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Popular Seattle Suburbs To Buy A House In 2021

City Of Seattle Homes

Moving to a new city is challenging, especially if you don’t know enough about the area you’ll soon call home. Looking for a perfect place where you’ll buy a property is an essential step in everybody’s life and therefore requires serious research. If you’re considering the Seattle area, you can use this article as a guide to the best Seattle suburbs to buy a house in 2021.


Living in Sammamish offers diversity – there is a distinctly suburban feel, but there are also many stores, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks nearby where you can walk around and relax. The Sammamish area is very safe, family-friendly, and simply breathtaking. If you decide to buy a home here, you’ll have a wide selection of spacious homes to choose from, and many of them are new construction. Living here will ensure that you’re connected to nature all the time, as you’ll be surrounded by beautiful landscaping, hills, lakes, mountains, and trees. There are lots of bikers and pedestrians as this is generally an active community. There’s also a chance that you’ll be welcomed several times by locals as you move here since the sense of community is strong.


Duvall is built along the Snoqualmie Valley River, and it’s the definition of small-town living. It’s quiet and adorable and one of the best Seattle suburbs to buy a house in 2021, especially if you like the rural feel and beautiful nature. If you want to grow your own vegetables, this place is worth considering. Many families and young professionals live here, as well as people with farm animals. The public schools are highly rated, and Duvall is generally considered one of the area’s safest suburbs. It’s a quaint old place with unique charm, deep Washington roots, and culture.

Living here will allow you to be close to many large towns and workplaces. If you’re an active person, it’s good to know that there are multiple bike trails across the area, and there’s also a hiking trail nearby. There are diverse dining options, festivals, classic car shows, summer concerts, and plenty of other entertainment options all year round. Main St. is where you’ll find several places to eat and drink coffee, the library, multiple parks, grocery stores, doctor’s offices, and much more.

Maple Valley

You should check Maple Valley if you’re seeking great value for your money and an affordable home. This charming place is especially appealing to family-oriented buyers because it’s served by the highly-rated Tahoma School District. It’s not only one of the state’s fastest-growing suburb areas but also an area with one of the highest median incomes per household in King County. Real estate agents confirm that plenty of new construction homes are available, including senior housing options, townhomes, and single-family residences in planned developments. Houses usually come with multiple-acre land where you can raise horses, cows, sheep, alpaca, etc.


Redmond is best known as the location of the Microsoft headquarters and the “Bicycle Capital of the Northwest”. This area is a popular choice for tech workers since it’s home to many nationally known high-tech companies, including Tableau, Nintendo, SpaceX, and Hyperloop. Redmond is a magnet for successful businesses due to a lack of business taxes, unlike its neighboring towns.

If you’re considering buying a home here, you can find everything from rustic farmhouses to modern villas. The area offers increasing diversity and high quality of life with:

  • Good schools
  • A healthy economic base
  • Plenty of parks with a variety of recreational opportunities
  • Diverse shopping and dining options
  • Safe neighborhoods

Furthermore, arts and culture are dominant here with year-round entertainment and events. If you like live performances, you’ll love Redmond. Even though there are plenty of places to work here, a typical commute time is around 20 to 30 minutes if your workplace is in Seattle.


Shoreline is one of the best Seattle suburbs, located at the north end of the city. People living here like the RapidRide bus that takes them to downtown Seattle quickly. They also have easy access to Richmond Beach Park, and everything one may wish for. Shoreline has 14 beautiful neighborhoods and a strong sense of community. There are many social events, neighborhood projects, and volunteer opportunities, so one can adapt quickly. There’s always something going on here, so you could never be bored with all that’s happening around you. Shoreline has its own school district, with excellent public and private schools and a community college. There are many homes on the market, including contemporary ones built in the 1980s and newer.


Renton’s location is on the shores of Lake Washington, and it’s a place where families and businesses simply thrive. It offers lots of opportunities for work and pleasure. There are hundreds of software companies located right here and plenty of gorgeous parks, spacious playgrounds, and excellent schools. Renton has an impressive collection of public art and a popular vintage-style shopping center called The Landing. The most popular recreation area is Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park. It’s where you can swim, play volleyball and organize a picnic. You’ll also love The Cedar River Park, which has:

  • A giant playfield
  • Access to the Cedar River hiking trail
  • Renton Community Center
  • The Carco Theatre

Even though Seattle home prices have been on the rise for many years in a row, home seekers are glad to know that Renton has an extensive inventory of affordable homes. Housing options include everything from newer family developments, townhomes, new construction as well as vintage homes.

Interested in buying a home in one of these suburbs?

If you’ve already fallen in love with one of these places, you might want to start planning your long-distance relocation sooner rather than later. Thoroughly research each place and find out the crucial points which will help you settle in and adapt faster. Once you have all the needed information, and once you’ve found the perfect home, it’s time to organize your Washington move. To avoid losing any precious time, you should find reliable moving experts that can lead the process and make everything go as smoothly and stress-free as possible.

The bottom line

As you can see, all of these best Seattle suburbs offer significant benefits and various lifestyles to meet anyone’s needs. Good luck with buying a home in whichever suburb you find most suitable!

Washington State To Fully Open June 30th 2021 (Says Gov. Inslee)

Seattle Health Update

Washington State Gov Jay Inslee says Washington State will open fully June 30th even if the state doesn’t reach it’s 70% vaccinated goal. Currently, 63% of residents have received at least their 1st dose. Secretary of Health Dr. Umair Shah says this will most likely increase due to incentives. (according to Kiro7)

Republicans J.T. Wilcox and John Braun have been pushing Inslee to open the state immediately and not wait until the 30th. Many Republican states have open successfully including Texas, Tennessee, and Florida.

The Washington Liquor and Cannabis Board recently announced the approval of the “Joints for Jabs” incentive program. It allows participating cannabis retailers the ability to provide 1 joint for individuals 21 or older. The program expires July 12, 2021. (Statement)

King County rates are coming down. The bad news according to Dr. Dr. Jeff Duchin, “Our outbreak is being felt primarily by the unvaccinated,” and “97% or more of current cases are among unvaccinated people. That means if you’re unvaccinated your risk of COVID-19 is actually higher now that it was last Memorial Day.” (KomoNews). Kent and Auburn are considered higher volume areas in King County.

You can review the daily COVID-19 outbreak summary here.

Justin Muzinich

Justin Muzinich

Over the last year, the US economy has been moderately in flux. With the Coronavirus pandemic changing global trade practices and domestic spending patterns, it’s hard to predict what the future will hold for the American economy. While thousands of medical professionals worked around the clock to create a vaccine and care for the sick, people like Justin Muzinich were helping the American people in their own way. As a graduate of Harvard Business School and Yale Law, Muzinich holds the position of US Deputy Secretary of the Treasury, putting him in the unique and challenging position to oversee the US economy while it goes through this unprecedented time. Expertly poised to handle economic unease, Justin Muzinich has made many strategic moves that may have saved the US economy from collapse.

As he continues to work toward stable economic projections, the ultimate goal, according to Justin, is global cooperation. He asks us to set aside any differences we may have and join him in focusing on rebuilding our world. Moving forward, having professionals like Muzinich on staff in Washington DC will help the US move forward into economic security when the time comes to leave Covid-19 behind us.

There are several ways that Justin Muzinich has worked to bolster the economy over the last year. As a supporter of the CARES act, Justin Muzinich applauded the way in which the bill both helped struggling households and gave support to struggling businesses. He reported a strong economy going into the pandemic and believes that there are strategic ways in which we can prevent significant economic recession when the crisis is behind us. Much of Muzinich’s focus is on businesses, ensuring that the infrastructure of our economy is intact for years to come. He also stresses the importance of propping up local and state governments, many of whom find themselves strapped for cash with added Covid-related expenses. Muzinich was a key player in the corporate-debt backstops and providing support for riskier corporation bonds that occurred in the spring of 2020.

Muzinich puts an emphasis on cryptocurrency and its importance in the economy going forward. In order for this vital part of our changing world to remain economically viable, Muzinich stresses the importance of security to protect economic infrastructure. However, the most important thing going forward, according to Muzinich, is creating a global economy and being in mutual support of one another. He compared the United States and the EU’s responses, stating that the stimulus packages in the United States mirror the EU’s support programs. According to Muzinich, a unified global approach will be key. He also warns about the availability of liquid assets, as many individuals and companies have been calling in their assets, and the supply is running low.

Overall, it’s beneficial for the economy to have people like Muzinich monitoring the economy as we tread through these uncharted waters. Though the pandemic certainly isn’t over yet, experts like Muzinich predict that the United States economy will likely be okay in the wake of this crisis. Though things certainly won’t look perfect right away, with a little global cooperation and strategic government intervention, it’s likely that the economy will rebound soon after this nightmare is over.

John Berlinski Biography

John Berlinski Attorney

John Berlinski, currently a partner at Kasowitz Benson Torres LLP, has an extensive history as a provider of legal services over the past several years. In fact, before his current position, he worked as an attorney for a couple of different practices, all of which prepared him for his present role. His education began with a Bachelor’s degree from Cornell University, after which he attended the University of Michigan Law School.

After graduating, John began his professional career as a lawyer by working as a litigation attorney for the law offices of O’Melveny & Myers LLP, a global law firm with offices throughout the world. This allowed him to establish a network of contacts within the judiciary system, in addition to ample experience, tackling all sorts of cases as part of a legal team.

Years after building up a reputation in his initial position, John Berlinski was offered the opportunity to take on the role of Senior Vice President & Head of West Coast Television Litigation for NBCUniversal. In his capacity as SVP, he was assigned the responsibility of handling all litigation and pre-litigation disputes involving NBCUniversal’s West Coast division.

During his time with NBCUniversal, he was able to further develop skills that would enable him to become an expert in his field. Being SVP placed him in a position where he actively tackled various issues under the umbrella of entertainment law. This included cases involving intellectual property rights, such as those related to copyright law, trademarks, and idea theft, claims involving media portrayals, such as those related to reporters’ shield law, media access, defamation, rights to privacy, and rights to publicity, and other internal situations, such as those involving talent relations, entertainment contracts, employment, and general commercial disputes.

However, serving as SVP was not his only role. In his position as Head of West Coast Television Litigation, John was tasked with leading NBCUniversal’s profit participation group. This meant that it was his responsibility to manage a team of lawyers working to devise strategies for negotiation profit participation contracts. They also oversaw audits and audit claims, as well as accounting statements.

Finally, his professional career led him to become a partner at the law offices of Kasowitz Benson Torres LLP. As a partner, his role is to serve as the head of the office and as the chair of entertainment law, allowing him to apply all that he has learned regarding that judicial branch. Handling high profile cases involving powerful clients with equally powerful opposition can be an intimidating venture, but John’s unique background has ensured that he is more than prepared for the task. His previous experience has since been applied to representing all sorts of television and theater clients and handling cases involving intellectual property in music, resolving disputes involving theme park owners, working with agencies, and most of all, resolving claims related to licensing disputes and profit participation. This has not gone without notice. John’s skill in litigation has been recognized by all sorts of influential sources. Variety included him as a leading attorney of entertainment law in their “Legal Impact Report,” The National Law Journal gave him the title of Entertainment Trailblazer, and The Hollywood Reporter listed him on their “Powerful Lawyers 2020: Hollywood’s Top 100 Attorneys” list. Since working with Kasowitz Benson Torres LLP, John has truly made a name for himself as a litigator to watch.

What Does It Take to Build a Successful Business from Scratch?

Businessman - Starting a business in Washington State & Seattle

Have you or someone you know recently been exploring the possibility of starting a new business from scratch, and you are looking to see what kind of commitment it will require? Maybe you are already in the process of getting your business off the ground, and are looking for some specific information on the legal process? Perhaps you are just vaguely interested in the topic and want to learn more? Starting your own business can be an incredibly enriching and worthwhile endeavor, and provide you with financial stability for the rest of your life if you are successful. This article will seek to show you a few of the basic things that will be required to build a successful business from scratch. 


The early stages of starting up your business should be primarily focused on figuring out a plan to successfully launch your company. This means you need to figure out a whole bunch of different logistics, such as the types of products or services you will provide, and how you will distribute this to the public. If you are going to be a retail business, then you will have to look into supply chains, shipping costs, warehouses for inventory, and many other variables. By planning out each stage of your business launch, then you will be able to guarantee that your team is ready for any obstacle that comes up. You will also need to hire an actual team! It is recommended that you try and hire experienced professionals in your field early in the planning stages. This will help you to get good feedback from people who are familiar with the market.


Although hard work is essential when running any successful business, it can really pay off to have good contacts in your field. By networking with other companies who work in the same business as you, then you can build a relationship that will encourage like-minded business owners to help each other out. 


Many business owners on the West Coast choose to register their companies as an LLC, or limited liability company. This type of business registration is a hybrid of sorts, combining elements of both partnerships and corporations together. Becoming an LLC can be extremely beneficial for some business owners for tax reasons and others, which leads many people to choose this option. Regardless of whether you live in Seattle, Idaho, or California, forming an LLC can be beneficial to you. There are many experts that can help you get this started but the best option is to signup at your local Secretary of State. Another great source is YouTube. Lastly, just give them a call and they can walk you through the process. It actually is a simple process and the employees working are public officials. They are supposed to help the public with these matters. That is what we pay them to do with our tax money. Whatever option you choose, getting guidance on how to form your LLC in Seattle, Washington is important. You can maximize your benefits. By using simple to follow guides, you will have no problem filling out all the required paperwork to register your business as an LLC.

Black Creek Group Mexico – Corporate Profile

Black Creek Group Mexico - Corporate Profile

The Black Creek Group is an investment firm specializing in property management for individuals seeking informed advice for their real estate investment portfolios. The company is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, with satellite locations in Atlanta, Georgia, Newport Beach, California, Dallas, Texas, Rutherford, New Jersey, West Hartford, Connecticut, and Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois, which is a suburb of Chicago.  In total they have 9 offices across North America (2 in Mexico).

The Black Creek Group utilizes the experience of veteran analysts and traders, all of whom bring a unique perspective when it comes to analyzing market fundamentals and commercial real estate trends to formulate their investment options. They are entrepreneurial and hands-on, which means they can act quickly in assembling high-quality portfolios for their investors.

The Black Creek Group is among the premier real estate investment managers operating within the United States, with an average of $67 Million $/SF across 29 markets and over $22 Billion properties bought or built. The firm is diverse in its investments, with a keen knowledge of regional dynamics that better leverage an investor’s ability to enter top-tier markets in the following real estate investment sectors:

Industrial – Investments in quality bulk and last-mile distribution warehouses in both high-barrier entry and secondary markets that have long-term growth potential. They firmly established relationships in their markets, which offers unique opportunities to carry out transactions at a swift pace for their investors. They primarily invest in both Class A and Class B industrial real estate.

Multifamily – Investments in suburban garden and mid-rise communities with an average of 200-600 units and located in high-growth markets that have limited new construction in the immediate area. They are dedicated to expanding their presence in supply-constrained areas with solid demographic and strong fundamentals.

Office – Investments in Class A and Class B multi-tenant buildings in highly populated suburban locations offering convenient access to amenities, public transit, and a highly-skilled workforce. They provide best in class service for tenants in supply-constrained central business districts and suburban-central areas with diversified tenants.

Retail – Investments in well-placed neighborhoods and community shopping centers focused on grocery and needs-based retail. The goal is to acquire retail investments where in-person shopping is still strongly desired by consumers and located in densely populated areas that consumer traffic still thrives and continues to grow.


The Black Creek Group has six investment solutions to choose from and ranges from diversification to an exclusive solution that was previously offered only to large institutions but can now be provided to individual investors.

Black Creek Diversified Property Fund

This fund is a perpetual-life real estate solution that offers investors access to the industrial, multifamily, office, and retail property sectors in one portfolio with a monthly income.

Black Creek Exchange

This solution is allowed under IRC Section 1031 and 721, whereby an owner of appreciated real estate may exchange an investment property for the acquisition of high-value commercial real estate property.

Black Creek Industrial REIT IV

This is a finite-life real estate investment solution where investors can access private real estate, mainly in high-value distribution warehouses.

Black Creek Industrial Fund

This is a perpetual-life, core-plus private investment solution managed on behalf of certain industrial investors and focused on investing in mass distribution and light industrial properties in key distribution markets throughout the United States.

Build-To-Core Industrial Partnerships

In this solution, investors can choose to join ventures with institutional partners seeking advantageous risk-adjusted returns through developing and/or repositioning industrial properties located in key distribution markets throughout the United States.


PREDEX invests in institutional U.S. private core real estate funds and employs a low-cost, passive strategy that now provides private investors access to this option.  Previously, only pension funds, insurance companies, endowments, and foundations were able to achieve stability and diversification-of-portfolio benefits that are challenging to find anywhere else except through the convenience of an interval fund, which is how the PREDEX solution works. An interval fund is an investment company that periodically offers to buy back a stated portion of its shares from shareholders based on a net asset value and continually offer those shares at a price based on the fund’s net asset value.


Since its founding in 1993, they have strived to do the right thing for the communities they are involved in and work closely with. They have a deep commitment to minimizing their environmental footprint and creating a positive impact on the communities they operate in. They have a history of sustainability, which includes a continuous evaluation of their environmental impact and the establishment of strategies that benefit social efforts in the community. They operate their business in a conscientious and environmentally aware manner by being energy efficient, finding ways to conserve water, protecting local wildlife habitats, and prevention and reduction of material waste when building properties.

Fostering mutually beneficial relationships within the communities within which they live and work is a simple ambition. The Black Creek Group furthers this aim by creating jobs in the markets they have offices and where they own and manage properties. This is another example of the civic-minded philosophies that drive the Black Creek Group to create a more positive impact in the day-to-day operation of their business transactions. They have cultivated a work culture that promotes employee health and well-being and even pays their employees for taking time off for community activities and volunteering at local charities and events.

Additionally, the Black Creek Group has proven its commitment to corporate social responsibility by placing great emphasis on the importance of ethics and proper business conduct by maintaining a global anti-corruption policy and through their corporate governance initiatives.

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Joe Biden Wins! Victory Celebration Photos – Capitol Hill Seattle

Joe Biden President-Elect

We have a new president-elect and his name is Joe Biden. It was an emotional night for many to say the least. During Joe Biden’s victory speech, you could feel the inspiration in the air and a united front that could be felt among his supporters. On a night that will go down in history, many stood tall and proud. As the flag of our nation waved in all of it’s glory, you could hear the honking of horns, dancing, and the yells of victory in the streets. Families hugging in rejoice while others stood quietly with tears running down their faces excited about what is next for our great country.

For many, it was 4 years of heartbreak, wrong decisions, and a lot division. President Trump did have his supporters, however, who felt he took chances and was different from the established politicians that came before him and much more. With that being said, it was not surprising to hear that on Election Day, voters came out in volumes that have never been seen before to cast their vote with emotion and certainty for their wanted candidate. No other election in our nations history experienced such a popular and dramatic turnout. While there is controversy, 145 million people voted between the two candidates. One thing is certain, however, our next 46th President will be Joe Biden. His inauguration will be in January 2021.

When Joe Biden was officially named the president-elect and winner, Seattle residents came to the streets to rejoice.

Jack Lambert captured some amazing photos of the celebrations on Capitol Hill. Mr. Lambert really captured the energy and feeling of the people in the streets. As you can tell, it was an amazing moment in history. If you’d like to reach Jack Lambert or see more of his work visit:

Photos by: Jack Lambert/

Jeffrey Schottenstein Biography

Jeffrey Schottenstein

Jeffrey Schottenstein was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, to Jay and Jeanie Schottenstein, a family with generations of experience in the apparel industry. His father, Jay Schottenstein, served as Chairman and CEO of Schottenstein Stores Corporation, American Eagle Outfitters, and American Signature. His grandfather, Jerome Schottenstein, helped to establish the Schottenstein Stores Corporation, along with other family members. Due to their success, the Schottensteins have been able to secure a future for their family and improve the lives of many in their community. Jeffrey grew up learning all he could from his father concerning retail and business. His grandfather was another important role model and the inspiration behind many of Jeffrey Schottenstein’s philanthropic endeavors.

Throughout his life, Jeffrey not only mastered the business world of retail but also learned the importance of giving back to his community, as his family has long supported different charitable organizations. Jeffrey has continued this mission by supporting groups with values close to his family’s hearts, as well as other groups working to better the lives of those less fortunate. His parents established the Jay and Jeanie Schottenstein Foundation, a foundation that supports Jewish causes through private grantmaking. Giving back to the Jewish community has always been an important family focus, and this foundation gives almost exclusively to Jewish culture and religious organizations.

Carving His Own Path

Coming from a well-established family such as the Schottensteins, Jeffrey Schottenstein knew he wanted to keep his family’s legacy alive, especially through philanthropic work. While he stayed close to his roots by continuing to work in the retail industry, he also started to branch out to support efforts that mattered to him. It was important to Jeffrey that he continues to carry out the passions of his family, but it was also important to stay true to himself.

Jeffrey Schottenstein was raised to not only be a smart businessman but also to share his success by giving back to the community whenever possible. In high school, he volunteered much of his time at Chabad’s Friendship Circle Program and helped to double their number of volunteers through his dedication to the cause. He found a passion early on for helping children that require special support services and people of all ages experiencing mental health issues.

In 2011, Jeffrey Schottenstein founded TACKMA, a clothing apparel line designed to bring greater awareness to mental health issues and give back to communities in need. Much of Jeffrey Schottenstein’s work is centered around his community of Columbus, OH, which is where this storefront is located. He developed TACKMA so people of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds could feel comfortable in their skin and show off their unique personalities through high-quality products. The mission of this brand is to foster self-expression and empower people with the confidence to do things their way.

TACKMA is an acronym created by Schottenstein that stands for “They All Can Kiss My Ass,” a cheeky statement that emphasizes finding happiness in yourself without worrying about what other people have to say. Even before the brand was completely realized, Schottenstein had this acronym custom engraved into a pair of Nikes as a reminder to stay true to himself. This brand was created for the underdogs or those that society may be quick to overlook or judge. Encouraging self-love among these people has been one of the driving philosophies in his life.

Jeffrey Schottenstein is a long-time contributor to LifeTown Columbus, a one-of-a-kind facility run by Lori Schottenstein Chabad Center in New Albany. Designed to imitate a small city, Life Town provides children with special needs the opportunity to learn about real-world scenarios in fun and engaging ways. It offers a safe, nurturing environment in which specially trained volunteers help children acquire the skills they need to thrive, from socialization to fiscal responsibility. When COVID-19 impacted the work that LifeTown was able to provide, the facility adapted by creating LifeTown on the Go to serve Central Ohio students virtually. Jeffrey Schottenstein donated $100,000 to this new program and was honored for his advocacy and contributions to helping children at the 2021 Annual Lifetown Legends Luncheon.

Recently, Jeffrey Schottenstein and his family have pledged $10.15 million for the endowment of a new chair at the Ohio State University College of Medicine in Columbus. The goal of this contribution is to create a new comprehensive mental health wellness program, the Jeffrey Schottenstein Program for Resilience. Jeffrey remembers his struggles as a college student at Ohio State, dealing with anxiety, depression, and OCD. He felt alone, not realizing that many of his peers were experiencing the same issues. This stigma attached to mental health issues creates a sense of isolation that is common among students and creates a serious barrier to seeking help.

Jeffrey created the Program for Resilience to ensure students have access to a reliable, 24/7 support system. This program will help students address their mental health issues, overcome their obstacles, and build the foundation for a happy, successful future. It will teach them valuable coping skills that build cognitive and emotional resilience, so they feel confident to handle any challenges they face throughout their education and later after they graduate. The program will be led by Dr. Luan Phan, a well-known leader in psychiatry who has made cutting-edge neuroscience discoveries associated with resilience and mental health. It should be formally approved in November.

Jeffrey Schottenstein At TACKMA displaying apparel. CREDIT: TACKMA via Instagram

Jeffrey Schottenstein continues to integrate his passion for apparel with his love of helping his community. His line, TACKMA, has gained increased attention due to celebrity endorsements. LeBron James has been spotted wearing the TACKMA brand and supports the overall message and goals of the company. Jeffrey Schottenstein is excited to see the growth and adaptation of the Jeffrey Schottenstein Program for Resilience at Ohio State University. As an alumnus, he looks forward to helping his alma mater better cater to the needs of a diverse student body. He strongly believes that through this program, many more students can achieve academic success that will translate to future success in their adult lives.

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South Seattle Digital Equity Program Building Our Bridge Adapts its Program During COVID-19

South Seattle Digital Equity Program Building Our Bridge. Programming now includes teleconferencing and Zoom.

South Seattle Digital Equity Program Building Our Bridge Adapts its Program During COVID-19 Seattle Housing Authority resident-led digital equity initiative Building Our Bridge is well into its second year of administering in-language basic technology skills training and informational sessions in Vietnamese, Oromo, and Somali to residents of SHA’s Rainier Vista community. We have recently launched our Facebook page at

Building Our Bridge works in partnership with the community we serve by consulting with immigrant and refugee tenants in shaping the services we provide. As a digital equity initiative developed and managed by SHA residents, we are uniquely equipped to serve the community we are a part of. Building Our Bridge is a recipient of two City of Seattle Technology Matching Fund grants, and during our pilot year we offered basic computer skills classes at Rainier Vista through a mobile computer lab loaned to us by Full Life Care and a curriculum shared by the Seattle Public Library. We pivoted during COVID-19 to offer 1:1 technology training over the telephone.

Our programming includes teleconferencing and Zoom, to support participants in communicating safely with family, friends, and neighbors during social distancing, and to equip them to join virtual, in-language informational sessions on health & wellness, employment, and civic engagement. Students learn online Census and voter registration as practical applications of the email and internet skills we teach, and next year we will include Schoology to support parents whose children are learning remotely. Schoology is an on-line technology resource which helps teachers communicate with families and students about day-to-day coursework.

Next year we will introduce social media to our curriculum and equip residents to participate on our newly created Facebook page. In 2020 we partnered with professionals and organizations to offer Vietnamese, Oromo, Somali, and English informational sessions on COVID-19, Census & voting, employment & training, Seattle labor standards, and unemployment insurance. These sessions are open to the public and are publicized through the Community Services Division of the Seattle Housing Authority and our network of organizations serving East Africans and Southeast Asians. Recordings of our informational sessions can be found on our Facebook page. In addition to partnering with the Seattle Housing Authority and fiscal sponsor Seattle Neighborhood Group in 2018, we partnered with Seattle Jobs Initiative and the Seattle Public Library in 2020. Seattle Jobs Initiative provides us with presenters on employment issues, and we provide Vietnamese, Oromo, and Somali In-Language Navigators for the Library’s Your Next Job service. Your Next Job is for job seekers with basic skills, and Navigators help patrons who have limited English proficiency to navigate online resources.

The Your Next Job service is also available in Amharic, Arabic, Korean, Tigrinya, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese, and interested patrons can fill out an intake form at or call the Library at 206-386-4636. We welcome community members to participate on our project team to help shape and vision the project.

For more information, please contact Elizabeth Kennedy at We would like to thank the following individuals for partnering with us in 2020 to offer virtual, in-language informational sessions:

COVID-19 Vietnamese – Dr. Tuyet-Hanh Hoang

D.O. Oromo – Robera Aleye

ARNP Family Medicine English – Rachel Wang Martínez, MHA, BSN, RN-BC

Director of Nursing Neighborcare Census & Voting Staff Training – Linh Thai, City Impact Manager

The Mission Continues Vietnamese – Linh Thai, City Impact Manager

The Mission Continue Oromo, Somali & English – Maya Manus, Advocacy & Civic Engagement Coordinator

Urban League of Greater Seattle Seattle Labor Standards Oromo – Ahmed Abdi, Engagement Specialist

Seattle Office of Labor Standards Employment & Training Somali – Abdirahman Hashi

Workforce Professional and Community Relations Consultant Unemployment Vietnamese – Linh Tran, Employment & Training Specialist

Asian Counseling & Referral Services English – Linda Helenberg,

Seattle Jobs Initiative Coordination – Kevin Osborne, Interim Director of Operations, Seattle Jobs Initiative

Will Floersheimer

Will Floersheimer

Will Floersheimer was a JP Morgan associate supporting an impressive and diverse $70 billion multi-asset portfolio. This is a brief biography of the young financier who served at one of the US’ most prominent banks, including his background, education, and interests.

Early Life

Will Floersheimer was born in New York City but spent most of his childhood in Greenwich, Connecticut – a quintessential and idyllic suburban upbringing with his two siblings, being the middle child between an older sister and younger brother. He attended the prestigious preparatory academy for boys, Brunswick School, from preschool through graduating high school. At the varsity level, Will was very involved in the school’s well-established sports programs, including soccer, lacrosse, and paddle tennis. Will Floersheimer is one of the grandchildren of Dr. Stephen Floersheimer who created the Floersheimer Institute.

Will also developed a passion for philanthropy, languages, and the humanities during high school, which he has carried on through his life and career. He is fluent in Spanish and Italian and received humanitarian awards for his achievements in the languages during high school. In the realm of charitable efforts, Will and several high school friends started the Blue Blazer Fund – a registered 501c3 that sold gently-used blazers with proceeds going to youth in Netanya, Israel. Through sales, fundraising, and grants, the young men were able to raise around a quarter of a million dollars for Israeli youth. Will often donates his time to The Lord’s Place in South Florida. They have been operating for over 40 years focusing on helping to combat homelessness.


After Brunswick School, Will Floersheimer was accepted to the well-regarded Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California, where he majored in business. Additionally, he played lacrosse and was actively involved in a fraternity. He served in multiple leadership roles at his fraternity, including those related to philanthropic efforts. In his free time, he avidly followed USC football. On summers off from college, Will diligently applied for and completed finance internships back in NYC and the northeast with plans to move home, including interning for Van Eck Global, a mutual fund/ETF firm specializing in commodities, and GoldenTree Asset Management, a distressed credit-focused hedge fund. In his junior year of college, though, he interned on the west coast at JP Morgan Asset Management’s San Francisco office. Following graduation, Will was hired full-time at JP Morgan’s New York office, fulfilling both the desire to work at a major bank and to return to NYC, where he was born.

Career in Finance

Will’s first two years at JP Morgan were spent as an analyst managing multi-asset portfolios on behalf of public and corporate pension funds. He was subsequently promoted to Associate and supported a $70B portfolio. Will was tasked with portfolio construction and asset allocation across public and private markets, fundraising new assets, as well as meeting with clients to deliver updates on their investments and commentary on the markets. He put his experience in high school and college to use in the realm of directly communicating with clients about market trends and in fundraising and philanthropic efforts for both the company and clients. As he is fluent in Spanish and Italian, he is an important asset for current and future endeavors with international client portfolios.

On his personal time, Will enjoys returning to the west coast for visits, spending time with his family, and continuing to follow college football, particularly his alma mater, the University of Southern California. He spends time with old friends for the holidays like (New Years’ & Halloween). His family is really important to him as well as giving back.



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Photograph: Will Floersheimer in New York. Professional finance at JP Morgan.
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