Puget Sound Wood Stove Program

Puget Sound Wood Stove Program – No Thank You

I’m not sure how many people have a wood stove but considering the way things are going with the government and more regulations you should in my opinion. First of all Puget Sound Clean Air Agency doesn’t have money to buy people’s old stoves. Taxpayers furnish them with their money. They have decided that they want everyone to go electric, that way we are completely under their control and at their mercy. They are going to use Windmills to make the electricity.

First of all the scenic country will be rows of UGLY windmills. The vast spaces of open land will be gone. Birds will be killed by the millions and the other animals will suffer. It will do absolutely nothing to improve the environment. Puget Sound Energy says the windmills will generate enough power to run themselves. But New York is at least being honest. New York is going to take natural gas out of a bunch of apartments and they say they will use this “dirty fuel” to power the windmills they put up. WHAT EXACTLY WILL BE GAINED?

There was a study done in 1989 by the EPA that promised the use of wood to battle the “greenhouse effect”. They recommended the use of more wood and they planted plantations to grow it.

They learned that to naturally let forests die and decay yielded as much carbon dioxide without the energy benefits. When burned wood properly, fuel is better for the environment than fossil fuel because it is renewable.

With all the building going on (come look at Georgetown) and the piles of nice clean 2 x 4 ends, why is it better for the environment to haul it in a big truck to the South Park dump and burn there vs me just heating my house with it 3 miles away. I get my fuel for free and not only does it warm my house but it is so relaxing and comforting just to sit in front of my country stove.

Here are some more reasons for keeping my wood stove. Last winter we continually lost power. Big trucks would go through here, hook into the lines and/or 9 rotten light poles blew down about a mile from my house. We were without power time after time. I have little lanterns for light but OMG with no gas furnace this old house gets mighty cold. I have lived in this same house for 76 years. No heat ducts in any bedrooms so giving up this wood stove was a no-no for sure. I couldn’t even heat myself a pan of water for coffee. I am 98 and don’t drive so I can’t jump in the car and head for the coffee shop. So when someone from the government says we are here to help you – find out how they intend to do that.  

The Puget Sound Wood Stove Program can be found here: https://pscleanair.gov/409/Wood-Stove-Program

Photo: “Morning fire to take the chill off.” by Counselman Collection

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