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Washington State Liquor No More

The Washington Liquor Control Board who once had a monopoly of all liquor sold in Washington State will be auctioning off the remaining inventory on Thursday.  Approximately 15,000 cases of alcohol will be sold to the highest bidder.  They stated it’s value is over $1 million dollars.  That seems kind of high to me personally that would mean each bottle averages over $66.50.  I highly doubt it.  After these are sold the state will work to auction off the distribution center which is self appraised at $30 million dollars.  I sure would like to self appraise my house.

You’ll obviously need a liquor license to participate in this “sweet deal of a lifetime”.  Plus, a $5K cashier check on your person for a deposit.

Word on the streets is that all the people who participated in the last auction paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for a liquor store are not doing so well right now.  Several have closed already.  Which would make sense.  The state had a monopoly and now it’s in every store.  Plus, you started your business several hundreds of thousands of dollars in the hole.  Not sure why anyone would pay that much for a bad investment.  If you run into one of these people send them my way – I got a house to sell them.

Now if only we could get rid of most of Washington Liquor Control Board.

Seattle Weekly Deal

We are bringing the deal to you this week and Wow this is a pretty amazing deal.  Brought to you by

The Deal:

You get 9 Pairs of Women’s branded sunglasses.  Individually they sell between $10 – $29 each but you’re getting 9 pairs of them.  Just in time to enjoy the last few weeks of the sunshine in Seattle.  All are UVA and UVB protected.

$149.00 $13.99 + $1.99 s/h

You can read and order the Seattle deal RIGHT HERE.

**This Seattle deal won’t last long maybe only today or just a few days.


**Do you want to be featured on the “Seattle Deal Of The Week”…. Then Contact Us. There is no cost to be featured.


Seattle Deal Of The Week!

Everyone once in a while we have to break the rules so this week we’re listed two deals.  The first deal is a one day only deal (Today!) and the other follow-ups on a previous article about Easy And Simply Ways To Save Money.  In the article I spoke about shopping for a new insurance company if you’ve been with them for 2 or more years.  The reality is that after you’re with an insurance company your rates rarely go down.  In most cases they add on a few dollars per year.  However, the open market changes.  You car value decreases or your home values decrease for example – and your current insurance provider doesn’t take those into account.  They already have you as a customer (probably on auto billing) so why would they bother.  My point is to save a few dollars you should make a few calls and see what the options are.  Won’t cost you anything and if the quotes are not better then you still have your current insurance company.  It’s a Win/Win.

Today Only -Deal:

The Childrens Place – are offering 20% off and free shipping and handling.  Everything ships free and there is no minimum purchase required.  Some items are marked at $1.99!

Coupon: G9HEF67J92 if you need it at checkout, however, it looks like they are offering the deal on their homepage.

Seattle Deal Of Week:

I highly recommend you give Dan Marek a call at per our save money on insurance discussion.  Discuss your options with him and see if he can beat your current insurance rates.  Dan Marek insurance is located in Western Washington so he is local guy who has been in the insurance industry for a long time.


**Do you want to be featured on the “Seattle Deal Of The Week”…. Then Contact Us.  There is no cost to be featured.  Each week we pick the best deal we feel benefits our readers the most and post it live.  Please be descriptive with your offer when submitting it – thank you.

Seattle Deal Of The Week

To provide something unique and beneficial just to our newspaper visitors, we are implementing a new program called our “Seattle deal of the week”.  Every Monday we are going to promote an offer that is an extremely good deal.  The deals themselves will vary from no cost to you to highly discounted.

Our first deal is brought to you by  They are Seattle marketing company helping businesses (or website owners) who want more traffic exposure online.  The leads they generate are highly targeted due to people already knowing what they are looking for (as compared to a billboard or a magazine which is a broad audience) online.


RepuVision is offering a no cost targeted keyword report for your site or business. After a quick call to get a better understanding of your business, they will generate a keyword report of some of the areas you maybe missing in regards to potential customers and traffic available online.  The report also includes the amount of traffic (total volume) and they can also include a competition review if asked.  We received one for the Emerald City Journal and found it very informative and useful for the future.

It’s a $200 dollar value and no cost to you this week only (expires 9/14/12 at 5pm)

How To Claim:

Since this offer is only advertised on the Emerald City Journal, you need to give them a quick call directly at 425-322-3376 and request the “Keyword Report” (no cost deal) posted on the Emerald City Journal.


Do you want to be featured on the “Seattle Deal Of The Week”…. Then Contact Us.  There is no cost to be featured.  Each week we pick the best deal we feel benefits our readers the most and post it live.  Please be descriptive with your offer when submitting it – thank you.

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