Paridon Williams – 50 Ways To Help Another

It’s about 1:30am in Seattle as I share a beer with a friend at the newly updated Belltown Pub. As the last call announcement is broadcasted over the speakers, a very tall house-less man walks in. His beard is a little gray and needs a good shaving. Dressed in black with a shoulder bag over his shoulder that appears to have costs a few dollars. It appears to be another awkward moment where we are going to be hustled for a buck or two. Walking the Seattle streets I am sure you’ve experienced it. Some are more honest than others and just need a beer and/or others have a more elaborate story to get some change. Normally, you just continue walking and don’t engage ignoring the behavior to save yourself the time, story, and money.

Paridon Williams was a little different then most, however. He had a passion about this book. It was a book he created and continues to create which involves helping others out. After his pitch to us, I passed on the offer. I just didn’t get it. Mr. Williams continue to chat it up with my friend (who may have had a few drinks) and eventually I was talked into a 50/50 investment into the book from my friend. He pulled out a copy of the book from his shoulder bag and it was put together quite well. He said he goes to the library and gets it binded at Kinkos. The pages are not numbered, but I am estimating it has approx. 75 pages or so (front and back also). I am guessing it must cost about the same for what he is selling it for ($12.95).

Since I basically gave the book to my friend at the Pub, I figured I would flip through a few pages and check it out (before morning) since I won’t be seeing this book again. The book, however, was impressive – really impressive. The value is in its inspiration from a guy who is struggling and continues to push forward and help others. It is his “masterpiece” and a piece of work that overlooks his own needs and problems for the sake of others. The book is filed with letters he has received from people just like me. Most several days and weeks later. People who turned their backs to him initially but after reading and being inspired have changed their point of view. Some people have also submitted stories, poems, and letters to Peridon Williams inside the book. His book, 50 ways to help another, encourages submissions and that keeps the book updated with new versions. He also has advertising in the book from local Seattle businesses.

In short, it’s a good read from a good guy filled with a whole lot of love from a whole lot of people.

Having lived in the Pacific Northwest his entire life, Jeff understands and delivers a different perspective about politics. Even though many may disagree with his language and writing style, you can't debate his passion for the Seattle area and his committment to a better society.


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