Out of YOUR pocket comes the Federal, State, County and City taxes

This will be a general disgruntled taxpayer/worker diatribe about how it sounds when we get these promises from various branches of government. How often have your heard your President, Govenor or Mayor stand and say with a straight face that THEY have the funds to help you? Once they spend what they can get locally they begin to promise state or federal funds. They make it sound like the Easter Bunny is right there with his basket of money, and if he runs out Santa is standing by with his bag of money or they have the Good Fairy wave her wand and none of this will cost you a cent. Wow bring on the money. What most people don’t think about is that no branch of government has any funds that they didn’t take away from We the People first and skim a big percentage off the top. I am not trying to supply exact numbers or percentages. There are good articles on the website with dollar amounts squandered by the Washington transportation dept, the Seattle Washington Public Schools, Seattle welfare fraud etc. The IRS eats up the big portion of what they collect to pay their bloated salaries and perks and hire more agents to keep us paying out taxes. The state, county and city have to pay all the excessive wages and perks from what they screw away from us via sales, property, gas, and other assorted taxes. Most of the time there is nothing left after they pay for a few evaluations, studies, and meetings to do anything with. They blew over $500 million on the 520 bridge and not a shovel or hammer has been touched. They blew over $300 million on the tunnel that we the people don’t want and not one thing has been done except some shady deals done so they can say a referendum cant be binding now. The monorail money got ate up entirely. Check out the salaries of the heads of transportation, schools, University of Washington etc and you will agree its out of hand. We cannot afford that greedy bunch at all. Of course if they cut anything it will be crossing guards, foot policeman and teachers to punish us for voting down another levy. They cant let our local grade A students attend the University of Washington because they can sell his spot to a foreign or out of state student, but still take our tax dollars. We have to cut them off at the pocketbook. I hope people start to think when the president, governor, mayor stand up and promise you federal dollars. They have taken it away from our state, skimmed off at least 40% of it for salaries. They only take on huge projects so they can try to get more federal funds. The president tools around in his little Air Force One telling us to stick within our means while he is squandering millions traveling around for nothing but photo shoots. He can’t even give an interview without a teleprompter.

 Try to put this in perspective and think of it this way. You cash your paycheck and 4 robbers are waiting outside the bank. Their names are Federal, State, County and City. They take at least 50% and leave you with barely enough to pay your rent and eat. But they live way better than you ever have or will live. They pay big wages and perks to the people they give your money too and squander most of it. If it were a normal robbery you could fight back, but the law says you have to pay income tax or go to jail, pay property tax or lose your home, pay sales tax or you cant buy anything etc.

The government cannot give seattle welfare debit cards(that get spent in strip joints and on booze or sold on Craigslist) until they take the money away from some working citizen.  We have four pockets and somehow we have to find out how to put a zipper on them without going to jail.  Hope everyone starts to realize the government can’t give you anything.  They don’t produce anything.

Ella works with the Emerald City Journal part-time helping with guest posting requests and answering emails. She is passionate about Seattle and very informed with "cool" stuff happening in the area.

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