Our News Journal Online & The Differences

I find it amazing how so many news outlets claim they are “neutral” in their reporting of news.  It’s almost two faced the way they operate.  Most of their news is presented as neutral it seems, however, every once in a while they will throw in something that weighs very much in one direction.  Look at the Seattle Times for example.  They really pushed for Obama the last few days he was re-elected.  Each of the Seattle initiatives were expressed and analysed by them and why they supported them.  Fox News is obviously for the Republicans as well as CNN supporting the Democrats.  My point is news agency that claim they are “neutral” really are not. Being an author for the Emerald City Journal I have noticed this more and more.  You look back when Ron Paul was running and at one point in the election process he really have tons of supporters.  His campaign stops where filled to max with people, however, nobody bothered giving him any of the news.  It went to who the news agency felt was the best for the Republicans like Mitt and Newt.

So what makes us different here at the Emerald City Journal you ask?  Well we tell you at the beginning and often that our articles/stories are biased.  We welcome all views and opinions from everyone.  It doesn’t matter if you’re for or against a certain issue, you can always express your voice here.  It’s purpose is to make each reader think about each article independently and thoroughly for both sides of the topic.  To read the Emerald City Journal you probably need to have more of an open mind compared to the the other news outlets because we have many for or against type news here.  We don’t flip flop or claim on-side or the other (Democrats vs Republicans) as it’s all expressed as views submitted by everyone in our news Journal online.

The news articles submitted to the Emerald City Journal are mostly from people who have given up calling or writing their local representatives in Olympia.  Try it sometime and you’ll find it doesn’t work at all.  They are shielded by assistants who assistant their assistants.  Emails are returned with standard templates (if at all) which don’t even talk about the issues you expressed to them.  Most also feel their votes don’t matter and there is some truth to that.

Writing and expressing your voice is good for the soul.  The Emerald City Journal was started as a hobby to vent and now it is turning into a medium many are using.  The vision and purpose of each article is found, read, and acknowledge by the World via the search engines, social media, and the specific recipient.  That my friends is the difference and core reasons between our news Journal online and what the other news agencies provide to the public.


Having lived in the Pacific Northwest his entire life, Jeff understands and delivers a different perspective about politics. Even though many may disagree with his language and writing style, you can't debate his passion for the Seattle area and his committment to a better society.

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