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OSO Mudslide

Questions About President Obama’s Visit To OSO

Obama OSO Landslide Visit

I felt the need to do a follow up about the multi million dollar waste of money for President Obama to come visit the people of OSO. It was just photo shoot with Susan, Patty and Maria. But now that all that money has been squandered I want to ask if he noticed any thing different here than at the New Orleans flood. I know he was not president then, but should certainly know what I am talking about. Here are some questions he should be asking himself, and thinking very hard about answers he comes up with. He could learn quite a lesson here if he wanted to.

Where are the rows of brand new mobile homes that were furnished almost immediately for the flood victims in New Orleans?? These were totally trashed within a matter of months. Did OSO get any?

Where were the mobs demanding fast food instead of the free food that the people in OSO were cooking for the victims and workers. In New Orleans food that was good enough for the soldiers was not good enough for the victims.

Why isn’t the military in OSO to prevent looting, violence and raping that occurred in New Orleans?

Why aren’t the victims in OSO gathering in places like stadiums demanding more free stuff instead of helping one another? Old white woman in their 80’s are busy cooking funeral meals for the victims.

We will never get to compare answers if you even give this a second thought but I think it’s the mindset of the people. The people of OSO are working people. They were there to get away from the crime in the big cities. They wanted a home, that they paid for themselves. They wanted to earn their own way, and most of all did not want the government’s handouts that would keep them from doing what they wanted to do. In New Orleans most of the houses were free to the tenants to begin with. If something falls apart(tenants trash it) it just gets replaced. They have no respect for each others property and steal from each other, so it only makes sense if their house gets flooded, no problem, Uncle Sam will give them a new better house. Give them all the food they need. Meet all their demands to keep them from killing each other.(and of course voting you back in office) In OSO the people bought their homes, and were making payments. They bought their food. They always helped each other and probably did not even lock their doors. Perfect example how you can drag down whole cities by making them dependent on the government handouts. You are not helping them plan for a good future. It is more or less, one meal at a time. If that quit they don’t have a clue how to help each other. Nothing is of any value to them they way it is for people who have had to go to work each day to put food on the table and buy a house.

Did you notice any of that President Obama? If you did I am sure you would never admit it, and call me a racist on top of it.

Obama Keeps Blowing Money

Obama OSO Mudslide Visit

As reported previously by Lilly, it is now official President Obama will be making a visit to the devastated OSO mudslide site. It’s obviously a way for him to build his popularity, show remorse, and shake a few hands. If he really cared, he would stay home and send/write a check for 2 million plus dollars as that’s about what it takes in fuel/staff just to get here. The money would be 100x more beneficial to the people then him standing around taking photographs and getting publicity out of it. For Obama, however, it’s all about him and making the people love him. He continues to say one thing and then goes and does another. This is just another example of wasted time and money provided by President Obama. The reality is we all feel bad about the situation (it’s horrible) but these people need money to buy food and get back on there feet. A hand shake, photographs, and positive news coverage doesn’t solve a thing. Plus, the time and resources to get the President here is a huge waste of taxpayers money. It costs millions to fly him around.

It’s never been about the wasted money for Obama, however. Just look at Obamacare this guy will spend billions maybe even trillions of dollars just to make the program work. I hear about it on the TV and radio every day! Even if it’s failing horribly, he will dump every last penny to make the program work so he doesn’t look bad over it. There is a point and we probably have already past it where just giving all the uninsured people a check for 100K would have been a better option and it would cost much less.

The OSO mugslide is horrible but let’s be honest here how is Obama going to help with the efforts except making himself look good by being there. This publicity is going to be on every news channel across the country and it’s just one be positive PR stunt.

To date, 41 lives have been lost due to the disaster. A few individuals in the area still remain missing and have not been accounted. Each day approx. 625 workers continue the search and clean up efforts.

OSO STRONG Mudslide Benefit Fundraiser

OSO Fundraiser

OSO, WA – The Rhodes River Ranch is hosting a community-organized fundraising event benefiting the Oso Firemen’s Association ( ), a local, non-profit and registered charitable organization in support of the mudslide rescue efforts.

This is an opportunity to support the Oso community and celebrate the many who have gathered to help the rescue efforts.

Located on the south side of the Stillaguamish River and a mere 4-miles from the slide location, the Rhodes River Ranch ( is a 150-acre,award-winning breeding and horse-training facility. Many working here have friends and families affected by this tragedy and are thankful to have the ability and facilities to help the community.

During initial and continuing rescue efforts, the Rhodes River Ranch is one of the staging grounds for relief efforts. The fundraiser will be held in their large indoor arena (one of the largest professional ranch arenas west of the Mississippi).

Favorite local bands and musicians will be performing at the event and the Rhodes River Ranch Restaurant will be serving specialty beer, cocktails, beverages and a special buffet dinner.

The silent auction begins at 1:00pm and the live auction at 5:00pm and there is a silent auction featuring works by such artists as Art Wolfe.

Mudslide Benefit Fundraiser
Rhodes River Ranch
Oso/Arlington, WA
Saturday, April 5, 1-7pm

For information or interviews, contact
Bonnie Rose, (360) 474-8313x 230




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