A 14 Trillon Dollar Deficit Cut

Obama was in the news today suggesting a 4 trillion dollar  (12 year) plan to cut the deficit.  I would kindly suggest the President modify his plan to a 12 trillion dollar deficit cut.  Well as this article suggest it’s not really a 14 trillion dollar cut – its actually a 1 trillion 200 billion tax cut.  I just times it by 12 to figure out the 12 year plan (14 trillion) like all the smart people do in the Government.  Why they do that I don’t really know.  Each year we create a new budget anyway and vote it.

You can read my previous article here:  https://www.emeraldcityjournal.com/2011/04/american-government-why-bankruptcy-is-the-best-option-now/

I updated it, however, so we can reach the 14 trillion dollar deficit cut in 12 years like this:

In the link above you’ll see I cut many departments that came to: 728 billion.

I suggest we make every man, women, and child make a $100 donation so that would come to:  310 billion

The Feds take 2 trillion a year from us for taxes each year and since we are cutting half the programs (see above) at least 25% of that could be saved each year:  500 billion.

That adds up to 1.2 trillion x 12 (for the important 12 year plan which makes everything look good) = A 14 trillion dollar deficit cut (+400 billion positive revenue).

Now seriously, I write this in part with laughter.  But if you really think a 4 trillion dollar deficit cut (over 12 years) with Obama is going to make it happen you’re sadly wrong.  First that is 333 billion a year.  Last Friday when they were negotiating the Government shutdown they blew 8 billion in a week.  52 weeks in the year folks that is 448 billion dollars for doing nothing.  This isn’t even a drop in the bucket to repair the mess we have going on.

We need to be cutting atleast 1 trillion a year.

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