An Atheist Small Business Bit the Dust Last Weekend

Bart Centre was so sure he wouldn’t be called to heaven today so he started a business to feed the pets of the people who ended up in heaven. Since the Rapture didn’t happen his post-Rapture care for pets left behind probably is not to popular today. He called his business Eternal Earth-Bound Pets USA.

As of May 10 he said he had 250 clients and I would imagine since then would be the busy time.  The cost for his service was $135.00 for the first pet and $20.00 for each additional pet. A rescuer would come to your home within 24 hours and get your pet. It didn’t say but I would imagine you needed to leave your door unlocked because all your friends and neighbors would be in heaven. How about the store that sells the pet food he needs, wouldn’t they be in heaven too? What if at the last minute he was saved and we had to face him up there? I would be pretty ticked off if that happened.

Well I am sure he is entitled to a big bail out of some kind. Just say his business failed and don’t say what kind and I am sure the Federal Government would write him a check for a million or more so he could figure out a new business.

The fools that signed up with him are still better off than the ones who gave all their property and money away. His fees were non refundable and I doubt anyone could find him today anyway.

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