A Buying Strategy

Real Estate agents go out into the field each day to look for properties to list, or sell. Some have a habit of spending a ton of time on the computer pouring over sales data, that never seems to do much for the market place. We always need inventory, so most agents should be looking for listings.

You as a buyer can rely on the agents ability to find properties for you to make offers on, or you could start looking on your own.

A commercial Real Estate agent picked a neighborhood, drove it, and selected five properties that suited his criteria. He gave the list to a local agent, and told him to keep him updated on the status. These properties weren’t on the market, so the agent contacted each of the five to see if they had an interest in selling. One property did contact another agent who listed the property then contacted the agent who had approached the seller.

These are things that actually happen in a Real Estate market between more sophisticated buyers, and sellers. There is no reason for any buyer to be intimidated in today’s market place in just making an offer. That is what Real Estate is all about; two people who come to a mutual agreement on the terms to buy, or sell a property.

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