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Marjiuana Taxes In King County

Now that we all can smoke marijuana (I don’t smoke), where will all this tax revenue in King County be used?  I truly hope they use it to fix many of the issues we have in the City Of Seattle such as our public schools. What my biggest concern obviously is it being wasted and put in a program, system, or project where the marijuana tax revenue is supporting it completely.  To bad we don’t have more clarity on that.  Ideally, i would like it to not be used in the general fund but I don’t think that is going to happen.  The general fund should be able to support all the things of the City now.  Introducing money just gets wasted into new projects or programs.  We need better ways to protect our tax money so it’s not all spent on wasteful efforts and then becoming bad debt.  If that happens we’re in the same boat we’re in now where raising taxes, fines, or whatever is the solution to fixing their wasteful efforts.

Having talked to many people over the new found freedom of smoking marijuana, they feel that it won’t even be supported by the Feds. The Feds are going to fight it from the start and waste even more of our tax money trying to shield it from the public. I hope people really fight over that if it does happen. If so, that would especially mean your vote means absolutely nothing. Why did we even support it and vote on it if our so called democracy leaders are just going to say “no” due to whatever reason they think is better for us the people. It’s happened before you know. Extending the nightlife after hours was supported by the public and the Seattle Council BUT the liquor board said we’ll think about it and came back with a “no” decision. The issue wasn’t spoken about again even in the news outlets. The public seems to be sheep over these issues and just cave in when our so called leaders feel we don’t need it even though the masses of people support it (and voted for it).  Why does their power out weigh what the masses of the people feel is right?  I thought this country was all of ours and when the majority speaks then that’s what happens.  I guess that doesn’t always happen anymore.

At this time, many believe the Feds blocking it is the biggest concern. I’ll admit it’s one of my biggest concern and obviously the Feds spending millions of our dollars to feed the legal system with their blocking efforts. It just makes you feel that for any big issues your vote doesn’t matter.  At the end of the day the masses vote for something, however, a selected few have the right to make the final decision over it.  There is always someone or a team of specialized people who will evaluate it and determine if the public deserves that right after it’s voted for and passed. People really need to stand up for their rights and especially their voting rights.

Where are the Feds trying to block it?

In short, their excuse is that it’s federally illegal.  The fact is that they will continue to fight it until they get a piece of the tax revenue and that is what they really want.  It’s the same with King County (Washington State), they want their “fair” share.  If they were not going to get anything out of this, it wouldn’t have even hit the ballot.   You think liquor would have been privatized if the state didn’t get their “fair” share? No way that would have happen.  Everyone wants their cut of the tax revenue.

The black market selling it?

One of the benefits many claimed in supporting the initiative was that it would stop the criminals from selling it via the black market.  I think it may slow down but certainly won’t stop it.  The reality is the taxes are going to be so high that it will continue to be cheaper on the streets.  If you’re smoking marijuana now, getting it from your same provider will still be our cheapest option.  The only benefit you have is that you can carry an ounce on you and still be OK.

I believe the use of marijuana is a big step forward for our rights and freedoms.  The people have spoken so this needs to move forward as planned without the Feds getting involved.  I hope the courts just drop every case the Feds try to push forward in Washington State.  That wouldn’t make it worthwhile for them to continue the fight against.  This is, however, a huge boost in revenue for Washington State.  Not only the massive amount of extra tax revenue but just being the leader (one of the first states to approve it) there is going to be a big tourism boost all over.  That means more sales tax revenue, parking, tickets, basically everything increases.  The sheer volume of tourism in Seattle increases just for being one of the firsts to approve the legalization of marijuana and that is an exciting movement.  Now that it has passed, we’re saving millions of tax revenue that would go to lawyers, courts, and our jail system support these “criminals”.  It’s all positive in my opinion and I’m proud to have support it into law.


Having lived in the Pacific Northwest his entire life, Jeff understands and delivers a different perspective about politics. Even though many may disagree with his language and writing style, you can't debate his passion for the Seattle area and his committment to a better society.

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