Georgetown Corson Ave Construction Update

The road construction project continues in Georgetown on Corson Ave.  A project that could have been pushed a few years is now more tax money wasted.  With all the public transit in trouble you would think we could have transitioned some of this money (perhaps a million) to help people get to work and continue to ride the bus.   I guess paving a road is more important then keeping people working and getting them to work on time (without cutting more routes).  Not only are we wasting money for this paving project that could have been used better elsewhere we are also wasting additional police resources who will be sitting around (playing on the Internet in their cars) at the construction project to help watch flaggers direct vehicles around the area. 

The Georgetown Corson Ave construction project is about to start.
There goes Corson Ave
One side done on Georgetown Corson Ave paving project. They even saved the trees.
Time for more cleanup and starting on the other side of the street.

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  1. When you look at the wasted man hours here try to remember that when the politicans want to screw you over for another Bridging the Gap tye thing. This is on everyones property tax. Its a shame but the Mayor or City Council think its great.

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