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Civil Service Commission In Seattle Wants You!

The City Of Seattle Council is looking for a few good men or women for their Civil Service Commission.  It’s pretty much a volunteer position but you do get a small stipend each year.  It’s a 3 year term which starts on Jan 1st 2013.

The Civil Service Commission in Seattle is a team that provides fair and impartial meetings regarding alleged violations from the City Of Seattle’s personnel.

The team consists of 3 members.  First is appointed by the Mayor, second is appointed by the Council, and finally one is elected by Seattle City employees.  Team members normally meet the 3rd Wednesday of each month beginning at 9:30 a.m and it runs an hour or two.

The announcement came from Seattle Council Member Tim Burgess.

Losing Your Job With Obama Care?

With Obama Care running wild in the next few years there will be a common trend… letting people go.  As a business owner, I understand how it works.  However, as an employee, you may not.   At his point, I will only hire independant contractors.  That will take care of me.  However, companies with a larger staff will need to make serious cuts to make it work.  That means if you’re currently employeed, your job is in jeopordy.  Making it work for new hires shouldn’t be a problem though.  They will just get offered less when they start the job.  It’s simple math.  A job that normally starts at 50K will be offered at 38K now to cover the extra Obama Care expenses.  Of course less jobs will be available because company’s will have to pay more.   Since there are a lot of desperate people looking right now, they will take the “offer”.  Companies will simply offer you less (when starting the job) to absorb the extra costs involved of the Obama Care program.  If you got dental or health insurance now with your company, you already are getting this cut from your paycheck or were offered less when you started to cover those costs.  You didn’t really think you were getting eye/dental coverage for free did you?  It was calculated into offer before you even applied for the job.

I recently read an article about David Siegel the CEO of Westgate Resorts.  Mr. Siegel has a staff of 7,000 in Florida (battleground state).  He is very unhappy with Obama and sent out an email to everyone working for him basically saying that the economy isn’t a threat to you job but another 4 years of the same President puts your job at risk.  He continues to say that if any new taxes are levied on him he’ll be force to cut the size of his company.  He doesn’t mention Romneys name in the 1,400 word email and also says you certainly have the right to vote for whomever you choose.  However, it makes it quite clear employees will be cut if Obama is re-elected.

I admit I respect David Siegel for coming straight out with it.  SO many employees working right now will not get the luxury of that pre-notice email about their job.


Unemployment Rate A Broken System

The numbers for unemployment came out today for September and it just so happened to decrease to 7.8%.  I’m not here today to call the calculations a little suspect due to the timing of Obama’s re-election and the next debate, however, you can find a lot of people online pointing fingers and calling it bull.

I just wanted to write this up to give you a better insight into these unemployment numbers and tell you why the system is broken.  First the system is used to give you encouragement.  It’s development in nature and technical aspects are pieced together to make America look really good.  Well lets just give the system the benefit of doubt and say these numbers provided (7.8%) of Americans are unemployed.  So if these numbers are right they are saying less than 1 in 10 are unemployed.  Seriously – u believe that?  That just sounds ridiculously low.  I am confident I could claim 20% (2 out of 10) in my group of friends for sure right now.  Think about 10 people you know and see if that makes sense to you.

Second and most importantly, the system doesn’t count “discouraged workers” which they say is 802,000 people.  “Discourage workers” are defined as people not currently looking for work because they believe no jobs are available for them.  First problem here is for a big system like ours in America there is no way to track who is “Discouraged” or not discouraged.  No one calls you after you’re fired or let go to know your personal situation.  They don’t know if you’re looking handing our resumes or not.  There is no way to track (unless they are getting unemployment checks – A LOT don’t bother with that hassle) who is sending resumes or who have given up 100%.  It’s all just based on make believe info when it comes to “discouraged workers”.  If I’m out of work how do they know that I’m trying hard to find a new job or not – They can’t and I shouldn’t be labeled a “discouraged worker” (not in the unemployment calculations) because I can’t find work.

The 7.8% does not include the “discouraged workers”.  So if I’m working at McDonald’s and I’m let go, don’t file for unemployment, I’m now discouraged.  Geez that is just about everyone who loses a job whether they are filed or let go. These people are not calculated into the 7.8% figure.  If they say we only have have 802,000 “discourage workers” who just gave up that they know of – then realistically there must be millions and millions.

To fix this the system needs to add everyone into one pool except underage, state disabled, never had a job, and retirees.  That, however, will never happen.  If it did Americas unemployment rate would be around 20% or more!

That my friends is why the unemployment rates are completely false, not accurate, and completely broken.


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