Seattle Council Members Not Listening

Yesterday, May 17 2011, your Seattle Council Members cancelled a meeting to discuss the possibility of voting on the Alaskan Way Viaduct.  The meeting was scheduled after a judge’s ruling that stated the public could vote on the much debated tunnel. 

There is no doubt in anyones mind the viaduct needs construction.  However, how much we spend on this project is the question.  In such bad financial times should we really be spending billions and billions on all these extra and elaborate things for the tunnel like a community park looking over the water?  Do we really need to bore a tunnel underneath Seattle or should we just flatten the viaduct and connect the roads (saving billions)?  There are so many options available that could save billions yet we have to go the most expensive and elaborate route.

The Seattle Council Members have made up their minds obviously and are pushing forward with all the bells and whistles for the viaduct project.  They don’t want to discuss it and they certainly don’t want the public to vote on it.  The May 17th cancelled meeting demonstrates that they are moving 100% forward no matter what.

If you’re for or against the Seattle viaduct project, one thing must be represented and that is the people.  Seattle Council Members or elected officials with their own egos and agendas must be pushed out the door if they are being shady.  Trying to make deals behind the general public backs (or thinking they know best) is not acceptable.  These officials represent you (the public) and they really need to accept the publics vote.  Shutting out the people out on voting and proposals is clearly a communist move.  A move that is based on what they feel is best (and egos) without getting any feedback from the people who they should be representing. 

Alaskan Way Viaduct
Alaskan Way Viaduct

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  1. I have tried to contact the seattle council member on many issues and all I get is reception people or template emails. We need a big change so the seattle council members will listen to us Seattle residents.

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