Wikipedia – You’re Fired!!

Wikipedia is a rip off

After several attempts to be included into the Seattle media section on Wikipedia, it’s time to throw in that towel. Wikipedia a “non profit” website which is visitor edited and claims to be the source for much of the World’s information, has failed us here at the Emerald City Journal. No only have they failed us but they have failed you our readers. It is true we are smaller publication. True we are the one and only Seattle newspaper which is open to all opinions and topics. Whether you agree with the topics or not on our paper, you surely understand that this paper is by and for he people. There is no other news source like ours and that should honestly be respected. Sure, we are no Seattle Times or Tacoma New Tribune. Our content, reader, and news is very different. With that being said, we certainly deserve to be recognized in the community and in the Seattle media group acknowledged by We are unique and can’t be compared to the others “media” news sites listed. Lets go over a few of those “media companies” listed on Wikipedia and really not going to spend to much of my time on this.

Here is the page in question if you would like to take a look:

First lets take a look at the community websites listed. They are all the same company and look the same! Unlike the Emerald City Journal, all most all their content/news is syndicated. Copy and pasted from other sources. They display content from the Times and many other newspapers. These group of newspapers are all the same.. nothing original and the same old garage. To lazy to create their own news and topics. To scared to share the truth and the reality of World. It’s all about scraping news from other sources and capitalizing the ad revenue they generate by the volume of pages they display. Honestly, this deserves to be listed and we don’t Wikipedia?

Let’s look at another – how about “Seattle Gay News”. This media company doesn’t even have news, stories, topics on their website. Their website is 3 pages and looks like it was put together by a 3 year old. Seriously, what is this garbage. Take it off Wikipedia and put up quality news websites who produce real content that is unique. We have 100’s of topics on the Emerald City Journal! Yes, every article and post is original also.

Here is another one called the “Seattle Press” another horrible looking website. It provides no value to anyone in Seattle or the rest of the country. The news content and stories are not unique at all. If you actually try to read one of their news or topics I think their biggest article is 3 or 4 sentences in total. Does this deserve to be called “media”? Is that what people want to read and think about? Seriously, this is a joke.

After discussing with Wikipedia and their gatekeeper (who is ego driven to say the least). We are done with them. We don’t need them and we’ll be just fine without them. Share you thoughts and tell the World.

Peace and Love.

Having lived in the Pacific Northwest his entire life, Jeff understands and delivers a different perspective about politics. Even though many may disagree with his language and writing style, you can't debate his passion for the Seattle area and his committment to a better society.

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