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Obama May Negatively Impact Your Job

In a recent article for the Emerald City Journal, we spoke how voting for Obama may negatively impact your job and/or future job salary opportunities (lower offers).  We spoke about David Siegel the CEO of Westgate Resorts and the email he wrote to his employees (thousands of them).  Today more CEO’s are stepping forward with the same warnings that your job maybe on the line if you support Obama.  This time the email is from Saddle Creek President Cliff Otto.  In the email he expresses many things but it comes down to Romney’s positions on energy and taxes align with the company better.

I do think it’s fair that employees know what is coming to them.  Most voters just look at the benefits (hey! free health care everyone) yet don’t understand the consequences that their employer will need to make adjustments in the company to make the numbers work and that means the possibility of cutting staff.  It’s a smooth move by Romney.  He expressed it on a conference call with the National Federation of Independent Business.  Unfortunately, I don’t think it has really hit the voters yet or they simply don’t realize that businesses can’t just write off Obama Care they have to balance their budgets.  You can’t spend money you don’t have.  Companies with 100 employees would need to come up with an extra 100K per year at least for the Obama Care program and that doesn’t just grow on the money tree in the backyard.

Another email from a car part manufacturer in Michigan (Lacks Enterprises) is expressing the same consequences.  It basically says that if you don’t for Romney, it could result in higher taxes and lower pay.  He earges his employees to for “less government”.

Lastly, you probably have heard of Steve Wynn (Wynn Resorts).  They are the third largest casino operator in America.  Mr. Wynn went a step further and mailed a 60+ page packet to his 12,000 employees.  Steve Wynn has stated, “It would be a complete disaster if Obama wins, which is why I’m urging my employees to vote for Romney.”  It will cost Steve Wynn millions of dollars per year if Obama is elected.

Unlike David Siegel the CEO of Westgate Resorts who doesn’t come out and say it (don’t vote for Obama) more and more companies are getting stronger in their statements and making it quite clear that your vote for Obama may put your job on the line.

Seattle CEO Salaries On The Rise 2011

It’s true many of the top Seattle CEO salaries are up in 2011.  I find it amazing every time I hear someone complain about how bad their company is doing (as an employee) or why as a company they had to take a pay cut.  Internally I wonder if they really know what is happening and if they really know how companies operate.  Salaries are considered an expense so a 1 million dollar company that pays it CEO $950,000 then shares $40,000 for staff salaries and finally reports a $10,000 profit at the end of the year – doesn’t look or sound to profitable.  In reality the business (the CEO) are doing quite well.  Many hard working Americans are in this position.  If they have the courage to ask for a raise (they usually don’t know how much the top CEO’s are making anyway) they will be told “we simply don’t have the revenue” or “the company isn’t doing good enough for a raise”.   Unfortunately, those statements are true on paper.

This maybe hard to hear for many but the rich always win.  Do you want to not get screwed over in life?  Then make money and lots of it.  The more you make the less you pay in taxes,  the more free items you get, and simply an entirely better quality of life. 

It’s very true we as humans are products of our environments.  We are (or not in some households) raised on a type of religion and work ethic.  You are most likely a Republican or a Democrat because you were raised in that environment or around more of a certain type.  Many lower and middle class employees are programmed from early on to work their tails off making someone else rich 9-5 every single day.  The lower and middle class get pay day loans at 40% interests.  They are the largest consumers when it comes to cigarettes.  The rich politicians only keep cigarettes around because the tobacco lobby puts extra money in their hands and gets them elected.  Our system is setup this way and I’m not saying it is right – I am just saying what it is.

Lets take a look at some of the top Seattle CEO salaries many of which got big raises for poor company financial performance (on paper).

Intermec (Everett Washington).  They make bar code devices and scanners.  They lost money and their stock went down last year.  The CEO got a 69% raise to 3.5 million.

Motricity (Bellevue Washington).  The CEO (Ryan Wuerch) got a 300% raise.

Omeros (Seattle Washington).  The President/CEO (Gregory Demopulos) also got a 300% raise.

Finally Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz’s compensation for 2010 was 45% higher than in 2009.  He is one of the Seattle’s highest paid CEO at $21.7 million+. 



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