and 54 percent in Spokane) said that these additional residences will have a detrimental effect on parking and traffic. Free parking is more essential to 60 percent of Seattle residents and 61 percent of Spokane residents than providing more affordable homes.

House Bill 1782 was the subject of a hearing on Saturday, and two things are clear: There is a severe housing shortage in Washington State, and reaching a consensus on how to address it will be difficult. It’s dubbed as the “Missing Middle” housing measure because it would overturn the restriction on multi-family dwellings in certain jurisdictions.

The objective is to increase the supply of more reasonably priced “middle housing,” such as duplexes, triplexes, and townhouses. For properties within a half-mile of major transportation hubs, HB 1782 would alter residential zoning regulations.

New Burien City Councilmember Hugo Garcia spoke in support of the measure. He claimed that the only way he could manage to be near to his ailing parents was to live in a duplex. Other mayors in the Puget Sound region aren’t as enthusiastic.

Gig Harbor, Issaquah, Kent, Auburn, and Lake Stevens elected officials all came out against the measure, as did the mayor of Lake Stevens. As a response to worries over over-expansion, several leaders suggested that regional governments had a better knowledge of local requirements.

This law will increase the density outside the metropolitan center, where amenities like shopping and education aren’t readily available,” Mary Lou Pauly of Issaquah stated. In his words, “This law will lead to car-centric development undercutting our climate objectives and exacerbating our inadequate transportation infrastructure.”

Nobody disputed the need for affordable housing. The cost of a house in the Puget Sound region has increased dramatically during the last three years.

Photo: “The city of Seattle, Washington in the fall, from, Beacon Hill, USA” by Wonderlane is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

The 86-Year-Old Artist Michael Spafford, One of Seattle’s Finest, Has Passed Away

Michael Spafford Seattle Obituary

Michael Spafford, an artist, painter, and art educator best known for his work in Seattle, passed away last weekend at the age of 86. Spike Mafford, his son, said that lung cancer was the cause of his sudden demise. He was born in Palm Springs, California on November 6, 1935.

When he was in high school, he started drawing classically influenced works, as per the artist’s HistoryLink online page. While attending Pomona College, Spafford and Elizabeth Sandvig met and got married; they have been together for 63 years. In 1967, Sandvig and their 4-year-old son joined Spafford to Italy for a two-year residence under the auspices of the coveted Prix de Rome scholarship.

The city of Rome, in particular, was an ideal location for the artist to continue his studies in classical literature. In 1969, Spafford returned to Seattle, where he maintained ties to the University of Washington and the Francine Seders Gallery, which has represented his work for more than 50 years.

Since then, he has established himself as a key figure in the Western art world as a painter and printer. While at Harvard, he was influenced by his courses in art history (especially the epics), and subsequently by graffiti artists while he was living in Mexico, his focus has been on Greek and Roman mythology.

It’s little wonder that he produced such extensive series as The Iliad, The Odyssey, Labors of Hercules, and other stories about Europa, Romulus, and Remus. With no modeling, the figures are reduced to flat shapes and patterns that have been stylized to the extent of abstraction.

Spafford made up his mind early on about both his subject and his method of presentation. Over the course of over 60 years, he produced paintings, prints, and watercolors that represented traditional myths via the use of highly exaggerated silhouettes of human and mythological figures. Many of the characters lacked characteristics; hands had no fingers, and black and white were commonly used instead of color.

A cacophony of corporeal war was what he had, and it might at times be nearly overpowering, with figures embroiled in fights that the spectator was left to interpret. Spafford devoted a lot of time and attention to the Herculean labors. Greek hero’s battles against monster and beast gave a suitable outlet for the artist’s love of artistic drama, in which shapes blend and disintegrate into one other like a field of combat shrouded by dust and smoke.

The ambiguity of the images in the Labors may have contributed to Spafford’s most difficult period in his life. As a result of an outcry from those who thought Spafford’s series was too modern or unsavory for their taste, Washington state commissioned the artist to paint a massive mural for the House chamber of the state Capitol, which he did in 1981 and which sparked a bitter legal battle and ultimately resulted in the series being relocated to an auditorium at Centralia College, well to the artist’s chagrin. He has since seen his works sell and receive positive critical acclaim.

A special bond developed among Spafford and his son, who lived together and often collaborated on projects together, including a painting that Spafford did on top of one of his son’s pictures. As Mafford put it, “My father remained at our home, working, up until the week before he died. It’s safe to say dad supported my desire to pursue the arts, and he also let me make my own choices”.

Spafford’s family encourages charitable contributions in his honor to any organization that supports the arts. No public activities are scheduled in line with the preferences of the artist.

Photo Credit: “I love flower so much…” by Thai Jasmine (…Smile..) is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Jewell Loyd Will Remain with the Seattle Storm

Seattle Storm Jewell Loyd

According to a source familiar with the Seattle Storm, both Jewell Loyd and Breanna Stewart want to remain in Seattle. Noelle Quinn, the head coach of the Seattle Storm, noted that having Jewell back in the lineup “really enhances our ability to compete for a fifth title.” When combined with her attacking prowess, she proved last season why she’s one of the finest defenders in the league.

Because there has been no official statement on Stewart, the source spoke on the condition of anonymity on Monday night. Stewart has agreed to a one-year contract with the Storm at a maximum salary of $228,094. The WNBA’s shooting guard Sue Bird stated on media platforms that she will return for another season, so she could have another season with her.

Signings began on Tuesday, which was the 1st day on which athletes could formally join clubs. Before Stewart’s injury later in the preseason and her absence from the overtime playoff defeat to Phoenix, the Storm had won the prestigious 2018 and 2020 titles with the same set of players. A modest repair and strengthening of Stewart’s left ankle were performed surgically in October, after suffering an Achilles injury while playing abroad which put her out of the 2019 WNBA season.

Stewart’s deal was initially reported by Yahoo! Sports. Free-agent agreements can’t be completed until Tuesday, according to anonymous sources who spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity.

All-Star Sylvia Fowles officially re-signed with the Minnesota Lynx for her 15th and final WNBA season, making her the most decorated player in league history. Fowles, 36, is entering her 9th season with the Lynx after winning the WNBA Defender of the Year title in 2021 for the 4th time in her career.

“I opted to prolong my career for a variety of reasons”, Fowles said in a statement to the Minnesota Lynx. Our fans were a major factor in my decision to return. It was important for me to give my family and friends a chance to witness me play in my last season. There is no place I’d rather end my playing career than in Minnesota”.

A multi-year deal was negotiated by Connecticut to keep MVP Jonquel Jones. The Connecticut Sun’s head coach and general manager, Curt Miller, expressed his joy at JJ’s choice to come home and finish her career in Connecticut. “Without a question, she’s one of the most talented and dynamic players in the world. We know she’s hungry to become better, and we’re excited to build on her MVP season’s momentum. JJ is a selfless star who is determined to assist Connecticut wins a championship. For the sun, it’s a fantastic day.”

Free agents Tianna Hawkins, as well as Elizabeth Williams, were signed by the Washington Wizards, while Shatori Walker-Kimbrough and Myisha Hines-Allen were re-signed. Re-signing Tiffany Hayes and bringing in Nia Coffey were two of Atlanta’s offseason moves. This season, we will set the mark for the franchise to go ahead since Tiffany is such an important part of the Dream’s history, according to current Atlanta GM Dan Padover.

One of the top two-way players in the WNBA, she has always played with a competitive spirit that has represented Atlanta well on the court.” The Dream family is overjoyed to welcome her back to the team. Liz Cambage, Tina Charles, and Candice Dupree are three more unrestricted agents who have yet to sign.

Photo Credit: “Seattle Storm Victory Rally, Westlake Plaza, Seattle, WA” by djwudi 

Three Lives Lost in a House Fire in Thurston County

Remembering Lives Lost in House Fire

According to reports from the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office, a home fire early Saturday morning claimed the lives of three people: two adults and a kid.

Around 1:20 A.M., firefighters from Thurston County responded to a fire in Rainier’s 16100 block of Village Drive Southeast. According to the TCSO, the home was engulfed in flames when firemen arrived.

Firefighters were notified by a survivor that two people and a kid remained in the residence. It was not possible to save a couple in their 40s and their 3-year-old granddaughter, despite the efforts of the crews and partner organizations. The only survivor is a young lady in her early twenties, according to reports.

Police from the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office is collaborating with detectives from the Lacey Fire Department and the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office on this investigation.

Mark King, Southeast Thurston Fire Authority Chief, reported seeing flames explode up to 80 feet into the air. There were two adults and one kid still inside when a woman, 20, fled via a window, according to the lady’s account to rescuers. In spite of attempts to save them, all three were killed. In their late 40s, the couple had been married for a number of years.

Accessibility was a problem, according to King, since the property was located at the end of a cul-de-sac on a tiny dirt road. Additionally, there was no nearby water source. You have to carry water in on wheels since there is no hydrant. “Being that far away provides a restricted dynamic in the scenario,” King added.

Home Fire Safety Tips

In most cases, a fire starts in a house. When it comes to cooking fire safety, whether you live in a single-family home or an apartment complex, there are some simple steps you can take. There has to be a plan in place for each member of the household to react rapidly in the event of a fire.

As temperatures drop and the holidays approach, the danger of a house fire increases due to the increased usage of candles, home heating, and decorations during the colder months.

Your family’s safety may be improved with these winter safety tips:

  1. Prepare for the worst-case scenario – There should be a strategy in place for everyone in the family. People of all ages may want assistance in escaping a dangerous situation.
  2. Every room should have at least two exits, including windows.
  3. Decide on an outdoor gathering spot where everyone may congregate.
  4. The best way to test your strategy is to work with youngsters. Check that the smoke alarm is audible and can be recognized by everyone in the house.
  5. Close doors to contain the fire if possible.
  6. Make your way to the exit if you come across smoke.
  7. Don’t go back in. There’s nothing you need to return for.
  8. If the first exit is blocked by smoke or flames, go to the second.
  9. Close all the doors that stand between you and the blaze. The door gaps should be sealed with a towel or a piece of linen to prevent smoke from getting in.

Apartment Fire Safety Tips

If you hear the fire alarms go off in the building, you should pay serious attention. Every second that passes without action is a precious opportunity to flee.

This is why planning and rehearsing a house escape plan with all occupants is so critical. You should know how to exit your building fast if there is a fire. Do not wait to learn how serious things are.

There should be two routes out of your flat and a predetermined meeting spot outside the building in your home escape plan. Remember to call 911 and provide the dispatcher with your exact location.

Photo Credit: “Candle” by José Pestana is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Why Washington Needs to Enact Laws That Will Help Improve Charter Schools

Seattle School Buses Charter Schools

Charter schools in Washington have been met with significant opposition since they were authorized by an initiative by voters a decade ago, notably from the state teacher’s union. There are, in fact, two pieces of legislation that need to be passed this year to eliminate discriminatory hurdles to the development of outcomes-focused learning communities.

With Washington’s charters, low-income children may have a free and public alternative to costly private education. Traditional schools tend to have lower numbers of pupils of color, low-income children, and students with impairments.

Champions of public charter schools have long held that all children should be given the option to attend a top-notch public institution of higher learning. Millions of kids have beaten the odds to seek college degrees and rewarding professions and lives thanks to charter schools.

Compared to pupils in regular public schools, those who attend urban charter schools in 41 metropolitan zones obtain an additional year’s worth of instruction in mathematics and reading, according to a study by Stanford University.

Black and Hispanic English language learners fared much better than their white peers, according to the survey. In addition, data show that graduates of high schools in the Charter School Growth Fund’s portfolio are four times more likely to go to college than other low-income kids.

The Washington State Charter Schools Association says that the state only authorized 24 of the 40 charter schools available under the law well before the authorization window expired in April. At least two schools in the Puget Sound region are unable to go forward until that deadline is extended.

The authorization date would be extended to 2027 if House Bill 1962 is passed, allowing this and other parties more time to conclude their plans. As a past critic of charter schools, Rep. Debra Entenman (D-Kent) says she has grown to respect the role they play in bringing families together and assisting children of color.

“I see a diverse student body in many of the charter schools, as well as achievement,” stated Entenman. On Jan. 13, the House Education Committee forwarded Entenman’s measure. There should be a public hearing scheduled by Committee Chair Sharon Tomiko Santos (D-Seattle) so that individuals of the neighborhood may speak out for themselves.

“We don’t have a millionaire contributing money for us,” stated Oglala, Lakota Sarah Sense-Wilson. Currently, she serves as chair and co-founder of the Urban Native Education Alliance, which has been involved in the Seattle proposal. “There is no other choice than charter schools.”

Another plan, House Bill 1591, would correct the systemic underfunding of charter schools by granting charter schools an additional $1,550 per student in academic enrichment programs, levy equalization money for extracurricular activities, and key support personnel, among other things.

Local levy monies often used by conventional school districts to augment basic education earnings are not available to charter schools. According to the Charter Schools Association, it amounts to a $1,550-$3,000 per student shortfall for charters. The fundamental objective of the public charter school statute is betrayed when charter children are subjected to such an unfair disadvantage.

When it comes to these two concerns, this isn’t exactly the first time that legislators have debated them. This time, legislators must resist government pressure and do the right thing for children attending public schools.

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Seattle Area Concrete Strike Enters the Third Month

Seattle Washington

Seattle-area development might be disrupted for months to come as a result of a disagreement between local concrete producers and dozens of mixer drivers on strike that concluded early Thursday afternoon without a settlement.

Workers in the Seattle area who went on strike at the end of 2021 have promised to maintain their protest to the Port of Everett, Washington, and have already delayed the delivery of 500 trucks to 4 key Sound Transit Authority job sites. Because the six companies are all covered by the same master employment agreement, the strike started on a lower scale on November 19th with 34 employees. Since then, the walkout has increased from 34 workers to 320 drivers.

There has been minimal movement on any agreements since the commencement of the work stoppage. Concrete firm owners say they’ve been attempting to engage with the union for the past three weeks to begin negotiations under federal mediation but to no effect.

A representative for four specific companies said that discussions had ended “without a settlement to the open union contract.” Both parties refuse to reveal the specifics of their discussions to each other. The union officials claim to speak for their members when they say they have received a settlement that falls short as to what other trades have gotten.

A rise in wages of 17.6 percent over the course of three years, “improved pension contributions,” and “continuing support” for medical coverage were among the perks firms announced to employees on Monday.

Despite this, a statement from the Teamsters regarding the ongoing strike said that an owner’s representative had not communicated to the Teamsters in almost six weeks. Workers at the Port of Everett said Monday that their three-hour protest had closed down the facility and that the owners’ offer was “subpar.”

Local 174’s secretary-treasurer Rick Hicks claimed that “these foreign construction organizations are pushing that workers accept a mix of pay, healthcare, and pension that would imply a loss in compensation over four years,” when inflation is taken into consideration. Other construction workers in Seattle get far better pay, so this package would be a bargain.

At the same time, a statement from seven prominent general contractors with businesses in the Seattle region encouraged negotiations and warned of significant economic harm already done, stating that in the autumn of last year, the region’s 2,000 carpenters went on a wider strike, which was eventually settled after workers consented to a salary increase and parking perks.

It also follows a bigger national labor movement nicknamed “Striketober,” in which employees from numerous sectors went on strike in October. These strikes greatly affected the local economies of the regions affected and it may take longer to recover if the strikes go on any longer.

The Teamsters union stressed the ripple effects of the strike on other industries in their statement, saying it is possible that thousands of workers may lose their jobs if the Puget Sound area runs out of concrete to use in new building projects. With middle-class households in Seattle still waiting for a paycheck, businesses’ refusal to deal with the Teamsters may have a terrible impact on the local economy.

Photo: “Space Needle – Seattle, Washington” by Dougtone

Puget Sound Wood Stove Program – No Thank You

Puget Sound Wood Stove Program

I’m not sure how many people have a wood stove but considering the way things are going with the government and more regulations you should in my opinion. First of all Puget Sound Clean Air Agency doesn’t have money to buy people’s old stoves. Taxpayers furnish them with their money. They have decided that they want everyone to go electric, that way we are completely under their control and at their mercy. They are going to use Windmills to make the electricity.

First of all the scenic country will be rows of UGLY windmills. The vast spaces of open land will be gone. Birds will be killed by the millions and the other animals will suffer. It will do absolutely nothing to improve the environment. Puget Sound Energy says the windmills will generate enough power to run themselves. But New York is at least being honest. New York is going to take natural gas out of a bunch of apartments and they say they will use this “dirty fuel” to power the windmills they put up. WHAT EXACTLY WILL BE GAINED?

There was a study done in 1989 by the EPA that promised the use of wood to battle the “greenhouse effect”. They recommended the use of more wood and they planted plantations to grow it.

They learned that to naturally let forests die and decay yielded as much carbon dioxide without the energy benefits. When burned wood properly, fuel is better for the environment than fossil fuel because it is renewable.

With all the building going on (come look at Georgetown) and the piles of nice clean 2 x 4 ends, why is it better for the environment to haul it in a big truck to the South Park dump and burn there vs me just heating my house with it 3 miles away. I get my fuel for free and not only does it warm my house but it is so relaxing and comforting just to sit in front of my country stove.

Here are some more reasons for keeping my wood stove. Last winter we continually lost power. Big trucks would go through here, hook into the lines and/or 9 rotten light poles blew down about a mile from my house. We were without power time after time. I have little lanterns for light but OMG with no gas furnace this old house gets mighty cold. I have lived in this same house for 76 years. No heat ducts in any bedrooms so giving up this wood stove was a no-no for sure. I couldn’t even heat myself a pan of water for coffee. I am 98 and don’t drive so I can’t jump in the car and head for the coffee shop. So when someone from the government says we are here to help you – find out how they intend to do that.  

The Puget Sound Wood Stove Program can be found here:

Photo: “Morning fire to take the chill off.” by Counselman Collection

Dr. Mehmet Oz: From Humble Beginnings to Senate Dreams (Biography)

Dr Oz Biography

Born to immigrant parents, Dr. Mehmet Cengiz Oz has seen an extraordinary life and career as a physician, author, and TV personality. Born on June 11th, 1960 in Cleveland, Ohio, Oz had been encouraged to join the medical field early in life by his pharmacist mother and his father, Mustafa Oz, who was the chief of thoracic surgery at the Medical Center of Delaware for a few years. Oz spent summers in Turkey as a child, and in order to maintain his dual citizenship, he served with the Turkish army for two years. 

He received his early education at the Tower Hill School, a college preparatory school located in Wilmington, Delaware. Studying biology at Harvard University, Oz received his undergraduate degree in 1982. Oz was an athlete during his time at Harvard, playing on their football team, and winning an intramural championship in water polo. He received both his MD and his MBA in 1986 at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania respectively. During this time, he served not only as the student body president and class president, but he also received Captain’s Athletic Award for leadership.

Dr. Oz’s medical career began at the Presbyterian Hospital in New York City where he completed his residency. At the time, the Presbyterian Hospital in New York City was affiliated with Columbia University. He earned the Blakemore research award during his residency. In 1995, he established the Cardiac Complementary Care Center with his colleague, Jerry Whitworth. This program offered alternative medicine approaches to people suffering from heart disease. 

Dr. Oz successfully completed a heart transplant in 1996 on Frank Torre, who was the brother of then New York Yankees manager Joe Torre. Oz received a large amount of attention from this success and seemed to enjoy the publicity. In 2000, Oz rechristened the Cardiac Complementary Care Center as the Cardiovascular Institute and Integrative Medicine Program, serving as director.

The following year, in 2001, Oz began teaching as a professor at Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons and continued to do so until early in 2022. Through innovation, he has worked to develop tools used during heart surgery. One such device is called the MitraClip, and it is used to treat those who for some reason or other are ineligible for open-heart surgery. Another such device is the left ventricular assist device, which helps with cardiac circulation. By 2015, Oz was the holder of several patents related to heart surgery. 

For five seasons of The Oprah Winfrey Show, Dr. Oz made appearances as a health expert, where he talked about different conditions such as Type 2 diabetes and obesity. This eventually led to Dr. Oz hosting his own show, and the first episode of The Dr. Oz Show premiered on September 14th, 2009. Here, he discussed a number of conditions and concerns and how to manage them, such as insomnia, stress, chronic pain, and anti-aging. Through these episodes, he discussed different homeopathic remedies and medicines for a wide range of conditions.

Dr. Oz has been married to his wife Lisa since 1985, and they have four children. Together they have founded HealthCorps, which is a non-profit organization that focuses on providing America’s youth with knowledge about health and wellness, including fitness, nutrition, and CPR training. 

Raised in a religiously diverse home, Oz practices Sufism, which is a sect of Islam that identifies with spirituality and mysticism. He also practices transcendental meditation. Oz’s father was a strict Muslim, while his mother was less secular and ascribed to Kemalism.

He was diagnosed with a precancerous polyp on his colon during a colonoscopy on an episode of his show in August of 2010. He attributes this to likely saving his life. He has co-written thirteen books and has received several awards including eight Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Talk Show Informative, and Outstanding Talk Show Host, and on February 11th, 2022, he received a Hollywood Walk of Fame star.

He has appeared as a guest on several television programs including 60 Minutes, Larry King Live, The View, The Colbert Report, Wheel of Fortune, Match Game, and Dr. Phil. On November 21st, 2022, Oz declared his candidacy for the United States Senate Republican seat in Pennsylvania. Due to FCC regulations regarding the equal-time rule, a number of TV stations removed his show from the air. On June 3rd, 2022, he officially became the Republican candidate for the open United States Senate seat. If he is elected in November of 2022, he will be the first Muslim to serve as a member of the United States Senate. At this time, he is self-described as a moderate Republican and cites such inspirations as Former President Teddy Roosevelt and Arnold Schwarzenegger. In 2021, when he announced his candidacy, he self-identified as a conservative Republican. Dr. Mehmet Oz is now a professor emeritus, and no longer sees patients.

Photo Credit: “WPBF 25’s Health & Wellness Festival Featuring Dr. Oz” by The Gardens Mall is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

Betty White and Her Unbelievable Career

Betty White

Betty White was a well-known American actress whose attitude and charisma landed her adoration for decades. Playing a crucial role in the rise of television and modern media, White went on to become one of the most popular women behind, and in front of, the camera. With one of the longest careers in television, White received countless awards and honors for her work in entertainment, as well as being a household name across the country. She was not only a talented entertainer and creator but an advocate for inclusivity and equal treatment. Though her passing at the end of 2021 was the end of an era, White will always be remembered as a powerhouse in the entertainment industry.

Early Years

Going back to the beginning, Mrs. Betty White Ludden was born on January 17th of 1922 in the city of Oak Park, Illinois. Shortly after she was born, her family moved to California, where she would spend her childhood. As a child, White’s family struggled through the Great Depression and she understood at a young age what difficult times felt like and wanted to help. As she got older, she found an interest in the outdoors and wildlife. She mentioned in interviews that she even wanted to be a forest ranger before her career in entertainment, but at that time, women weren’t allowed to do so.

White ended up finding a love for writing in school, which ultimately sparked the beginning of her creative career. When she was in elementary school, White wrote for and starred in a play for her school’s graduation, demonstrating her amazing young talent.

As time went on, White decided that she wanted to try to become an actress. But at this time, film was still the most popular medium of entertainment, and finding a start in it was no easy feat. White told interviewers that she was often denied modeling opportunities or roles in films because she wasn’t “photogenic enough.” Of course, she didn’t let this get in her way. But it wasn’t until after White graduated high school and served time in World War II that she would make her debut within the world of radio and television.

The Beginning of Betty White’s Career

Betty White is most widely known for her role in the popular sitcom The Golden Girls, as well as her prominence in games and variety shows throughout her early career. But before she gained traction through television, White began her entertainment career in radio. She slowly made her way up the ladder from reading short commercials to reading for shows to getting proposed her own show.

At this same time, White made her television debut by co-hosting a talk show that was quite popular at the time known as Hollywood on Television. Soon after, White took strides to push her career forward by co-founding a production company, where she would work to create well-known classics like Life with Elizabeth. This was a major stepping stone for women in the entertainment industry who never had much of a chance to be behind the camera before.

As time went on, White demonstrated that she was much more than just a girl in front of a camera. As a writer and producer, she not only created unique characters that people loved, but she fought for the inclusivity of both women and people of color throughout her career. When White was given her first talk show, The Betty White Show, she hired an African American man named Arthur Duncan to be a performer. At the time, this decision received a great deal of backlash and hatred, to which White simply replied, “Live with it.” Due to the controversy, her show was ultimately canceled. But that didn’t stop her from becoming one of the most well-known women in the entertainment world.

The Golden Years

After Life with Elizabeth ended, White dipped her toes in a few other series, but would find great luck when she began appearing in games and variety shows. Perhaps the most popular of the game shows she appeared in was Password, a game where contestants give each other clues to guess a mystery word or “password.” The show was hosted by Allen Ludden, who White went on to marry in the early 1960s. For the next decade, White was featured on a variety of shows like Late Night with Jonny Carson, and starred in her own self-titled sitcom, The Betty White Show.

In 1985, White landed her infamous role as Rose and The Golden Girls made their television debut.From here, White’s popularity soared even higher. The series depicted a group of older, single women sharing a house and living out their “golden” years together. White went on to play her character Rose for 7 seasons, winning awards all along the way. The series was adored by fans across the country and is still a critically acclaimed sitcom talked about today.

After the popular series came to a finish in the early 1990s, White went on to appear in a soap opera, multiple different television series, and even a film. By 2010, White experienced what many people call a “resurgence” in her popularity. Because of this, she would go on to host Saturday Night Live and appear in multiple other sitcoms and movies.

The End of an Era Betty White’s career is one of longevity and success. From radio to television to filming and production, White had one of the longest, most influential careers in entertainment history. Not only did she win countless awards for her roles in series like The Golden Girls, but she took massive strides for minorities in the entertainment industry like women and people of color. She not only landed a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but a Guinness World Record for the longest female career in entertainment. For over eight decades, White shared her passions and devotion with the world around her, ultimately landing her a spot in hearts across America.

Photo: “Betty White David Shankbone 2010 NYC”

Washington Tourism Alliance Announces New Rural Tourism Support Program

Washington Tourism Alliance

Tri-County Economic Development District Picked for Pilot Program

SEATTLE (November 11, 2021) – The Washington Tourism Alliance (WTA) is launching a new Rural Tourism Support (RTS) Program, and has selected Tri-County Economic Development District (TEDD) in Northeastern Washington as its inaugural destination partner through a competitive process and review by a panel of industry experts.

The RTS program will serve as a seminal phase of development for communities across the state as well as a key strategic element In the WTA’s broader destination development programming. The program and WTA’s ongoing commitment to rural and tourism-dependent communities operates in tandem with broader marketing programs and a focus on statewide natural wonders and outdoor recreation, attraction of international visitors, identification of local visitor offerings, and assistance for tourism areas adversely impacted by natural disasters.

The RTS program will be facilitated by sustainable tourism expert Kristin Dahl, founder of Crosscurrent Collective, and it will use a community-based progressive approach to achieve short-term and long-term goals. A committee of local stakeholders will determine key action items, including a ten-year vision for the evolution of the destination and a better understanding of regional, national, and global travel trends. In some communities, growth may be one of the objectives but, in many cases, development may incorporate management of visitor flow to communities that need them most while mitigating impact on others. In all cases, the program is designed to improve the experience for residents and visitors alike.

“It is so exciting to think of the possibilities that a project with the scope of the Rural Tourism Support Program can bring to Northeast Washington,” said Shelly Stevens, Director of Regional Marketing for TEDD. “Especially considering that the way people travel and what they want to experience have changed in the wake of the pandemic. The timing couldn’t be better to collaboratively develop a thoughtful, regionwide tourism plan to help guide us into the future,”

The mission of TEDD is to promote economic resiliency, job creation and business retention through maintaining and developing business, tourism, community, and area development, while preserving the culture and environment of Ferry, Stevens, and Pend Oreille Counties. The WTA’s partnership with TEDD will result in a tourism road map that will significantly and positively impact the region.

The Tri-County region is the first in what will be ongoing annual partnerships with Washington’s rural, tourism-dependent counties.

“We’re excited to inaugurate our Rural Tourism Support Program and to work closely within these communities In Northeast Washington,” said David Blandford, WTA Executive Director. “Our enabling legislation identified the importance of this role and the rigor of the pandemic underscores the critical need for tourism recovery.”

Managed and funded by the WTA, the RTS Program will focus on long-term destination development for both residents and visitors, along with sustainable tourism and regenerative travel. The application process for the next RTS partner destination will begin in spring 2022, followed by a fall launch.

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