Elyes Gabel

Elyes Gabel – Actor, Musician, Philanthropist

From Game of Thrones to the TV drama Scorpion, Elyes Gabel has been an incredible presence on screen and on stage with roles in productions like West Side Story and Diary of Anne Frank. Born in the United Kingdom and spending some of his youth in Canada, Gabel believes in exploring the stories of humankind. As an award-winning actor, director, musician, and philanthropist, he thrives on the artistry behind understanding human behavior, human survival, and how humans protect themselves inwardly and outwardly. At only 40 years old, this accomplished entertainer has made his mark in his industry and in his impact on others.

His birthday is May 8th 1983 and he was born in London. [additional details]

A Diverse Acting Career

Gabel’s first role came in 2001 on the BBC Medical drama Casualty. He knew acting was what he wanted to do, so he dropped out of school and earned a recurring role on the sitcom I Love Mummy, in which he played Pharaoh Prince Nuffratuti and had to complete tasks to reach the afterlife. These and a series of other small roles earned him a 2005 nomination for Most Popular Newcomer at the National Television Awards. View TV Shows.

Between 2003 and 2009, Gabel put his acting skills to work on the stage. He trained at the Oldham Theatre Workshop, the Northern Kids Theatre Company, and several others until he was 18. He then used the skills he learned in several productions around London, including Fragile Land, Headstone, and Shades.

In 2008, he reached the big screen in Boogeyman 3. While this film may not have been a box office smash, it certainly opened doors for this aspiring star. Gabel landed a big break when he played a recurring role in what would become one of HBO’s greatest successes, Game of Thrones. But his biggest breakout would come in 2014 when he landed a major role on the CBS drama Scorpion. This role saw him honored with accolades from within the industry. As the show’s creator once said, “Gabel was able to play the difficulty of expressing emotion while being emotional.” This confirmed for Gabel why his artistry was so important to him because he could capture human experience.

In 2019, he was turned into a superhero by becoming the voice of Star Boy/Star Man in DC Entertainment’s Justice League vs. the Fatal Five. His latest acting credit is in Apple TV+’s 2022 series False Flag in a role that returns him to his roots as a British citizen.

Music From His Soul

Not only is his passion for the human experience a part of his acting, but it is a part of his music. He has loved music since the first time he picked up a ukulele as a boy in Canada. Eventually, this led him to play the guitar which helped him to discover the rawness that music can provide as a window to the inside of a person. He believes that music is the space where a person’s soul is discovered in authenticity.

While his music career has been dotted with successful covers and originals created and performed with his fellow co-stars throughout his acting career, he has also produced his own original music. In February 2023, one of his most powerful songs was released, LACUNA. The song was also reported in The Emerald City Journal. The song began as a casual interaction on the guitar while in Joshua Tree State Park. It eventually became an expression of himself that allowed him to refill his soul and rediscover how he truly felt inside.

His music is readily available on YouTube, where audiences worldwide can experience the soul-inspiring music that has not only helped shape Gabel but also connects people.

Honoring His Grandmother

When Gabel was a teenager, his Grandmother tragically passed away from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). To Gabel, she was the epitome of family and the glue that held everyone together. He favorably recalls times when he would visit his Grandmother. Her home would be filled with love, acceptance, and laughter, but also always had a level of decorum and an expectation to do what was right.

As her disease became more aggressive, he and the other members of his family took greater notice and knew that she would need additional care. It became more difficult for her to speak, and shortly after leaving for college at the age of 16, Gabel’s Grandmother passed. Her passing profoundly impacted his life, and he knew he wanted to dedicate his time to helping those with ALS and those with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Elyes Gabel has been an active member of the ALS Association Golden West Chapter and has helped raise awareness and funding to support the work of the ALS Association along with other celebrities.

In addition to Gabel’s ALS work, he also advocates for many different philanthropic movements. In 2005, he participated in the annual BBC telethon, Children in Need. Gabel has also been an advocate for Autism awareness. He has participated in fundraising for the United States Tennis Association Foundation, which seeks to help resourced youth, those with disabilities, wounded and ill veterans and their families, and current service members with educational opportunities. He has also participated in the Cerebral Palsy Celebrity Poker Tournament sponsored by the One Step Closer Foundation, which is a non-profit charitable organization that helps those impacted by Cerebral Palsy and other disabilities.

The Heart, the Mind, and the Soul

While a recognizable face on the screen or a familiar voice on the airwaves, Elyes Gabel has what every other person on earth has, a story. His story is one of drive, passion, and respect for the human experience. Whether learning a new set of lines for his latest acting role, bringing out the best on his set, writing a song to fill the soul, or taking time to help others in need, Gabel believes there is a connection between us all and our stories are made up of all our experiences. People matter, and Gabel strives to capture the essence of people in every way possible, offering pieces of his soul to help fill the souls of his audience.

On May 5th 2023, Elyes Gabel released a teaser called, Game Show Hurt featuring a character named “Tony”.

What Happened To Elyes Gabel?

He continues to work on his own productions and music. There was an accident during his career, however. Shortly after completing “Body of Proof,” Gabel had an unfortunate accident, falling through a glass table. As anticipated, this mishap led to significant injuries that necessitated medical care. Seeking prompt treatment, Elyes Gabel received 40 stitches to mend the lacerations on his face. If you look closely, you can still see the scars today. This incident occurred in Los Angeles, the filming location for the ABC show. The show was eventually cancelled May 10th, 2013 after three seasons and 42 episodes.

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