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Places To Visit In Seattle

Seattle is a great place to live, breathe, and work.  The weather is very seasonal so you can expect rain, cold, and plenty of sun during the year.

One of the highlights and center points of Seattle Washington is Seattle Pacific University.  SPU is located right in the middle of Seattle.  The College is so much fun.  Seattle is a very creative, open, and even corky at times.  With a city this large and so many places to visit you simply never feel bored.

Many come to Seattle without cars and find it easy to get around.   The City Council has made a big push with the encouragement of the biking community.  It’s also a great way to see the city from a different point of view.

The International culture is also an amazing aspect.  Places like the Ballard or the Pike Place Market always have something going on with lots of entertainment and food to keep you busy and occupied for the day.  It’s pretty cool to have all this in one city.

In Seattle you’ll find some of the largest companies in World.  From Microsoft, Google, Adobe, Flip Hosting and RepuVision to name a few.

When it comes to Seattle sports teams Seattle has a few.  The fans are amazing and each event draws thousands upon thousands of people.  You have to experience the tailgate parties.  We have the Mariners, Seahawks, and Sounders to name a few.  Having lived in Seattle many years now, I think the Sounders fans are just crazy.  The team plays at Century Link Field located just South of downtown.  The fans really are a team and get together at the bars and it’s really an enjoyable atmosphere.  You’ll often see bands, dancing, and team spirt like no other.  To say the least if you’re a sports fan Seattle is the place to be and visit.

Busing in Seattle is really easy.  You can jump on the bus and get to just about anywhere including the Seattle Pacific University.  To Ballard, a suburb of Seattle, takes about 10 minutes and it’s super easy.   By the way, Ballard is great they have this market every Sunday.  It’s full of food, entertainment, arts, dogs, and people having a great time on their day off from work.

Fremont is another suburb of Seattle and really close to the college just like Ballard.  You can just walk to Fremont, however.  The variety of people here is “interesting” to say the least.  If you’re considering places to visit in Seattle I would highly recommend it for the variety of food options.  You got Thai, Greek, American burgers, just about everything and it’s great.

Another place to visit is Queen Ann.  They have amazing breakfast places and coffee shops for work or just relaxing time.  I guess I just like coffee as most do in Seattle.  After All, Starbucks was born in Seattle WA.  In fact the coffee shop is still there open for business in the Pike Place Market.

If you’re an outdoor person and like hiking or playing the water, you’ll fall in love with Seattle.  The City of Seattle is surrounded by Water.  We have the Puget Sound, Lake Washington, Lake Union, and the Fremont Canal which is right next the the SPU campus.  If you’re feeling ambitious you can kayak right out into Lake Union and see what an amazing place Seattle really is.  If you come to Seattle to hike, then you should know that there are hundreds of trails to visit within an hour of Seattle.  On the East you have the Cascade Mountains and on the West of Seattle you have the Olympic Mountains.  I personally like photography and there are so many places to shoot videos or photos at.  In the Winter, many options are available for snowboarding also.

On last place to visit in Seattle is the Capital Hill area.  I enjoy going with my friends here to just get away and try something new.  It’s the place to people watch if you’re into that like me.  They have this amazing book store which is pretty cool.  It has so many books to choose from I could easily spend the day there just looking and drinking coffee.  Capital Hill has lots of little stores and hidden shopping places that many like to discover.  Always something new here.

Hope you come and visit Seattle.  Take a little time and enjoy the amazing sunsets on the water.

Places to visit in Seattle
Places to visit in Seattle. How about the Space Needle? One of the many great places in Seattle to check out.


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