Listing Agents and Open House

I saw a house today that is a pretty good deal. It was an Open House on my way home from church. The house has been on the market for a while judging by the stack of cards there on the entry table. It is an original owner home from the 1950s that is solidly built. It’s 3600 square feet, and priced at $399,950.

OK, it’s a good price, in a good location, in good shape, so why is it sitting there. I asked where the electrical box was, and the agent, who has had the listing for a month looked confused. I asked because the original Square D electrical box had been converted to a junction box.

Now I had already spent enough time in the house, and the agent was there talking with another guy. I seemed to be intruding even though the agent, and I know each other.

So I came home, and looked at the listing on the North West Multiple Listing Service. Holy Cow, it was one of those things that described the other flaky buyer who had backed out. The original listing was intact, but just an agent comment. The picture at least could have been changed.

I think an agent should know all about the house. The cards sitting in the hall way looked bad. It looked as though a whole stack of agents had given the property a pass, for no reason, and surely no explanation to a potential buyer. The house smelled, and an agent, and especially one in the business for as long as this one, would have an air freshener.

It’s a good listing, a good purchase for some one, and some one will buy it. I just think it could have been presented today with more feeling.

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