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Has America Changed?

This is an interesting read. Written by Ken Huber – he does make some interesting points about American and what it has become. Our apologies for the small print in the article.

He makes several comparisons which will open your mind and perhaps cause debate.

Has America Changed It's Standards

Legislators Charging Us For Cellphones, Dry Cleaning And Art

The Foxes are really guarding the chickens in Olympia. Maybe what I will be writing is not something the “crooks”, can be put in jail for, but they sure should be kicked out of the front door in Olympia. The things we read in the paper are just the crap that we know about. If they could get by with what we did find out, what else are we paying for?

Each lawmaker knows when he runs for office what the salary is. He knows he will be paid a salary between about $42,000 and $50,000. He knows he has to wear clean clothes on the job. He has an office in Olympia to work from and should stay right there for the short while the legislature is in session. They get Keep Reading

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