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Neal ElAttrache Biography

Dr. Neal ElAttrache

The world of professional sports is highly competitive. Athletes have to stay in shape and stay on top of their game to see success for their team. The body of an athlete is put under high demand, and this consistent demand can lead to sports-related injuries. These injuries can affect an athlete’s season, as well as their entire career. When an athlete gets injured and requires surgery, their future success is ultimately in the hands of their surgeon. This means the surgeon has to know what they are doing and provide the best care to ensure the athlete will be able to return to the game they love. One surgeon who has demonstrated his skill and passion for aiding athletes return to full strength is Dr. Neal ElAttrache.

Neal ElAttrache is an orthopedic surgeon that specializes in sports medicine at Kerlan-Jobe Orthopedic Clinic in Los Angeles. He has dedicated his career to helping professional athletes recover from significant injuries that could have halted their careers. He is most recognized for the treatment and research of knee, shoulder, and elbow injury and repair.

Rise to Top Sports Physician

Dr. Neal ElAttrache studied at the University of Notre Dame, graduating in 1981. His focus was set on entering the medical field, knowing he wanted to specialize in sports medicine. Following his graduation from Notre Dame, he went on to earn his medical doctorate at the University of Pittsburgh in 1985. He immediately started his internship in general surgery and started his residency in orthopedic surgery. Following this residency, he went on to become a sports medicine fellow at Kerlan-Jobe Orthopedic Clinic in 1990. Dr. ElAttrache loved his time at Kerlan-Jobe Orthopedic Clinic so much that he joined the team directly following his fellowship.


Neal ElAttrache is dedicated to his craft, both hands-on and through important educational and consulting positions. Dr. ElAttrache is a member of the Kerlan-Jobe Orthopedic Clinic Board of Directors. He is also Chairman of the Board of the Kerlan-Jobe Orthopedic Foundation. He serves on the Board of Directors and functions as co-chair of Medical Affairs for the Kerlan-Jobe Institute. He also collaborates with Cedars-Sinai whose goal is to lead and support advancements in the fields of sports medicine and orthopedics on a global scale.

Dr. Neal ElAttrache is a former member of the Executive Committee of the American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons Association. He is also the former Program Chairman for the American Orthopedic Society of Sports Medicine.

In addition, he’s been selected for membership in the Alpha Omega Honor Medical Society, NFL Physicians Society, and many other prestigious groups that are leaders in orthopedic surgery.

Role as a Sports Surgeon

Neal ElAttrache has built his career on providing the best in orthopedic care, as well as giving back to his community and supporting future orthopedic surgeons. He takes pride in continuing to provide expert surgical procedures for professional athletes who still have a long career ahead of them. His reputation and track record of successful surgeries has led him to become one of the most highly demanded orthopedic surgeons in Los Angeles. He has held the position of head team physician for the Los Angeles Rams and the Los Angeles Dodgers. He’s also served as an Orthopedic Consultant to the Los Angeles Kings, L.A. Lakers, and the Anaheim Ducks. He also served as senior surgeon for on-site surgical support for the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC) at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Dr. Neal ElAttrache specializes in knee, shoulder, and elbow injuries. All of these injuries can commonly occur in individuals who participate in contact sports.

As head physician for the Los Angeles Rams, Dr. ElAttrache was proud to be there when the team experienced their big Super Bowl win. He loves the rush of being right there on the sidelines to provide aid at a moment’s notice to the different members of the team. He takes personal pride in ensuring the health and safety of the athletes under his care.


Dr. Neal ElAttrache has a long career in sports medicine with no sign of slowing down any time soon. Throughout his career, he has received numerous awards and recognitions for his dedicated work in sports medicine. He has been recognized as a top sports medicine specialist by several different organizations. The Los Angeles Daily News included Dr. ElAttrache as a “Top 50 Most Powerful in Los Angeles Sports.” USA Today included him in their list of “The 100 Most Powerful People in MLB.” He was selected by peer review for “Best Doctors in America,” and Castle Connolly included him in their list of “America’s Top Doctors.” He’s also been labeled “Super Doctor” by Super Doctors of Southern California.

Baseball Prospectus, Bleacher Report, and Sports Illustrated Online all recognized him as “Top 10 Sports Medicine Doctors in America.” His list of recognitions goes on and on. What all his recognitions share in common is that they highlight his commitment to orthopedics and sports medicine. His commitment to athlete success continues to build his career and his recognition not only in Los Angeles, but throughout the entire U.S.

He was installed as the 47h president of the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine (AOSSM) on Saturday, July 7th, 2018.

Work Outside of Surgery

Dr. ElAttrache is truly committed and passionate about sports medicine. When he isn’t operating, he is serving his community through different memberships and committees. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and expertise with others. He has authored over 40 textbook chapters and 100 research journal articles. He’s also participated in 10 orthopedic instructional videos. He has also given over 317 lectures at national and international orthopedic surgery conferences. With over 37 years of experience, he enjoys sharing his experiences with others in the field.

Dr. Neal ElAttrache Today

Neal ElAttrache continues to focus on providing quality medical treatment to the athletes of the L.A. Rams team. He knows how detrimental an injury can be, and so he provides the expert care these athletes need to continue to play at their best. According to the, Dr. ElAttrache is married to Tricia as well as the brother-in-law to Sylvester Stallone. His long career is full of recognition for his commitment to advancing sports medicine and orthopedic medicine. He continues to support the state-of-the-art work performed at the Kerlan-Jobe Orthopedic Clinic.

Photo credit: “Twilight at Dodger Stadium” by LifeSupercharger is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Craig Sweeny Biography

Craig Sweeny

For the last two decades, Craig Sweeny, an American screenwriter and television producer, has been making a name for himself. He is mainly known for his role in creating science fiction television shows, but that’s only the beginning. His work in television and film has transcended genre. Craig Sweeny is known for his artistic eye and attention to detail – the kind of details discerning viewers love but with enough action to keep everyone interested.

Craig Sweeny and His Burgeoning Career

Like most people in the industry, Craig Sweeny’s opportunity was immediately apparent. Though before his work in the industry began, Sweeny had a variety of jobs; once he began writing, he knew he had found his calling. He began his career in movies and film at CBS Studios. He worked as a staff writer for the successful television drama, The 4400. However, he wrote for many other projects that CBS had in production and became an invaluable member of the team. His work encompassed more than pen and paper. Craig Sweeny’s talents include writing, creating, and executive producing. Many notice his quiet stamp on a plethora of projects.

Craig Sweeny’s Work at CBS

Craig Sweeny’s time at CBS has been extremely productive, and he has been at the helm or part of the creative team of many of the company’s most successful shows. Here are a few of those:

The 4400 (2004). Playing with both personal drama and science fiction, this show is about a group of people who went missing only to return later with supernatural powers and be hunted down by a government agency. Beautifully filmed, The 4400 won an Emmy for Outstanding Cinematography for a Miniseries or Movie in 2005 and has been nominated for many more awards besides that.

Medium (2005). Being a mom is its own job, but Allison DuBois also works as a consultant for a law firm. She also just happens to be a medium who receives visions of crimes while she sleeps. She uses her supernatural talent to help solve crimes but has to manage her own personal life at the same time. This interesting crime drama keeps viewers on the edge of their seat to find out “who done it?”

Limitless (2015). Based on the extremely successful film starring Bradley Cooper (who also had a cameo in the TV show), this series ran for one season. It tells the story of Brain Finch, who discovers a drug that gives him increased brain power and intellectual gifts. He uses these new-found gifts to work with the FBI to help solve complex cases.

Craig Sweeny discussing Limitless at WonderCon in 2016

Star Trek Discovery (2017). This series is the seventh in the Star Trek franchise. It follows the crew of the starship Discovery from a decade before the Original Series traveling through the future. Set a decade before Captain Kirk voyaged on the Starship Enterprise, this show truly goes where no man (or showrunner) has gone before.

Other television shows that he has been a part of include: The Code, Elementary, Common Law, Dr. Vegas, Playmakers, and Dark Angel.

Craig Sweeny Creates His Own Production Company, Action This Day!

Though a loss for CBS, Craig Sweeny ventured out to make his own way and started his own production company, Action This Day! according to Wikipedia. When discussing the shows he works on, he said he likes the procedural model of the shows. From his perspective, that type of framework allows him to develop the characters organically and gradually. The characters are more real because you are not preparing for the next big thing to happen, and you have a lot of episodes to create the story. In some ways, he is turning what had belonged to movies into TV-watching by creating prestige TV shows.

When asked about how to make a hit television show, he admits that it’s somewhat of a mystery. He does not have a guaranteed way to make a hit, but he does know what keeps him entertained and tries to incorporate that into his work. He initially wants to feel an internal spark that draws him into any project. He says that he relies on other people to tell him what a hit is. He tries not to get too deep into the analytics because that takes away from the creating aspect of what he does. His first job is as a creator.

How Craig Sweeny Casts for His Production Company

Finding the right actors for any given show is its own unique process. When talking about how the casting for roles goes, he states that it feels more like a mating ritual than a job interview. Almost like a blind date, he meets them for coffee and small talk and then digs deeper from there. Getting to know the actor helps him fill out the story and develop its future. He explains that he sometimes sits alone mulling ideas for his shows, and sometimes he sits in a group to discuss and throw thoughts around.

In 2021, Sweeny signed a three-year deal with CBS Studios. This deal will keep him working on existing projects for CBS while developing new ones for Action This Day!  

When he is not working, Craig Sweeny enjoys staying in shape and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. In fact, he has over 10 years of experience. When asked about his training, Sweeny responded, “It’s a rewarding pastime that has benefited me immeasurably and I’d recommend it to just about anyone.”

Craig Sweeny Jiu-Jitsu Competition at Southbay Open

Photo: “Craig Sweeny” by Gage Skidmore (Creative Commons)

Photo: Southbay Open by YouTube.

University of Washington’s Taiwanese Student Association Night Market 2020

UW Night Market 2020

When you think of the Night Market, what comes to mind? Is it the mouth-watering food, neon lights with dark sky, challenging games, or friends enjoying food together? The night market tradition has been around since the Tang Dynasty and has hosted all over Taiwan that attract large numbers of tourists for the food and lively ambience. Instead of having to fly all the way to Taiwan to experience this great experience and delicious food, the Taiwanese Student Association (TSA) at the University of Washington has got you covered, we will bring the Night Market to you! TSA is a non-profit student-led organization that aims to share the beauty of Taiwan’s culture, and every year since 2001, they have held a yearly night market in the Spring, which has become known as the UW Night Market. This year the 20th annual Night Market is right around the corner which will be happening on May 9th 2020! 

The UW Night Market started in 2001 and has been growing more and more each year. It occupies all of Red Square and the Quad at the UW Seattle campus. And as last year, it attracted over 9000 attendees! There were 30 vendors at our 19th Night Market, and some of which include Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea, Boiling Point, Seattle Best Tea, and new vendors every year are added onto the list. If you would like to be a sponsor or a vendor, you can email us at The UW Night Market this year will be an evening you don’t want to miss out on, so mark your calendars for May 9 (at Red Square + the Quad)!

Check out the following links for more information!

If you would like to be a Vendor: Download Google Doc

Tim Cook Biography – CEO of Apple Inc

Tim Cook Apple

Those who are familiar with Tim Cook likely know him as the chief executive officer of Apple, Inc., which is a position that he has held for over a decade. Prior to taking over as CEO of one of the world’s largest tech companies, Cook began by serving under Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple. Still, who is Tim Cook, and how did he reach the position that he’s in today?

Early Life and Education

Timothy Donald Cook, commonly known as Tim Cook, was born on November 1st, 1960. Cook is from Mobile, Alabama, although he actually grew up in Robertsdale, a nearby town. He came from humble beginnings, with his father being a shipyard worker and his mother working at a pharmacy. Although Cook wasn’t born into wealth, he was highly motivated and a hard worker from his childhood.

In 1978, Cook went on to graduate from Robertsdale High School. After his high school graduation, Cook went right on to attend Alabama’s Auburn University. He earned his degree in 1982, which was a Bachelor of Science in industrial engineering.

Even so, that wasn’t the end of Cook’s educational journey. He later attended Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, where he graduated with his Master of Business Administration (MBA) in 1988.

Pre-Apple Career

After he graduated with his bachelor’s degree, Cook began working in IBM’s personal computer business. He remained at this company for around twelve years, which eventually led to him serving as the organization’s director of North American fulfillment. Cook completed his master’s program while he was working at IBM, leading to him becoming a Fuqua Scholar.

Cook would eventually leave his position at IBM, although he didn’t transition right away to work with Apple. Instead, he joined Intelligent Electronics’ computer reseller division. In this company, Cook held the position of chief operating officer.

Although it was short-lived, Cook has served as Compaq’s vice president for corporate materials. After just six months in this role, however, Cook was hired by Steve Jobs. This is what caused him to leave Compaq and join Apple, Inc.

Early Apple Career

After being asked by Steve Jobs himself, Cook joined the Apple team in 1998. He considers his choice to join Apple to be based on intuition, as well as his promising interactions with Steve Jobs. At that point in time, many of Cook’s peers were advising him to stay with Compaq, since that position was superior when it came to cost and benefits. Nevertheless, Cook decided to go with his gut and leave his position as Compaq’s vice president for corporate materials.

About his decision to leave Compaq and join Apple, Cook has said that he quickly realized how much he wanted to be a part of Apple, even if it meant going against logic and caution. He felt it to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and his intuition guided him to make the decision to join this amazing technology company.

When he first joined Apple, Cook was given the position of senior vice president for worldwide operations. While he was in this role, Cook closed the company’s warehouses and factories, replacing them instead with contract manufacturers. This turned out to be a remarkably positive change for Apple, with its inventory wait times being reduced from months to just days.

Cook demonstrated his impressive ability to keep the company’s costs under control, helping to generate enormous profits.

Later down the line, in 2007, he was promoted to lead operations for Apple. Then, in 2009 and 2011, Cook would serve as chief executive during Jobs’s health-related leaves of absence. During these periods where Jobs was on leave, Cook handled most of the company’s day-to-day operations. However, Jobs continued to be in charge of major decisions within Apple.

CEO of Apple

In August 2011, Jobs stepped down as CEO of Apple, becoming the company’s chairman of the board. It was at this point that Cook took on the role of full-time chief executive officer. Just six weeks after Cook became CEO of Apple, Inc., Steve Jobs passed away due to complications with pancreatic cancer.

Around a year after becoming CEO, Cook made significant adjustments to the company’s executive team. Over the next several years, he would also concentrate on creating a harmonious culture within Apple. He stuck to his values, as well, even if it meant challenging shareholders to cut ties with the company if they didn’t share Apple’s views on climate change and sustainability.

Cook received a payout of approximately $750 million in August 2021, having sold over five million Apple Inc. shares.

Philanthropy and Personal Life

Over the course of his career, Cook has remained dedicated to supporting charities and causes that he believes in. For instance, at the start of 2018, he made a pledge to add 20,000 new jobs and invest $350 billion in the United States economy before 2023. Part of this plan included investing $55 billion to construct a facility that runs off of renewable energy.

Shortly after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Apple donated $15 million to help support global relief efforts. Several weeks after this major donation, the company started to create face shields that they would be shipping to medical workers. Over the course of a few weeks, Apple produced millions of these protective face shields.

Cook has also shown support for various LGBTQ causes. Although he never denied his sexuality, Cook wasn’t open to the public about being gay until 2014. At this time, he came to the conclusion that by being open about his sexuality, he could inspire positive change and encourage struggling LGBTQ youth. When asked about this topic, Cook then went on to say that while his privacy was extremely important to him, he also recognized the value in what his story could do for others. It was this realization that led him to feel comfortable sharing his truth with the world. All in all, Tim Cook has had a long and remarkable career. Not just anyone could successfully follow in the footsteps of Steve Jobs, although this is a role that Cook took on with ease. And at the current time, it seems that Cook has no intentions of slowing down.

Local Car Dealer and Bloodworks Northwest Team Up To Address Urgent Winter Blood Shortages

Bloodworks Logo

Seattle, WA (January 15, 2020)– In an effort to maintain an adequate blood supply through the tough winter months, Bloodworks Northwest and the Haselwood Auto Group in Bremerton, WA are offering blood donors who come into any Bloodworks Northwest donor center or blood drive between now and March 17, 2020, a chance to win a new car! Every time you donate, you’ll be automatically entered for a chance to win – and not just any car – but a choice among nine pre-selected new vehicles in the Haselwood Auto Group inventory.

“Bloodworks Northwest and the Haselwood Auto Group are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of others,” says Curt Bailey, President and CEO, Bloodworks Northwest. “We’re both on a mission to better our community, especially now when bad weather makes it hard for donors to travel.”

“Your blood is an invaluable gift for local patients. Share it,” says Haselwood Auto Group’s COO Rob Colon. “We believe there is never a wrong time to do the right thing. Creating remarkable experiences for each other and our communities is the foundation and cornerstone of our shared values. This is foremost in everything we do, including our partnerships to help drive support for great causes. We’re urging our customers to share in our values by donating with Bloodworks Northwest.”

Donating blood only takes one hour from registration to cookie. Most people in good health, at least 18 years old, and weighing at least 110 pounds, may donate whole blood every 56 days as long as they meet other donor criteria. Every pint donated has the potential to help three people at hospitals across the Pacific Northwest, including Harrison Medical Center in Silverdale and Naval Hospital Bremerton. Patient being treated for cancer, surgery or trauma rely on donated blood. Donors can find locations of donor centers, blood drives or make appointments online at, by calling 800-398-7888, or by texting ‘winacar’ to 91985 to learn more and download the Bloodworks App.

Ricky Gervais Will Host Golden Globes for the Fifth Time on Tonight – January 5, 2020

Source: Wikipedia

Ricky Gervais has been selected to host the 77th Golden Globes ceremony on January 5, 2020 at the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel. Gervais has agreed to host the Golden Globes for “the very last time” and has promised attendees and viewers alike an enjoyable experience. Long time client of the PR firm, 42West, Gervais is the perfect fit as the host of the Golden Globes.

Ricky’s History With the Golden Globes

The Golden Globes was a host-less affair for many years. In 2010, event organizers decided to try something new by asking a renowned comedian to take the reigns and bring a new kind of levity to the annual awards ceremony. For the next three years, Ricky Gervais was the host of the Golden Globes, delighting viewers and attendees with his trademark irreverent comedic flair and lampooning Hollywood with an inimitable stage presence.

After 2012, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey took over hosting duties for the Golden Globes for three years. Gervais, who had stated his 2012 hosting appearance would be his last, agreed to return for the 2016 Golden Globes. In 2017, Saturday Night Live actor Jimmy Fallon took over as the host, and Andy Samberg of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Sandra Oh of Killing Eve assumed hosting duties for 2018. Ricky Gervais has agreed to return for his fifth and final appearance as the Golden Globes host for the 77th ceremony for the 2019 awards.

The chief of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, Lorenzo Soria, has stated, “when Ricky Gervais is at the helm of the Golden Globes Awards, we can always expect the unexpected.”

Predictions for the 77th Golden Globes

Many incredible films and television shows have aired in 2019, and it’s anyone’s guess as to who will take the awards for the top categories at the next Golden Globes ceremonies. When it comes to the Motion Picture Drama category, the frontrunners include Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman, Marriage Story, and 1917, but many consider the dark comic-influenced drama of Todd Phillips’ Joker to be a strong contender as well.

In the category of Lead Drama Actress, the contenders include:

  • Renée Zellweger, Judy
  • Scarlett Johansson, Marriage Story
  • Helen Mirren, The Good Liar
  • Charlize Theron, Bombshell
  • Saoirse Ronan, Little Women

For Lead Drama Actors, the nominees are: Christian Bale, Ford v Ferrari
Antonio Banderas, Pain and Glory
Robert De Niro, The Irishman
Adam Driver, Marriage Story
Joaquin Phoenix, Joker

While many consider Joker to be a longshot for Best Motion Picture Drama, Joaquin Phoenix is perhaps the strongest contender for Lead Drama Actor due to his remarkable powerhouse performance as the titular character. Helen Mirren is a strong choice for Lead Drama Actress and a win would be her 15th award from the Golden Globes.

The other major film category includes Motion Picture Comedy/Musical with nominees including Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood, Dolemite Is My Name, Knives Out, and Jojo Rabbit. For Drama Series, the nominees are Succession, The Crown, Game of Thrones, Big Little Lies, and The Morning Show. Comedy Series candidates are Fleabag, Barry, On Becoming a God in Central Florida, The Politician, and Russian Doll.

Many expect Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood to be the frontrunner for the best comedy film of the year. When it comes to Drama Series, the popularity of Game of Thrones makes it an undeniable contender, but the lackluster writing and even worse reception of the final season left many fans bitter about the ending of one of the most watched television series in history.

What to Expect at the 77th Golden Globes

No matter who takes the awards for all the categories at this year’s Golden Globes, the audience can rest assured knowing that host Ricky Gervais is sure to please with his stage presence, remarkable wit, and uncanny ability to roast the major players of Hollywood in the most imaginative and unexpected ways. Gervais is sure to delight the audience with his witty and acerbic sense of humor. Gervais is a long time client of 42west co-CEO Leslee Dart.

Letter To Mayor – Tiny House Village in Georgetown

Source: Wikipedia

The article about the Tiny House Village in Georgetown asked if we would like to express our views to the Mayor. I certainly do and have a question or two. It quotes “the Mayor has budgeted $1,260,000 To move the Georgetown and Northlake Village. That is a lot of money to spend  MOVING the tiny house villages. If the villages do not work in these spots they will not work where ever they might move them too. Way cheaper to get rid of the TENANTS. If there are problems, it’s the tenants that should be moved to JAIL. Why would a mayor spend any money on Tiny Houses if she/he knows they will be there just a short time? Money seems to be no object. I could be wrong here but I don’t think spending this $1,260,000 will help one homeless person. At first I was thinking geez the Mayor has to be really bad in math or really dumb. I don’t think the mayor is that dumb. No one could be. But after seeing Mayor Durkan  on the news this morning saying she will not let the car tab measure be put into use. She says the voters had no right to vote like that. Too late mayor. it was on the ballot even tho you played crooked and tried to mess that up. Tim Iman should sue you. This country has ballots for a reason. The majority of Washington voters are sick of the price of car tabs and see nothing happening to our streets and bridges to show where that money is going. They finally got fed up. Even the ones who can easily afford the tabs have had it with the Governor and Mayor thinking they are Kings/Queens or dictators. No YOU DO NOT HAVE ANY SAY OVER HOW WE VOTE AT THE BALLOT BOX.  You should have kept it off the ballot or tried to if you had a legal challenge to it.

As to the Tiny Houses, my suggestion instead of spending $1,260,000 to move some tiny houses that cost $10,000 to build new you could either toss a match over your shoulder and let the fireman practice putting out the fire, OR advertise free Tiny houses, you move. OR call 1-800 Got Junk and let them haul them away.

Seattle has gone to the dumps completely and I think some housecleaning will start. Property tax on a house in Seattle just keeps going up. The homeless can break every law and you say its OK. When it it OK for a human to lower his pants and crap on the sidewalk, but a dog owner can get fined if his little dog poops and he doesn’t pick it up? Voters do have a say Mayor. Time to wake up and represent the people who pay your wages, not the rich guys that  that fund your election.

– Lilly (Georgetown Seattle)

Pete Carroll Biography

Pete Carroll Biography

Pete Carroll started his football career in the small town of Redwood City, California where he was born in September 1951. From there, he went on to play defensive back at one of the most famous college football programs of all time, the University of Southern California.

After an extremely successful collegiate career where he helped create the West Coast offense with head coach John McKay, Carroll went on to be drafted by the New England Patriots in 1976, but later on that year he found himself traded to the San Francisco 49ers where he would spend the next decade playing some of his best seasons in the NFL.

Growing Up

Pete Carroll was born in San Francisco and attended Redwood High School in Larkspur, California. He graduated from College of Marin in Kentfield, California where he played running back on a team that won a junior college national championship.

He then transferred to the University of Pacific where he received his Bachelor’s degree in 1966 and his Master’s degree in 1967.

In 1968, Pete married Glenna Lynn Behm from nearby San Rafael, CA. They have two daughters: Jennifer (Cowell) and Laura (from a previous marriage). They live in Seattle, WA.

Playing College Football

In 1965, when he was 22 years old, Pete Carroll played linebacker for two seasons with Bill Walsh’s University of California Golden Bears football team.

He then became a graduate assistant coach for six months until he accepted a position at his alma mater to teach physical education and coach football. That year (1967), Walsh became head coach of the Oakland Raiders professional football team.

The following year, Walsh asked Pete Carroll to become an assistant on his staff; eventually becoming defensive backfield coach in 1971.

After one more season working with Walsh in Oakland, he left for Stanford University where he spent four years as an assistant to Stanford’s head coach; Denny Green (1972-1975). In 1976, he returned to Arkansas as defensive coordinator under Lou Holtz.

Finding His Niche

Though he says he had a few scholarship offers out of high school, football wasn’t exactly Pete Carroll’s lifelong passion. He went to college at Pacific University, a small liberal arts school in Oregon, and realized his true passion: education.

After getting his Master’s in Education from Colorado University and then working for three years as an assistant football coach at one of Colorado University’s rivals (the Colorado School of Mines), Pete decided to get back into sports by moving to USC and applying for a position coaching the defensive backs there.

Though things didn’t work out on that front (his players only managed mediocre results), Pete Carroll did get noticed by Paul Hackett, another Colorado graduate who was USC’s head coach at that time.

Becoming a Champion

Before becoming a Super Bowl-winning coach with Seattle, Pete Carroll was fired from two NFL jobs.

But he didn’t let his failures define him; instead, he continued to push forward and find success in professional sports.


With his fun-loving attitude and motivational nature, Pete Carroll was destined to succeed as a head coach.

His unconventional life experiences have given him an intriguing story that has allowed him to connect with his players, turning them into winners. The former defensive back’s style is often imitated but never duplicated.

While his critics contend that he’s not doing anything special or different, those who know better insist that he’s proven himself as one of history’s greatest innovators.

Pete Carroll is married to Glena Goranson. They have 3 children together – Brennan, Jaime, and youngest Nate.

Hundreds of Cyclists Pedaled to Defeat Cancer at the Inaugural Tour de Pier Seattle, Raising $150,000


Funds raised during the stationary cycling charity event benefit nonprofit organizations Virginia Mason Cancer Institute, the Hirshberg Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research and the Uncle Kory Foundation

SEATTLE – Sept. 17, 2019 – On Sept. 14, 2019, Tour de Pier, the unique stationary cycling fundraising event completed its first-ever Tour de Pier Seattle at Lake Union Park raising nearly $150,000 to support cancer research at Virginia Mason Cancer Institute, the Hirshberg Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research and the Uncle Kory Foundation.

More than 500 cyclists rode in the Tour de Pier to raise money for research, remember loved ones lost and support those who have been affected by cancer. Some of the West Coast’s best indoor cycling instructors, including Darsenio Hunter, Lindsey Ungar, Drew Shelton-Stewart, Alex Sweeney and PK Kessel, spun riders through a five-hour session with energizing music and entertainment.

“We were thrilled to see such a wonderful turnout for the inaugural Tour de Pier Seattle,” said Lisa Manheim, co-founder of Tour de Pier. “Our long-term goal is to expand this event across the country, and we’re proud that our first event held outside of Manhattan Beach had such a positive response.”

Seattle Seahawks sportscaster Jackie Montgomery emceed the event and country music recording artist Jessica Lynne sang the national anthem. Chaplain Tiji Murphy of Virginia Mason’s Bailey-Boushay House helped to guide a moment of silence and prayer at the start of the event. Ken Workman, a Duwamish Tribal Council member and direct descendant of Chief Seattle, gave an acknowledgement of the tribal land on which the event took place. Live entertainment during the Tour de Pier included a performance by the Seattle Seahawks Dancers, helicopter flyovers, a performance by the Seahawks’ Blue Thunder Drumline and a water show from the Seattle Police Harbor Patrol Unit. A free health and fitness expo during Tour de Pier included Vertra, Evergreens, Just Food for Dogs and Compfit Studios. Celebrity support from Miss Rainier Raechel Warren; Seattle Seawolves Mat Turner, Brad Tucker and Dion Crowder; and former NHL player Jamie Huscroft contributed to the fundraising success. Seahawks mascot Blitz and Seawolves mascot Rucky attended in support of the cause.

“It was truly awe-inspiring to see the number of people who came out to the event to support Virginia Mason Cancer Institute and others,” said Jeanne Jachim, president, Virginia Mason Foundation. “The funds raised through Tour de Pier will support vital efforts in our ongoing fight against cancer.”

Money raised from the Tour de Pier will be instrumental in facilitating research, in addition to developing better treatments and early detection methods and providing the latest resources for patients and families.

Since the first Tour de Pier was held in May 2013 in Manhattan Beach, California, the fitness fundraiser has raised more than $6.75 million for nonprofit cancer organizations and has grown to be one of the most popular outdoor charity events in Southern California.

About Tour de Pier
Jon Hirshberg, who started the first L.A. Cancer Challenge after the loss of his father Ron in 1997, came across the idea of doing a spin bike fundraiser after learning about an event that raised more than $3 million in one day at cycling studios across the country. He approached his friend and long-time cycling enthusiast, Heath Gregory, about the idea of putting on a one-day event in their hometown of Manhattan Beach, CA. Coincidentally, Gregory had participated in a similar event produced by Livestrong in Barcelona during the 2009 Tour de France and vividly remembered hundreds of riders moving in unison all for a common cause. With the Hirshberg Foundation on board to produce the event and a team of board members eager to participate, planning for the Tour de Pier began.

In March 2014, the City of Manhattan Beach Parks & Recreation Department won a prestigious award for Outstanding Special Event for the Tour De Pier, presented by the State of California Association of Parks and Recreation Commissioners. Competing against other cities throughout California, Tour de Pier was recognized as an event that significantly contributes to the overall betterment of the community. For more information, please visit

About Virginia Mason Health System 
Virginia Mason, founded in 1920, is a nonprofit regional health care system based in Seattle that serves the Pacific Northwest. In the Puget Sound region, the system includes 336-bed Virginia Mason Hospital; a primary and specialty care group practice of more than 500 physicians; outpatient medical facilities and services in Seattle, Bainbridge Island, Bellevue, Edmonds, Federal Way, Kirkland, Issaquah and Lynnwood; Bailey-Boushay House, the first skilled-nursing and outpatient chronic care management program in the United States designed specifically to meet the needs of people with HIV/AIDS; Benaroya Research Institute, which is internationally recognized for autoimmune disease research; Virginia Mason Foundation; and Virginia Mason Institute, which trains health care professionals and others around the world in the Virginia Mason Production System, an innovative management method for improving quality and safety.

Virginia Mason Health System also includes Virginia Mason Memorial, a 226-bed hospital serving Yakima Valley in central Washington since 1950. Virginia Mason Memorial includes primary care practices and specialty care services, including high-quality cardiac care; cancer care through North Star Lodge; breast health at `Ohana Mammography Center; acute hospice and respite care at Cottage in the Meadow; pain management at Water’s Edge; an advanced NICU unit that offers specialty care for at-risk infants; advanced services for children with special health care needs at Children’s Village; and The Memorial Foundation.

Writers Gretchen Berg and Aaron Harberts and Their Latest Project, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist – 2019/2020 Television Season

As far as the upcoming television season goes, there is nothing that is garnering more buzz than the musical dramedy, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist. Since the ending of the popular musical comedy-drama show, Glee, there has been a hole for viewers that love musicals. Glee was a standout show amongst the formulaic shows that dominated the television screens. Since it went off the air in 2015, viewers have been asking for something to fill that gap and Gretchen Berg and Aaron Harberts are set to deliver a brand new spin on the musical show.  

Popular shows like Law and Order, The Office, and Survivor had been capturing viewers for years but this was a time when shows where either comedies or dramas and there were no musical shows in existence. Glee was not only a comedy and a drama, otherwise know as a dramedy, but also it was also musical show. A musical show, outside of the reality television competition shows, was nonexistent at the time. Glee set the stage for future shows like Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist and there was no better writing team than Gretchen Berg and Aaron Harberts to help bring this extraordinary show to life.

The show, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, is a musical light drama starring Jane Levy, Skylar Astin, Alex Newell, Mary Steenburgen and Peter Gallagher. Jane Levy plays the character of Zoey, an incredibly intelligent computer coder living in San Francisco. Without spoiling the show, Zoey experiences an unusual event that grants her the ability to hear the innermost thoughts and desires of those around her. The twist? Zoey hears these desires through song. When she first hears people singing songs about what they want and desire, she questions whether she is losing her mind. Soon she realizes that instead of viewing this as a burden, she begins to see it as a gift that she can use to help others.

This show marks the first broadcast series for Lionsgate since Nashville. The series, directed by Richard Shepard, was picked up by NBC and each episode will be an hour long. The show is set to premier mid-season 2019/2020. Jane Levy is an actress who has played a wide variety of characters in everything from comedy show to horror films. Coming off of her current role of Jackie Torrance in Hulu’s Castle Rock, this new show will be another opportunity for Levy to flex her incredible acting skills. During an interview with, Levy said, “This is obviously a career that’s in a visual medium. It’s all about the human face, but I am not interested in roles that are going to necessarily make me look good. I also have a kind of a perverted sensibility, so that’s why I’ve veered towards horror films and comedies and things that push boundaries.”

Berg and Harberts are two veterans of the entertainment industry. As writers and producers, they have worked on multiple popular shows since their rare break into the industry.  The two have known each other since college but their working relationship came later. Since reconnecting in 1995, they have become one of the most sought after teams in the entertainment industry. They have worked on a wide variety of shows and have had the opportunity to write a wide variety of themes, characters, and topics.

When Berg and Harberts met in college at Northwestern University, little did they know that this chance meeting would lead to a successful career in the entertainment industry. They were both enrolled in the Creative Writing for Media Course at the college and they worked together on a student film. She was the director and he was her PA. Although they worked together on projects in college, it wasn’t until a few years later did their relationship really blossom into a fruitful career for both of them.

After she graduated, Gretchen Berg moved west like all young creative types looking to break into the industry. She landed in Los Angeles and hit the ground running but it was uphill battle. She was working hard but had a difficult time finding her groove. It was not until Aaron Harberts appeared back in her life that these two joined forces to create a writing team that would propel them into the industry. [Gretchen Berg official Website]

Aaron Harberts was a few years younger and once he graduated, he also came out to LA. He had a living situation fall through and was put in contact with Berg who offered Harberts a place to stay. When he first arrived, Berg was in the middle of working on a sitcom spec but was facing some issues with revisions before she presented it to studio executives. She asked Harberts for help, he jumped right in and they realized that their creative flow combined worked well with their individual writing styles. [Aaron Harberts official Website]

As they finished the revisions, they realized that they had a really good creative chemistry. Six months later they had their first script but neither of them loved it so it got tossed. At that point they knew they had something good going on, so they worked hard to get their big break. They hustled in Hollywood, working to get their screenplays in front of the right people. All their efforts paid off and they got their first break writing for the popular teen drama, Beverly Hills 90201. The rest as they say, is history.

Their combined impressive resume includes working on some of the most popular television shows of the last two decades. Starting with Beverly Hills 90201, they later went on to work on Roswell, Wonderfalls, Pepper Dennis, Pushing Daisies, Mercy, Revenge, Reign and Star Trek Discovery. They worked as producers for some of these shows as well. With this type of experience, they were posed and ready to start writing for the upcoming show Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist.

This much anticipated upcoming show is already being hailed as a must see in the 2019/2020 viewing season.  As the buzz surrounding the show continues to grow, more people are getting excited to watch Jane Levy bring her A game to her latest show.  Her talent combined with the writing skill set of Berg and Haberts is a recipe for a surefire hit.

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