Voice of Hope: Seattle Author, Artist Nadine C. Keels Says, “Keep Going.”

Seattle, WA, April 16, 2013 — “Nadine” is a French name that means “hope.” With the ongoing purpose of spreading hope to her readers and audiences, Seattle author and spoken word artist Nadine C. Keels recently released her ninth book, Love Unfeigned, and her first poetry album, Hope. Lyricized., within five weeks of each other. The album was released on April 1 in celebration of National Poetry Month.

“Bad news is inevitable,” Keels says, “so we must keep good news in demand. People need to be reminded that authentic love yet exists and that life, with all of its triumphs and trials, is still worth living. My novella, Love Unfeigned, is an invitation for imperfect human beings (in a word, everyone) to take their self-imposed bounds off of love and to let it live. After years of my listeners’ requests for an audio recording, Hope. Lyricized. is my response to the demand for hope in uncertain times, to positively impact how we view our circumstances and make decisions.”

Keels has been performing spoken word since 2006. Her latest presentation took place on March 30 at the One Love Urban Poetic Experience at Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute in Seattle. The event, which featured nine selected local and national poets, was hosted by the nonprofit organization Of One Body, to support their relief work for underserved communities around the world.

Keels is one in a group of authors, with 20 books published between them, at Kingdom Family Worship Center International in Kent, home to a number of writers, actors, dancers, songwriters, and recording artists. The authors are currently working on their second anthology, set for a mid-May release. Keels says, “Conveying hope through literary and performing arts is a powerful way to tell humanity, ‘We haven’t set our goals for life in vain. We’ll make it if we keep going.’”

Find out about Nadine C. Keels and her books and spoken word at: www.prismaticprospects.wordpress.com

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