You’ll find lot of things to do in Seattle while you visit. There’s plenty of sights seeing, attraction and activities which won’t keep you idle. It’s sad to know that people avoid visiting Seattle because of the wrong information that it heavily rains. Yes its true that compared to other cities it rains more but you can visit at summer season, you’ll find it enjoyable.

Few of the things visitors enjoy a lot are like professional sports, site seeing, ethnic food, street performers, art, etc. If you have particular interest in something its sure to say you’ll find it in Seattle. And while visiting Seattle your stay is at local downtown hotels, mostly every site will be accessible by foot. But, it’s advisable that you still get a map of Seattle and gather as much information as you can before making any further plans to visit. There’s lot of places which you won’t want to miss while visiting Seattle.

One of them is the Seattle Centre which is also known as Space Needle which was built in 1960’s, for the opening of World Fair in 1962 it was constructed. It’s one of the identifiable buildings in the world, it’s not possible that you come to Seattle and you miss to visit that place. You will for sure see the Space Needle overlooking the city.  At the very top of the Space needle take your time and visit the rotating restaurant. You’ll enjoy some great food while watching whole city.

Do you like to shop? I bet most of women reading this love to shop and Seattle is a great destination to find just about anything downtown.  Shopping in downtown Seattle includes hundreds of stores from Pacific Center (mall), Nike, furniture, fast food, and plus much more.  As you walk deeper into the city downtown you’ll see people all over carrying bags filled with their shopping gifts for the day.

If you want to buy some fruits or anything like that then the Pike Place Market is here.  The Pike Place Market is about 100 years old.  In the Pike Place Market, you will find that small vendors are selling anything from fruits, antiques, fresh products and yes fish. Whatever you want to eat you’ll find it over there.

Located on Pier 59 in downtown Seattle you will find the Seattle Aquarium. Among some of the things children as well as adults will enjoy seeing during their vacation is Starfish and plant life. You’ll notice numerous seafood restaurants in the area as well as they site next to the water and offer amazing things to eat.

The Hiram Chittenden Locks which is also known as “Ballard Locks” helps ships to pass from the Puget Sound to Lake Washington by rising and lowering water levels. Another attractive thing is the fish ladder which is in the viewing room which allows visitors to watch salmon swimming upstream into Lake Washington.

As you can see there are lots of things to do in Seattle.  The city of Seattle is filled with plenty of things to visit, watch, and eat while you are enjoying your visit. If you are planning to visit Seattle the best season is summer.  You’ll find each and everything you want.