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It’s sad businesses continue to rip people off.  Do they really think in this digital age that nobody is going to report on their bad behavior?  They and many businesses think that they can just rip people off and walk away with a fatter wallet and there will be no consequences.  We recently had a very bad experience with that involved a “diagnosis fee” which in reality was just a smooth way of saying a travel fee.  They come out and try to switch a few things.  Tell you they think they know what the problem is, however, it doesn’t work.  Of course you pay for the equipment to try out their suggestion.  So we call them back out again and they try to fix the problem but can’t make it repeat.  They decide to call that a diagnosis fee.  Never did they mention this travelers fee before coming out.  The issue was discussed with management and they flat out denied a refund or partial refund or anything.  This company that serves many areas including Puyallup is trouble and not for the customer.  They are all about collecting fees and in my case not correcting the issue.  All I asked for was for them to come and fix the issue I called them about but they failed and failed miserably. Read more about bait and switch it at

If you live in the Puyallup, Sumner, or the South End areas please remember to use caution.  This is a real review and completely honest about their service.  I would never call Dicks Heating in Puyallup for anything and you should take this review as a caution when working with them.


Ella works with the Emerald City Journal part-time helping with guest posting requests and answering emails. She is passionate about Seattle and very informed with "cool" stuff happening in the area.

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  1. I heard about dicks heating and read their services on The whole diagnosis fee sales pitch is used just so they don’t have to say travel fee. If know that travel fee sounds horrible and dicks heating aka would lose business. I sure wouldn’t use dicks heating now I would go with another local company for my heating repairs.

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