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Republicans Own The House 4 More Years

As we continue the path of 4 more years with President Obama (re-elected on 11/6/12), he was one big problem and that is the Republicans.  The Republicans also held their position in the House 4 more years.  This has been a major road block for Obama.  A lot of the bills and changes Obama wanted to move forward never made it pass the House.  This was one of the main reasons I supported a new candidate.  Obama will continue to be road blocked by the House.  The House continues to express this to the Democrats that any measures given to them which raises taxes a dime, will not be support or moved along the House.

And that my friends is why we are looking at 4 more years of the same from Obama.  If he could have done early – it would have been done.

John Boehner Speaker Of The House
John Boehner Speaker Of The House (Republican)
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