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Seattle Superintendent Jose Banda Announcement (2012)

Jose Banda

A few months ago, a new Seattle Schools Superintendent was announced and Jose Banda is his name. He said in his own words that he, “plans on taking it slow” to look at all the data.  Supposedly, he likes reviewing the numbers/data before making the hard decisions.  We of course have reported the issues with the previous Seattle Superintendent Maria Goodloe Johnson.  I would like to give Jose Banda the benefit of a clean slate since he is just starting out but we unfortunately are already starting off on the wrong foot.  I blame the Seattle School board and the City Council for this mess and you should also.  I have said it time and time again on the Emerald City Journal and that changes in the School Districts must start at the top.  Upper management spends all the money on themselves, and the pennies left are trickled down to the Teachers who are usually forced to pay for their classroom supplies (and other student expenses). This doesn’t just happen in Seattle; however, you’ll see this bad practice all over the state and the teachers just accept it as their problem. Teachers shouldn’t have to be ok with paying for their own supplies. That is not ok.

Previously, Maria Goodloe Johnson was being paid a fortune and it turns out Jose Banda got an even better deal.  His annual salary (with 3-year contract) is $270,000.  Are you kidding me? He also will be making (it’s unsure if this is additional or included) an annual $22,000 and $700 per month car expenses to help him out.  Obviously, money is not an issue at the Schools here in Seattle!  Seriously, it’s just corruption to pay something this much when the school could have hired 3 superintendents for that kind of money.  3 Superintendents working together to clean up the schools would have produced better results in the end.

Take note, you heard the complaint here first and when the question comes asking for more money (I expect that anytime), you’ll know who to ask to borrow a few bucks from (Welcome Jose Banda).

The press release indicates that during Wednesday’s School Board meeting (May 2), the full board anticipates formally identifying Mr. Banda as their preferred candidate, with a subsequent vote on the contract slated for May 16. Subject to approval, the incoming Superintendent would assume the role post-July 1. Mr. Banda is set to succeed Maria Goodloe-Johnson, who was dismissed last year amid a financial scandal. Notably, two other candidates for the superintendent position—Steven Enoch from San Ramon Valley, near San Francisco, and Sandra Husk from Salem-Keizer, Oregon—withdrew after their interviews. Mr. Banda brings with him four years of experience as superintendent of the Anaheim district, serving 20,000 students, while the Seattle district, where he is poised to serve next, is the largest in Washington, catering to over 47,000 students.

Update about Jose Banda: June 20, 2014, Jose Banda announced he was a finalist for Superintendent of Sacramento City Unified School District and wouldn’t be renewing his contract in Seattle.

Washington Public Schools Bad Revenue Management

There is one thing every adult and parent can agree on and that is a solid education.  We all want our kids to be well educated and eventually have a great life (and career).  Teachers should be paid well and be accountable for increasing student education with documented progress.  I truly believe Teachers want the best out of each and every student.  Teachers understand this type of career may not pay well initially and it’s really about the children.  By the way, the average Teacher salary in Washington State is $54,000 per year and Teachers work 10 months out the year.  This doesn’t included the over inflated wages to upper management like Seattle’s recent firing of Superintendent Maria Goodloe-Johnson and Don Kennedy.

As the television, public protesters, and newspapers continue to strike fear in the general public with the constant “loss of funds for student education services” and “it’s just hurting our kids” – do they truly understand the bad revenue management happening inside our Washington Public Schools?  Is the problem with the Teachers (salaries, student to teacher ratio) or bad revenue management (hiring, salaries paid, distribution of funding) ?

Here is some data I pulled recently from the official Washington State of Education website.  It will tell us the total revenue (per student) in King County.

King County Revenue Per Student
King County Revenue Per Student

Let me remind you these numbers are revenue per student in king county schools.  If you’re student goes to one of the Seattle Public Schools, they are making $11,839 per year for that one student (special education students get more).  Lets assume a basic class size of 25 students (more usually) that means that specific class room is generating $295,975 per year (less Teacher salary).

In 2008-2009 school year for just King County they generated $2,487,794,891 dollars in revenue (yes, that is billions).

In the 2010-2011 school year for just King County they are expecting a 24.6 million dollar loss.

There are of course expenses per student that need to be recognized.  We have building expenses, repairs, transportation costs, office supplies (limited), and upper management (who manage and are not teachers per si).  However, if each class room generates over  $200,000 per year in net revenue (already subtracted $95,957 figuring the teacher salary, supplies, and transportation for each classroom/students) where does the rest really get allocated?  You know we have A LOT of classrooms.  It certainly doesn’t cost $200,000 to keep the electricity and heating turned on for that classroom.  Bus transportation for classroom students (a typical bus load) isn’t that much plus many students provide their own transportation and some bus routes have been cut already.  Students bring their own food or buy their own food (which pays the food staff and food expenses).  We all know the Teachers don’t get much of anything regarding supplies for their rooms.  Many Teachers just buy their own classroom supplies.

The problem with Washington Public Schools is bad revenue management.  It’s not about cutting programs, students/classes (that generate revenue), or Teachers (who are paid enough based on classroom student/teacher revenue ratios).  We must correct how revenue is distributed and wasted in our Washington Public Schools.  The root of our school problems are with the methods we waste revenue and over inflated wages with upper management.  It has little to do with school programs, students, or Teachers.

You be the judge.

Firing So Called Public Servants

The firing of Maria Goodloe-Johnson really brought things to light that I doubt taxpayers ever knew. First her salary was more than double what it should have been compared to the private sector.  This proves that saying  you have to pay a bloated salary to get good help does not work. She really screwed up by saying that the 1.8 million(that we know about) was so far down the line she knew nothing about it shows she was completely out of touch.

To rub salt in our wound they have to pay her full salary and benefits for a whole year. If a private sector worker is fired and is making $20,000 or so a year, someone will just come hand him/her a box and stand there until they pack their personal belongings and then walk them to the door.

She has not been at work(at the job I should say) for quite awhile and now will get a whole years vacation for doing a rotten job. In a real world she should have to pay back what she LOST FOR THE DISTRICT  and some penalties or go to jail. She should not be rewarded.

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