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Emerald City Journal Old School Look

I found these screenshots the other day for the  They obviously are one of the largest newspapers in the Seattle area so I found it pretty interesting.  You can see how long they have been in business and how their sites have changed over the years.  There has been some talk about them struggling though financially in the news.  I find most Seattle newspapers are struggling if they are in the actual printing of newspaper business.  Printing is such a huge expense for a company that is why the Emerald City Journal hasn’t done it yet.  You must have high volume and something that can support itself such as advertisers in the paper.  We may entertain it one day should we find a great newspaper printer at an affordable price.  Perhaps a smaller procedure would be better for us cost wise.

You can find the screenshots below.  It’s pretty cool going old school!

SeattleTimes Old Website Screenshot

Here is a new version of their site after updating it. old screenshot 2

It’s interesting how websites grow and update over the years like the PS. Check out their logo!



Our News Journal Online & The Differences

I find it amazing how so many news outlets claim they are “neutral” in their reporting of news.  It’s almost two faced the way they operate.  Most of their news is presented as neutral it seems, however, every once in a while they will throw in something that weighs very much in one direction.  Look at the Seattle Times for example.  They really pushed for Obama the last few days he was re-elected.  Each of the Seattle initiatives were expressed and analysed by them and why they supported them.  Fox News is obviously for the Republicans as well as CNN supporting the Democrats.  My point is news agency that claim they are “neutral” really are not. Being an author for the Emerald City Journal I have noticed this more and more.  You look back when Ron Paul was running and at one point in the election process he really have tons of supporters.  His campaign stops where filled to max with people, however, nobody bothered giving him any of the news.  It went to who the news agency felt was the best for the Republicans like Keep Reading

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