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Washington State Liquor No More

The Washington Liquor Control Board who once had a monopoly of all liquor sold in Washington State will be auctioning off the remaining inventory on Thursday.  Approximately 15,000 cases of alcohol will be sold to the highest bidder.  They stated it’s value is over $1 million dollars.  That seems kind of high to me personally that would mean each bottle averages over $66.50.  I highly doubt it.  After these are sold the state will work to auction off the distribution center which is self appraised at $30 million dollars.  I sure would like to self appraise my house.

You’ll obviously need a liquor license to participate in this “sweet deal of a lifetime”.  Plus, a $5K cashier check on your person for a deposit.

Word on the streets is that all the people who participated in the last auction paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for a liquor store are not doing so well right now.  Several have closed already.  Which would make sense.  The state had a monopoly and now it’s in every store.  Plus, you started your business several hundreds of thousands of dollars in the hole.  Not sure why anyone would pay that much for a bad investment.  If you run into one of these people send them my way – I got a house to sell them.

Now if only we could get rid of most of Washington Liquor Control Board.

Having lived in the Pacific Northwest his entire life, Jeff understands and delivers a different perspective about politics. Even though many may disagree with his language and writing style, you can't debate his passion for the Seattle area and his committment to a better society.

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