Mark Hurd Discusses The Cloud

Oracle, with offices in Seattle (Bellevue Washington area), recently announced with the help of Mark Hurd the potential of the cloud service. Mr Hurd is a passionate President of Oracle and being second in the space just isn’t good enough. During is talks about the service, he laid out a plan to be the number one company and the overall potential for Oracle and the industry in general.

Watching many of the speeches by Mark Hurd, you truly can feel his leadership and potential for the company. His years of experience are really impressive.

As Mr. Hurd, discussed the potential of the cloud service, he stated that he could easily see Oracle doing $10 billion dollars which just their customer base right now. He mentioned as of right now Oracle has only used about 5% of that customer base. He also believes the market for the cloud to be around $74 billon dollars.

There other opportunities coming down the road, he explained, such as marketing and services related to the cloud service as well.

Oracles cloud staff is about 19,000 strong. These individuals are certified for Oracle’s cloud products.

In short, Oracle is working hard in this area and see’s big opportunities in the cloud future. Recently, they increased their language support for the service. 13 new languages were added bringing the total to 33 now. All the language support covers about 98% of Oracles revenue base.

Oracle Seattle office:
Address: 411 108th Avenue NE Suite 900. Bellevue, WA 98004
Phone: (425) 945-8200
Bellevue Washington is located approx. 16 minutes east of Seattle Washington. The office is mostly for training and developer/programmer type work.

Mark Vincent Hurd summary:
Mr. Hurd is the co-president of the Oracle Corporation. He is also a board member and director of the company. His previous experience and leadership was for HP (Hewlett-Packard). He left that position in Aug. 2010. He was born Jan. 1st 1957. He actively supports his graduating college Baylor University. Mr. Hurd currently lives with this wife, Paula Kalupa, in Palo Alto, California.

Mark Hurd Seattle

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